Sunday, January 4, 2015


Reader M. -an old faithful friend wrote me:

It's Winter, Sunday and I am alone at home. The grandchildren are at ski, my wife reads her e-book, the TV- gives only old or boring stuff or horror that I don't like. 
My mood is described by this:
(I know you will listen to the original in Hungarian, but will you be happier than me?)
Tell me - what can you do for people like me who still like cold fusion, still will not abandon- and now want to read something interesting and good about LENR. TODAY! 

To start with the bad news, Peter, you was such a convinced supporter of  Defkalion, so gullible- what do dare to say about this very bad surprise? 

John Hadjichristos no longer at Defkalion — LinkedIn:

Do not worry, M! To tell you the truth, for me this was not a surprise. I take care to be well informed. Due to very unhappy circumstances- illness, impossibility of travel the original company has not been more able to sustain the proper expensive measures for the final stages of development. The R& D activity will continue with/as a new team lead by Yiannis. The essence, the core is:ideas, principles, achievements of his HENI technology- and this will continue. I bet your next surprise coming from this directions will be one of the most pleasant kind. Till then please re-read my blog posting with the abbreviation HENI in the title or text!
Companies are not ethernal- habent sua fata companis! But technologies are lasting more.
Some of them, have to break through first.

I hope you are not more desperate, so please read a well written nice paper about a decisive moment in the history of LENR:


It was too short, too familiar? No problem- we have a winner card here. Axil has found this:

Experiments with nickel and hydrogen
Curt Edstrom, Erik Novacki
Swedish Defence Materiel Administration
The Swiss Army makes something like what I call in my book; Hydrogen Metal Deep Interaction
Imagine you will start such research tomorrow, what can you do better, smarter, faster than the Swedish? Didn't you got a formidable idea- that has to be verified fast? Who will help ypu? 

Do you want a long captivating reading? You will have the revelation that it was awfully stupid to not care enough for biological transmutation? When your favorite blogger (that's me) folks 
says quite convincingly that LENR is so similar to Life:
Vladimir Vysotkii has sent us this fine document:
Biological transmutations:

In case you are tired or you have some small memory problems like me (I forgot which one, but I know I have them) read slowly this..and remmber the event!

2014: The Year in Cold Fusion

Andrea Rossi Explains Why IH Won’t Help MFMP:

Other people, professionals of high quality will help them with pleasure- I will take the next opportunity to convince Bill Gates to do it too.. We need many such young researchers, LENR will become more and more complicated, difficult and useful.

M., do you still have time? Take your Google Translate and go to explore: help me with some suggestions for tomorrow, please!

Forget that sad music from start; I think the following will make you merry- it is not specific Sunday music but one of my favorites:

Happy Sunday LENR lecture, M. and all my dear friends!



  1. Rossi should not help others.

    As the Parkhomov experiment teaches us there is very little difficulty in reproducing the Hot-Cat. It takes an artist experimentalist to succeed which Parkhomov seems to be. Cold fusion has always worked for those 'skilled in the art'.

    The world of patents and greed is and has been one of the main problems with cold fusion. For every true inventor there are 10 patent trolls and 100 armchair pundits to contend with, a fact of life in all fields of scientific discovery. The secret blessing of cold fusions long hard trail is that virtually every imaginable patentable idea has been disclosed and is in the public domain and thus likely no patent claim is defensible. Only the patent lawyers will ever benefit in that arena.

  2. Such is the value of those countless armchair pundits, who have produced all those unending patentable ideas recorded forever on the internet. This flood of indelible and ever enduring verbiage makes patents of LENR systems hard to publish as original and puts LENR squarely in the public domain, thus likely making no patent claim defensible.

    And noble Piantelli worked for 20 years before Rossi got into the field in 2008 when Rossi reached out to Focardi who shared in his abundant LENR knowhow generously. Piantelli and Focardi are the true scientists and humanitarians. Rossi struts boldly on the stage lit brilliantly in the limelight of their genius. To those whom much has been given much is expected. And in this noble spirit, Piantelli is sharing all that he knows with MFMP.

    Parkhomov, though experience scientist is new to the LENR experimental field. He, like many others "skilled in the art" have only glimpsed darkly at what full blown LENR can become, it will take a company or much more... an industry of dedicated workers in the full course of time to make LENR useful.