Saturday, January 3, 2015

LENR NEWS January 3, 2015

LENR+ is such a huge energy gorilla that it cannot be kept captive in the cage called Nuclear Physics.
Its popularity is rapidly increasing- now almost 2% of the LENR-ists believe it exists while only 98% deny its existence. The trend is irreversible.

There were so many discussions about the Parkhomov experience and so many speculation snot taking in account the heat transfer conditions in the set-up that I decided to apply temporarily the rule described here:
It is my Blog, I decide what temporarily means.

MFMP to Conduct Second Live Test Today, January 2 — Live Thread:
Important results re pressure and hydrogen permeation, fine public demo.

LENR News from Japan- from my good friend Hideo Kozima:
CFRL News No. 89:

An excellent, stimulating paper:
LENR A Sense of History in the Making

Andrea Rossi explains his strategy, kind of..
Andrea Rossi
January 3rd, 2015 at 9:39 AM

David Kaiser:
Our team is making all the investments and R&D necessary to bring to the market this technology. Obviously the loss of Intellectual Property would stop any serious investment. Look at Microsoft’s business model and learn how the Intellectual Property is at the essential base of any substantial investment that can bring to the common benefit a new technology. When our domestic small E-Cats will hit the market we will not have anymore a reverse engineering problem, as I already explained, because the economy scale will allow prices that will make competition not convenient. We are working on it. Requests of gifts as the one you are making are not generous attempts to give to the mankind a new technology, but attempts to get for free the fruits of 20 years of work, through what for you is an unimmaginable series of troubles, sacrifices and a good share of insults, blackmails, threats of any kind and also attempts to make me pass again through what I passed through 20 years ago, utilizing the same system and some of the same persons. Should I take seriously your request of Christmas gift, nobody could invest seriously in this technology and it would remain a social game. A dangerous one.
I wish you a wonderful 2015, as well as, again, to all our Readers.

Andrea Rossi
January 2nd, 2015 at 2:11 PM

Italo R.:
When we will sell small and domestic E-Cats they will be manufactured massively in million pieces and their price will make useless reverse engineering. The replication of the effect will be normal operation
Warm Regards

One paper with Parkhomov co-author (abstract) 

Experimental verification of the Rossi Effect with metallic hydrides
by Yu.N. Bazhutov, V.N. Koretki, A.G. Parkhomov

With the aim of verification the results  of Rossi and Focardi claiming to create thw=e alternative energy source of Megawatts power working on the principle of Cold Transmutations  of nuclei we have performed an analogous experiment based on their nuclear physics diagnostics. In the paper there are presented the results of neutron radiations obtained by the saturation of a series of metals ((nickel, berilium and intermetliicLaNi5) with protium-deuterium gaseous mixtures after their heating. It is observed that the powders of nickel, Lani5,and also the foils of nickel and berillium emit neutrons in sform of short bursts for many tens of minutes. These results cannot be explained by the orthodox nuclear physics but are predicted by the model of Erzion catalysed CF.

Yu.N. Bazhutov, PhD, Pushkov Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radiowave Propagation Institute RAS (IZMIRAN), Moscow, Russia,
V.P. Koretsky, Moscow, Russia;
A.G. Parkhomov, PhD, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia



  1. Hello Peter,

    Do you have a pdf link to "Experimental verification of the Rossi Effect with metallic hydrides" you cite here above? I can't find it after googling it.

    Best wishes,

    1. it is

      I forgot to put it, excuse me, mea culpa
      now it is attached to the paper

  2. Meanwhile, in Frank Ackland's forum,, this story about Hadjichristos.

    "On John Hadjichristos’s LinkedIn profile, he lists his current employment position as Consultant at GAIA-EPEIXEIREIN, and his former employer as Defkalion Green Technologies, and says his term of employment was from October 2010 – October 2014. Since Hadjichristos was the Chief Technology Officer at Defkalion, this is an indication that Defkalion’s operations might be over.

    The most recent communications from Defkalion have stated that the company is going quiet until they are ready to announce a commercial product. Their website has recently disappeared, and now this information from Hadjichristos makes me wonder if we will hear anything from them again. DGT’s CEO, Alex Xanthoulis, is not a scientist or a technician; Hadjichristos seems to have been the last remaining technical employee there."

    Have you spoken with him recently, Peter? Did you know he left Defkalion?

    1. To your questions: Yes, yes.
      He has a new team but the same ideas and skills and task.
      Details will follow.

    2. Oh yes, as liar.

  3. Hi peter,
    maybe you will like that article

    "Technology is the application of scientific knowledge. The scientific culture and scientific process as it is practiced today embodies a strong bias against any sort of shortcut towards the production of technology, however. If it seems plausible at a lesser level of understanding of a system that you could achieve some beneficial application, then the peer pressure in the scientific community is always to hold off and work instead towards a full understanding. This situation is not uncommon in medicine: many discoveries are serendipitous, but to try to turn demonstrated positive results in the laboratory into positive results in the clinic will be opposed at every turn until the underlying mechanisms can be fully explained."