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It is not what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable. (Moliere)

Today, more information from Russia- including the LENR Research strategy's sketch
A LENR meeting in Russia.
At this seminary, Alexander Parkhomov will speak about: “The study of the Russian analog of the high temperature source" and 

S.N. Andreev about a more comprehensive and clearly provocative theme: " “The study of low-energy nuclear reactions – a new direction in science.”

You already know who is Parkhomov ; the other author Stepan Nikolaevich Andreev  is a reputed young physicist seemingly mainstream, so its fine he has joined LENR,  see please this Google-translated file describing his activity :

And again in Russia it was published today
Программа исследований низкоэнергетических ядерных реакций
Александр Просвирнов
The Russian LENR program by Alexander Prosvirnov

It is a long paper based on much work, strategic thinking and a good bibliography; it is quite Google-translatable- but perhaps I will translate it. It speaks aabout LENR - in Russian YaRNE- "yadernyie reaktsii nizkoi energhii" and i see in this a sign of  a desire to a closer cooperation with the international LENR community- as much this is a real entity.
The main points of the research program are those...natural and logical:

1. Fundamental studies of the phenomenon of cold fusion. 

2. Development of the experimental and technological base for working on the CF problem.  

3. Study of the environmental problems associated with the CF phenomenon. 

4. Evaluation of the possibility of commercial use of the results of work on CF. 

5. Patent and information support. Creating a database of information. 

6. Conducting R & D to create power plants, prototypes using the technology based on CF.  

The starting point of viable LENR technologies- the Piantelli-Focardi papers and the long term autonomous function of a Piantelli cell recognized and all the recent events from the field as  Lugano test, Nichenergy 's alliance with LENR Cities known, LENR-CANR is mentioned.  
 The devil is in details - and the angel(s) in the principles and we don't know these.
It seems a program dominated by the nuclear physicists, the application of the scientific method. It is not obvious if the strategists make the necessaru distinction 
between LENR and LENR+' why and how, in the hot cells the intensity of the energy
release is 4 orders of magnitude greater than in the wet Pd D cells. Anyway.. perhaps it is possible to discuss with the author. 

About the author some info is here:

As you know, I have also asked for a global LENR technology- but I cannot tell whom I have asked, whom I can ask...our community is everything but not united and what's worse not organized. Perhaps at ICCF-19? 

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