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Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. It may not be difficult to store up in the mind a vast quantity of facts within a comparatively short time, but the ability to form judgments requires the severe discipline of hard work and the tempering heat of experience and maturity. (Calvin Coolidge)

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. (Jim Rohn)

Today is Sunday- this morning we have not many LENR news and there no great chances for any surprises. the LENR world has great expectation for the next week, first t all from the
Parkhomov reports on January 27 and 29, but also from MFMP,  Brian Ahern and many expected or/and unexpected surprises- to use benign and malign oxymorons

As news for this morning we have a report 
Report from Cold Fusion 101 at MIT (Barry Simon):
Very interesting and possibly connected with fundamental principles- the magnetic stimulation of Mitch Swartz; M_ NANORs

The Russian site Cold Nuclear Transmutations and Ball Lightning
are showing today: 

a) Mike McKubre's revaluation of the Parkhomov tes from Infinite Energy issue 119:\

b) Q&A with Jack Cole on new Hot Cat replication, experiment completion

Obviously, they take in consideration the coopetition- a good sign.

Mats Lewan has sent a better enjoyable variant of the paper telling about indisciplined protons and neutrons:
I mentioned it on Jan 22:"If this has nothing to do with LENR, as I guess it, then I am not made for a career in nuclear physics" How this paper is connected with LENR is still an open question.

We also have:
McKubre convinced by Lugano and Moscow E-Cat  experiments:

I will ask Mike what does he think about this


Discipline as life organizer
Life is a value per se, however in order to live efficiently and to enjoy life you need a lifer organizer. This refers both to your personal life and to your professional life- these lives being, in part superposed. It is a human right, but one not everywhere respected to choose the life organizer you want, but in many places religious observance dominates people and is the collective willpower stronger than the individual wishes. For long years the dictatorship of the Party has organized my life mainly by a well organized scarcity of food and other resources so I had spent much time trying to get food and to solve problems with solutions taken as granted in 
"normal" countries. Any life organizer good or bad imposes a conformity - a certain discipline.
In my professional life that started in the chemical industry working with very dangerous-poisonous, corrosive, explosive nasty substances, I was put in situations similar to those of an airplane pilot or a high war acrobat - both will not do a second error. It is a bit of hyperbolization in this, however HCN and COCl2 are names of entities with which I had a few encounters- and any substance gaseous, liquid or powder that burns is able to explode. When you see how easy people are wounded, crippled or killed - you decide to be as disciplined as possible.
I am using the word "discipline" here as describing a set of rules that rule a behavior or an activity and that have to be strictly respected- however discipline includes something superior and essential- learning. Discipline is a mode of thinking, of acting and of living. This is especially true for a professional seeker of truth and value, for the researcher.

Discipline and related virtues

Discipline starts with understanding of the value of time. The aphorism writer Valeriu Butulescu (discover him on the Web if you don't know him already!) calls punctuality "the smaller sister of discipline"; there are no results, no order, no effectiveness, no efficiency and no reliability still the time factor is not introduced in all the equations of your life and till you do not learn to respects both your time and the tie of others.
Order, love of order- a good taxonomy, logical consistency, creative system thinking 
Discipline- the politeness of kings, the soul of business, the backbone of any research project...
It makes team work possible and is a sine qua non condition of leadership. However of interest now is discipline in research.
Discipline is also education, teaching, school, exercise, science, knowledge and sometimes military discipline- a problem of life or death.
Discipline is not routine, it is intelligent when it is genuine. Routine is passive and leads to aging, while discipline is pro-active, creative- a source of vigour. Discipline creates progress and- disciples.

The popular but perfidious hypocrite false  cousin of discipline.

Discipline, as such has to be disciplined and moderated- so many as necessary not less (dangerous!), not more (useless). Sometimes, bad concepts become too popular  and are used and abused- not only when it is the case but in any circumstances.
Reading, listening radio and TV in the three languages  I am using daily I am increasingly frustrated by the very high frequency of a wording I bitterly dislike: "with humility" in English, "cu umilínță" in Romanian, "alazattal" in Hungarian. There are shades of difference but the trend is the same - we have to look with humility to the past, to nature, to the models of any kind, to the authorities - official or in science, to the unknown, the mystery. Humility is perfect in religion but outside it is intellectual auto-mutilation, is a factor diminishing courage, initiative.
Humility is for discipline like Uriah Heep for David Copperfield.
Lack of arrogance, knowing you limits..but no humility, never- dignity is vital.

When the most strict discipline is not enough

It is a major trouble when even the perfect discipline in research is not enough for reproduction or even production of the desired results. This is the case of PdD wet experiments- as discussed most recently following the "R- problem must be solved" thread. The sad truth is that even the most rigorous discipline does not help. the system is not manageable.

I have learned- for chemical engineering fro  practice and for LENR mainly from Piantelli the outmost importance of the 'parametric discipline"- find all the relevant and actionable parameters and establish the optimal values for all.
For PdD this does not work, we don't know the parameters or cannot measure them or they are not actionable.

NOTE we will discuss the problems with Project Fedora tomorrow


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