Saturday, January 31, 2015


Note- ALEXANDER PARKHOMOV has actually 70 years today (thanks for the correction to Sergey Tsvetkov), but he looks so much younger! I believe what I see not what I amtold

The 4 presentations from the  Russian CNT seminar  of Jan 29 were published today local hour 13.10.
25 years of all Russian CNF seminars

1) Hydrino – Myth or Reality? (Brief revue of Mills’ activities)
Samsonenko N. V. (PFUR, Moscow) 
It is in English and will NOT make Randy Mills especially happy

2) Cumulative process of overcoming the Coulomb Barrier in the reaction of cold transmutation of the atomic nuclei.
by Yu.S. Kapysov (The Institute of Nuclear Studies of the Russian Academy)

3) Study of the possible phenomensa LENR in the Institute of Physics-  Directions  and Perspectives 
Stepan Nikolaevich Andreev doctor in physico-mathematical sciences at the instite of General Physics called afterA. M Prohorov:
The same slides as those I have translated,

4) Study of the analog of the high temperature thermogenerator of Rossi. New results.
Parkhomov Alexander Geogevich

I am  translating this now, page by page-somebody has to combine it with the images.

Open Letter to Parkhomov from the LENR Forum:


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