Tuesday, January 6, 2015

LENR KNOL AND WISD, January 6, 2015

A great idea:

E-Cat World LENR Knowledge Base 
This initiative of Frank Acland can be of paramount importance for the future of the field. The truth is LENR classic has excellent databases- first the Britz Bibliography and now the unique http://lenr-canr.org/  simply invaluable for its content and a model of organization. Ed Storms' two fine books make a symbiosis with Rothwell's Datbase. A newcomer can find fast what he is interested in LENR- scientifically.
Patent literature, presentations at meetings, papers from the press, journalistics, grey literature need supplementary search on the Web. Magazines, newsletters, blog
papers need a good taxonomy or a very good memory) and first class methods of chaos management. Pd D takes the lion's part of the information, NiH still has a few genes of orphan..

ECatWorld's Database will focus on LENR+, a Herculean task trying to use the Wikipedia model - will it be able to eliminate the destructive effects of human conflicts, abyssal differences in opinion in our extended community? Even when the writers  must speak only about facts.
The organizer(s), builders of the taxonomy, of protocols will have a decisive role. 
The usability of the Database is the critical factor.

You know: "Ich bin ein Googler" I was very enthusiastic when Google started the KNOL Project aiming for something better than Wikipedia (BTW, the cold fusion experience on Wikipedia seems me a continuous uphill battle- never tried to go there as participant) However KNOL was not able to find some competitive advantages over Wikipedia. Then I was working at the UPC (in USA "Liberty Global") Internet Service Provider  as editor of a web search journal and inspired by the DIKWP scale
DATA-INFORMATION-KNOWLEDGE-  WISDOM- PREDICTION, I wrote more messages to Udi Manber, Project Leader from Google - advancing the idea to combine KNOL with WISD i.e a system of facilitating, where possible, the contact of the serious readers with the greatest experts. My idea was completely ignored- perhaps it goes better for a smaller database, e.g. as the one we discuss about now. KNOL has failed ingloriously.
I make an appeal to all my friends, starting with Number One- to help the action initiated by Frank Acland. I have a personal LENR database and a system of Knowledge Management and I like the Project.
It has to be implemented very wisely. SUCCESS!!!

I awfully regret that the author of the coming paper is not working for LENR. But we can learn a lot from him. Please see how his ideas could be applied in LENR
What Enables Proactive Leadership? by Tanmay Vora


  1. Yes, Peter a lot of those leadership principles would benefit LENR.
    I would say that is the biggest hindrance for LENR to break through.
    Rossi's organization is purely entrepreneurial and that is good to begin with. I thought his new partners with presumably good financialand leadership capacities should change that. I am a little disappointed that it goes so slow (or not at all?). BLP are focused on providing impressive academical result and therefore they do not move very fast toward commercialization, which they may or may not visualize strong enough. (I still admire their capacity to get funded. They do handle that right.)

  2. Thank you so much for your support to my work and sharing my work with your blog readers!


    Tanmay Vora