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Dear Readers,

Sunday is an excellent day for an exercise in deep but free thinking, of looking to reality and its facts with superiority and detachment. To search for the great vision,
beyond obstacles, myths- and temporarily ignoring the primitive dichotomy possible/impossible. To look at the world of LENR not as it is but as it has to be according to our philosophy.
It has happened that a good friend has finished his message with:

Fleischmann always said that cold fusion would work better hotter.

Unfortunately I cannot more ask him: "Martin, that's fine, but as the temperature increases,
will it remain the same cold fusion, or will be different forms of it? You have discovered the first
kind of (allow me please to call it LENR not Cold Fusion)- we are just climbing very high on the scale of temperatures. For example, this new beast looking as fire awakening a a  near to the melting temperature of nickel, a simple mixture of Ni powder and nasty lithium aluminum tetrahydride, a grams to Megawatts source- what has this in common with your discovery? 

For LENR a world of diversity has been  generated and what we need now is definition (what are these new species (and what are they NOT!) - or as Ed Storms suggests (true?) different forms of an unique process,  and we also a taxonomy based on the relationships between these forms. 
Definition is a sometimes harmful , rarely even mutilating logical manoeuvre, necessary but has to used with care. To commit the daily auto-referential sin- in a paper about Randy Mills stuff
published inn the very last issue of a American Chemical Society journal- I wrote: "S. J. Lec, the great Polish aphorism writer has remarked, “Definition and finis [death] have the same Latin root”. Richness of a concept is sacrificed for the sake of brevity. Obsolete definitions can hamper creativity and progress in a field of research,

In the growing world of the Ni-H (actuallyly transition metals hydrogen systems, (W will be the star in 2022!) we have wet systems (out) Piantelli's high scientific level process, Warm Cat of Rossi, Defkalion's "make hydrogen reactive and nickel receptive" process, Brillouin, Mizuno
CLEAN PLANET trying-to-be-born Ni deuterium  process and at the peak- of the temperatures anyway this amazing ceramic Hot Kittens a la IH, Lugano and Parkhomov.
When will we know which systems are viable and able to grow up- it is a greater challenge then their classification.

To mention an other very positive effect of the Parkhomov experiment and a bold personal intiative please read this:

New Site: — Looking for Homemade Heat After Death (HAD)
  The owner of this site is a reader of Ego Out, bravo Nick! But please take care!

LENR news from Ukraine

In Ukraine both the scientists and the press take the new energy problem really seriously. The leading LENR specialist Vladimir Vysotskii had the kindness to 
send us a preliminary information:

"I would like to inform you that in period Oct-Dec 2014 I had 3 long-term reports (presentations) in Ukrainian TV channels related Rossi and Lugano experiments (including one on the main evening news program on the NATIONAL CHANNAL on 9 Dec 2014).
I also have published two large publicistic articles on this subject in main Ukrainian weekly "Mirror of the Week" (ЗЕРКАЛО НЕДЕЛИ).
These articles are available at the addresses (in Russian)

The ugly duckling of the nuclear physics and the possible progress of the World's energetics

Will a wite swan grow up from the ugly duckling?

In all these works, I fully supported this research area and noted its importance for solving problems of of the local (national) and the world economy.

I plan also to present new results (on the self-similar physical mechanism of the suppression of the Coulomb barrier in the Hot Cat (Lugano and Parkhomov)experiments and about the new our experiments on efficient transmutation of isotopes in growing biological objects) at ICCF19 conference.

China is also moving - in, for LENR

From Gregory Goble:
Chinese Advanced LENR Technology Patent and Theory:

LENR ideas

Eventually, I want to share with you two comments

a) AXIL's comment tries to explain RF from the paper presented here- but discussed only with close friends:
It is an Life and Death paper for wet PdD

There is good reason to believe that magnetism is the prime mover in LENR. Under this speculative paradigm, it is interesting to consider the options and consequences of this conjecture. In such a paradigm, any technology that is friendly to magnetism would be good for LENR, and conversely, a technology that undercuts the strength of magnetism is bad.
The posit that ultimate LENR causation is rooted in magnetism is supported by the emission of RF as a reaction byproduct just as heat is a byproduct.
If LENR theorist would attempt to understand how RF emissions fit into the LENR paradigm, a new world of understanding would unfold before such a effort.

b) A very interesting idea, in consonance with the Russian group which studies CF and Ball Lightning together

Frederic Henry-Couannier

I bet the NAE is a magnetic trap for a micro lightning ball (mlb) which is a very magnetic and electrically charged object. 

Because it is charged the mlb tries to recover neutrality by approaching the metal surface. If it succeeds to actually reach the metal it will recover neutrality (catch free electrons around) and disappear ("evaporate") in a very short time. But the mlb has also a huge magnetic moment so it could in principle be trapped in a ferromagnetic material inside a zone with an appropriate magnetic field configuration : this is probably what happens in Ni cracks (NAE) : in an crack a mbl is trapped at a certain distance from the frontier of the crack and in this way can remain neutral and alive for a long time .... until the temperature rises above the Curie point of the Ni in which case the magnetic trap cannot be effective anymore (or may be much less: remember that a mbl is extremely magnetic because it is a collection of charged particles spinning at extremely high kinetic momentum). Thanks to this and thanks to the thermal oscillations of the Ni network around it , the NAE is able to get closer and closer to the metal trap border and produce "cold fusion effects"

I hope the next week will be excellent for LENR.



  1. Come on now Peter, LENR was/is a term invented to try to distract from the controversy and basic facts of cold fusion. That controversy was and is part of a fomented attack by dogma demented science-fascists fanatically dedicated to their orthodoxy of hot fusion and high energy physics and against the discovery and popularization of the new cold fusion paradigm which demands a re-write of that defective orthodoxy. Cold fusion threatens untold billions of past, present, and future research within the orthodoxy to say nothing of its impact and threat to conventional energy assets.

