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Don’t fight forces, use them.
(R. Buckminster Fuller)

Mottos, like medicines have to be chosen on the "first do not harm" principle. This one, by Buckminster Fuller is  actually a part of the "Pragmatic  Solutions for LENR" strategy more connected with the power struggles discussed yesterday than with the essence of the present
editorial carrying this message:"LENR is for workaholics, it is weekend but so many interesting things are coming" that it is for me kairos time and/or Flow a la Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi to compose this.

Now- news:
Despite the dominant f-weather in Europe, the MFMP researchers are travelling to the lab of Francisco Piantelli:
Project Fedora Begins: MFMP Meets with Nichenergy Officers in Milan
From their report- the meeting with NICHENERGY- was kairos time for MFMP, I also remember with gratitude the kindness of Leonardo and Valerio Ciampoli and Alessandro Meiarini during our visit in in September 2011- and later.

The Russian web page "Cold Nuclear Transmutation and Globular Lightning" has published
yesterday evening more documents. Still nothing new by Parkhomov, but:

1) Cold Nuclear Fusion processes take place in the atmosphere of the Sun. 

In English, you can download it::
International Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science
2014; 2(6): 88-92
Published online December 27, 2014 

Nuclear-chemical processes in the solar atmosphere
Timashev Serge 1, 2
1-Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry, Moscow, Russia
2-Institute of Laser and Information Technologies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Email address:

Abstract: The ideas put forward earlier about the initiation of nuclear processes in a low-temperature plasma as a result of interaction between electrons of high (on chemical scales) energies and nuclei are demonstrated to be helpful in clearing some debatable issues concerning the synthesis of light elements in the solar atmosphere. Specifically the case in point is one of the puzzles associated with the radioactive isotope beryllium-7 whose abundance in the solar atmosphere exceeds the concentration of the stable isotope lithium-7 that is formed from beryllium-7, too, upon K-electron capture with a half-life of 53 days.

2) Emil Irikovich Biktashev has predicted a year ago the conditions in which the Coulomb barrier disappears (a video)
 It says it is about the formulas Coulomb-Biktashev and Newton Biktashev, flying saucers( an object can be seen) levitating) and cold fusion in the pocket. (small size?) Probably a more complete understanding of the electromagnetic interaction. Cannot find much about the author- the video will remain in the puzzle-state for a while.
The comments seem not enthusiastic. 

3) Yu. N. Bazhutov speaks at the radio-station of Stepan  Demura (video)
A long interesting green energy discussion focused on Rossi's technology

4) Vladimir Vysotkii at the Central Television of Ukraine about cold  fusion and the Rossi generator

I will ask these two authors that belong to the international LENR community to tell us what they think about the Rossi Effect- and what will they do to prove it. As you know, Bazhutov is collaborating with Parkhomov.

A skeptical note in Catalan language:
The lie is out there- LENR from theory to practice;

Try Google Translate- it is almost understandable- Krivit, Widom-Larsen a Spanish pro-cold fusion the opinion of a Spanish engineer... For long time we do not had much LENR info from Spain.

The site above is about lies- and "Truth, Myths and Lies" is an interesting subject  for LERN. Recently I have read:

How To Spot A Liar In 5 Seconds                                                                 

It seemed to be something consistent and useful and because so many LENR-ists of all times were accused of lying, lying both systematically and systemically, I have decided to apply the method described in the paper to important LENR cases. Obviously I have started with myself,
I know that in my blog Ego Out I have told exactly what I thought, how I thought with quasi suicidal sincerity and masochism. I have conveyed information from sources and all I can do is to hope that they are not lying.
I apologize for the excess of euphemisms in the discussions with trolls- I am very good at but I don't like verbal extremism.

The paper says there are  4 Communication Signs Of A Liar:

Minimal Self-Reference: Liars write or talk more about others often using the third-person to distance and disassociate themselves from their lie.
Negative Language: Liars tend to be more negative because on a sub-conscious level, they feel guilty about lying.
Simple Explanation: Liars often over simplify because their brains struggle to create a complex lie.
Convoluted Phrasing: And even though liars keep things simple, they seem to use longer and more convoluted sentence structure. Inserting relevant words but in a hard-to-understand way.Because I am not lying, therefore this is a test of the test, not of my EGO OUT blog, expressing my Ego.
Let's see:

Minimal self-reference- 
NO! Beyond any doubt (and shame) it is maximal self-reference in the blog. I take responsibility for what i am saying and I am not good in postlogical thinking i.e. appeal to authority. I make risky counter stream speculations and even predictions, to err is moral, to lie -not. 

Negative language 
YES! My negativity is based on my personal philosophy see: Taking reality in account, I dare to say that it is a greater dose of inherent lies in positive (optimism at any price!) thinking than in thinking the negative aspects prevail, as a rule. Nobody, almost believes me that in solving problems what we don't know is usually more important than what we don't know. In LENR this is a certainty.

Simple explanation. 
NO! If you will find simple explanations- more precisely explanations based on the conviction  that things are simple, these are not my original, personal explanations. I have paig a high price learning that human, scientific, and technological things are never simple.

Convoluted phrasing 
YES! I have the most serious doubts that this is a good criterion for liers. There are other factors, not mendacity that determine verbal tortuosity. It is also not that English is not my  native language- I am thinking in English when I write this blog for example. My phrasing is convoluted when I write in Romanian or Hungarian too.
As an aside translating a highly cultured text- as Piantelli's or Roberto Germano's from Italian  or reading an essayby my regretted friend Mike Carrell or to read David Nagel's  reviews. papers is a form of FLOW.
(There are other good examples too in LENR-land)

My conclusion is that the test is not generally applicable, It is impossible to spot a first class lier- the one who believes what he says usually only when he says it. 

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