    COLD in cold fusion means "colder than the interior of a star" -- you know the realm of HOT fusion. It does not refer to cold in a human palpable sense. Fusion means to bring two bits of something together. Surely cold fusion is the more correct phrase, it unquestionably is the original phrase.

    The facts of cold fusion are that patent claims and public disclosures of Fleischmann and Pons and those that soon followed them in the first few years encompassed almost all ideas in the field now extant, at least at a root level. The lenrists are desperate to differentiate their arena from cold fusion as its public disclosures render the vast majority of lenr inventions ineligible and indefensible regarding the claims and patent protections the lenrists are pitching.

    This isn't some philosophy of science matter it is just the same old same old 'follow the money' arguments that derive from human ego, greed and avarice.

    As Dee Hock has pointed out, "Ego, Envy, Avarice, and Ambition: Four beasts that inevitably devour their keeper. Harbor them at your peril, for although you expect to ride on their back, you will end up in their belly."

  2. To my tastes, Ken Shoulders ran the quintessential LENR experiment when he photographed the development of what Ken called charge clusters (also called exotic vacuum objects or EVOs). A spark had penetrated a sheet of aluminum where an aluminum plasma was condensing into aluminum nanoparticles resulting in the formation of two EV types, a bright one and a dark one.

    Ken analyzed the magnetic field coming off the dark EV and he found that this type of EV acts as a magnetic monipole. In subsequent years, Nanoplasmonics pushed the analsys of these coherent balls of EMF further and determined that their structure was actually solitons or frozen and persistent EMF waveforms.

    The bright soliton is formed when a infrared photon and an electron from a dipole match energies and become entangled. The Surface Plasmon Polariton thus formed gets a spin of 1 from the photon and a greatly reduced mass of one millionth of that of the electron. These almost massless complex particles form a Bose Einstein Condensate at the drop of a hat.

    The dark soliton is more interesting and hard to understand. It is a composite particle of a infrared photon and the :Hole” (lack of charge) in the dipole. It has a positive charge and a spin of 2. I speculate that it is this type of soliton that has been seen by Frederic Henry-Couannier when he says:

    “If it succeeds to actually reach the metal it will recover neutrality (catch free electrons around) and disappear ("evaporate") in a very short time. But the mlb has also a huge magnetic moment so it could in principle be trapped in a ferromagnetic material inside a zone with an appropriate magnetic field configuration : this is probably what happens in Ni cracks (NAE) “

    For all those interested in the formation of dark solitons in cracks I recommend this paper:

    Effects of Spin-Dependent Polariton-Polariton Interactions in Semiconductor Microcavities: Spin Rings, Bright Spatial Solitons and Soliton Patterns

    As the father of the crack theory of palladium LENR theory, I hope Ed Storms reads this paper and takes it seriously.

    I like this paper because it contains a lot of words and not many equations.

    1. LENR is topological in nature. The size and shape of its components are as important as the kinds of material that supports it. The greater the conformance to LENR's ideal topological configuration, the greater will be LENR's productivity.

      Nickel is the best metal to use for the Ni/H reactor because it is an almost perfect reflector of mid-infrared light. Some other metals are almost as good: titanium and zirconium. This ability to minimize dispersion of reflected infrared light is just what the Ni/H reactor needs to form Surface Plasmon Polaritons(SPP) at high efficiency.

      As the temperature of nickel rises above its Curie temperature, Nickel's global magnetic coherence breaks down and it becomes para-magnetic. What then forms on the surface of nickel are localized magnetic vortexes on the micro and nano-scale. This spin vortex nature of the nickel surface also aids in the production efficiency of SPPs.

      Since SPP's are spinning vortexes of an entangled light/matter waveform, these vortexes of spin on the surface of nickel aids in SPP formation.

      But nickel alone provides just a start to the strength of a good Ni/H LENR reaction. Like in the Ken Shoulder 's EVOs described above, nano-particles are were all the power comes from. This is why Rossi has stated that without his “secret sauce” the E-Cat is a poor performer. In the Hot Cat, for example, Lithium and Hydrogen produce nano-particles that carry the bulk of the strength of the LENR reaction. As in spark induced LENR and Hot-Cat meltdown, nano-particles that condense out of cooling plasma will carry the main portion of the SPP formation and associated power production.

      In closing, I predict that someone in the future will build a LENR metal vapor reactor that has a sustained operating temperature of 3000C ( a Hot-cat running in sustained meltdown mode). The challenge will be in controlling it. Let us be granted a life long enough to see such wonders occur.

  3. Peter, I do not understand why you think magnetism is so important for LENR. The Hot cat reached 1400 C and the curie point of nickel is only 627 C. Maybe it helps to startoff the LENR reaction and that later the temperature plays the main role in the reaction as Fleischmann proclaimed?

    1. Dear Marc,

      I think Axil and Brian Ahern will explain you what's the source of this magnetic field- not the metal.


  4. "Defkalion's "make hydrogen reactive and nickel receptive" process"

    Oh, really?

    1. I an seriously thinking about ignoring anonymous messages they are so cowardly.
      Now do you think I am an amateur and that report is a surprise for me? I knew about it when it was not written; do you think you can fake results as those of the ICFF-18 demowith this trick? This error if it apppears is unmanageable and uncontrolable. Have you worked with a flowmeter and two valves in a ( hours test? Can you do this in practice?
      It is ill-will and fantasy.


    2. "Now do you think I am an amateur and that report is a surprise for me?"

      "do you think you can fake results as those of the ICFF-18 demowith this trick?"

      "Have you worked with a flowmeter and two valves in a ( hours test?"

      "Can you do this in practice?"