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European Patent owned by Russian scientist... and news

1) European Cold Fusion Patent belongs to a Russian scientist.

This was published yesterday evening on the http://www.lenr.seplm.ru/ Cold Nuclear Transmutations and Globular Lightning Russian page, above the newly made links to Doktor Bob's blog and to Ego Out.

I have started my career in CF journalism with the patents page of Fusion Facts (Hal Fox's() however saying that my attraction to non-functional Cold Fusion LENR patents is low today, is a hyperbolic euphemism. A patent is good if it works effectively or when it is wonderfully well and wisely written as Piantelli's highly professional patents from which you can learn more than from tens of scientific papers.

This patent...the presentation is written by the patent agent and not by the inventor, V.A. Kirkinskii, well known in our circles e..g for his theory paper: http://newenergytimes.com/v2/sr/Theories/Kirkinshii-Novikov-66Models-Of-Cold-Fusion.pd

He has 9  papers, 5 downloadable in LENR-CANR. Great theorist

The presentation starts with
"Nowadays it is much promoted the LENR technology in which it is used nickel and hydrogen. However, it also exists an other technology that uses deuterium and palladium. And here enters the scene Bill Gates! Around a month ago, Bill Gates with his unlimited financial possibilities , communicated that his company, Terra Power will sponsorize the technology that it based on the use of deuterium and palladium,"  
My comment is that nothing sure is known about Bill Gates financial support, how many $ will he allocate for PdD technology. If somebody has exact data, please say. I am firmly convinced that capitalism is the way, is en ensemble both effective and efficient in solving problems including that of  technological progress, I know that capitalism made possible the Information Revolution and will make Energy revolution a reality, I am aware that it is a fatal error to be old just now when so many wonderful things wll happen- for technology; however I also know that even unlimited finance  has limited solving power. I have told openly, more times that wet PdD technology is like the hero of a known nursery rhyme:
"All Bill Gates' billions and all the dreams of our men
Couldn't put Humpty together again."

A unique hope for Kirkinskii comes from the fact that his system in the patent is dry.
The patent presentation continues with:
" The Japanese companies Toyota and Mitsubishi in their research for nuclear transmutation also prefer deuterium and palladium.
Yasuhiro Iwamura – ANS Presentation on LENR Transmutation, December 9, 2012

The paper is not about technology, not about progress toward heat generation.
The Russian language presentation continues with:
"We want to call your attention to the following. As we already know, in the contemporary world, the development and  use of technologies is based on patents. Who succeeds to register a patent in one or another field gets monopoly type rights for developing the given technology. Other can replicate again and again but without a patent they have no right for commercialization. In this context, we want to call your attention to a patent, registered in Europe, whose author is the Russian scientist Vitalii Alexeevich kirkinskii. This patent is based on the use of deuterium  and palladium, and as can be seen is the unique of this kind."
See: https://register.epo.org/application?number=EP02751927&tab=main
The abstract of this invention:
The invention relates to the power production using deuterium nuclear interaction in the crystalline structures of deuterides of palladium and other metals activated during phase transitions. The inventive device comprises a reactor containing a working substance, a system for measuring and controlling a gas pressure, a system for heating and temperature control, a system for transferring and using the released
heat. The reactor (1) containing the working substance (13) and capable to undergo isostructural phase transformations accompanied by the modification of the deuterium content is embodied in the form of coaxially disposed pipes (2 and 3) provided with valves (4 and 5) which seal the volume there between. Heaters (14 and 15) are arranged at the end of said pipes in such a way that it is possible to produ ce a directionally variable temperature gradient along the longitudinal axis of the reactor. The heat exchanger of a primary circuit (22) is embodied in the form of coaxial pipes (23 and 24) between which a heat carrier (29) passes, and butted against the reactor on the side radially opposite to the position of the heaters.
Various modifications of the inventive device enabling to carry out the simultaneous desorption and sorption of deuterium in the working substance on the opposite sides of the reactor, efficiently transfer and use the released excess heat, increase the reliability of the operation and to provide the conditions for the automation thereof are also disclosed.

By the way, it is from 2012  Gregory Goble has already included it in a list of LENR patent analysed by him:                                                                                                     
What Can We Glean From Recent LENR Patents Granted?        https://www.linkedin.com/groups/What-Can-We-Glean-From-4132340.S.5956421807459282945

The presentation ends with the essential information for testers and investors: 

"Currently the patent owners are planning performing of independent parties,as it was done at its time with the Rossi generator E-Cat. These tests will confirm the efficiency of using deuterium and palladium, and this will allow the immediate going further to the industrial application of the technology and to the manufacture of LENR devices in series. 
Now, we invite the investors for doing these tests , following which they will get priority rights for commercialization. 

Contact information for investors:
E-mail: info@otpp.ru , sergeyarutyunyan@otpp.ru
Phones:  +7 (495) 599 1565, +7 (495) 599 7224,

What else could I add than wishing success to Vitalii Kirkinski and his associates?

2) +LENR+ literature

I forgot to tell but my multilingual list of papers that can convince any authority in any country  to initiate preparations for the LENR Era will be public and anybody can use it.

La fusione fredda si scalda Cold fusion heats up

If you read.speak Italian but you are a newcomer to LENR or have memory problems or you want to write a review of the recent events, please use this:

Alain Coetmeur informs about Norwegian language LENR paper, the meeting with participation of Mike McKubre and Hanno Essen:

Alain says on LENR Forum:

it describes the presentations, with video of the slides.
see Infinite Energy article for Michael McKubre point of view

theory controversy was not the subject.
Hans Haakon Faanes, NTVA, SET/Tekna start with a general presentation.
Then Sten Bergman of Stone Power AB make a survey of the phenomenon
Hanno Essen make a report of the E-Cats funded by Elforsk
Michael McKubre of SRI, describe the problem and conditions, work with Brillouin.
Øystein Noreng discuss of the financial perspective, state of development, risks, economical importance

3)- The bite of hydrinos

Randy Mills shows a negative enthusiasm for Ni+LiAl H4
(with thanks to Steven Vincent Johnson)

This issue became long enough, I have to go to the next,.



  1. Thanks a lot, dear mr Gluck !
    but what is not clear for me - it is why the Western World do not pays attention to works of Iwan Stepanowich Filimonenko, not alife now, with his great patented work, so as to works of Yu.L. Ratis e.a. where the central ideas of doubles processes between nucleeds in CNS are catched and explaned..

    1. Dear Leonid,
      Thanks! As yu could see I am signlling everything published at the LENR.SEPLM>RU site that is fast and excellent.
      If youwant to write something about the story of Filimonneko or about Ratis I will publish it with pleasure. Let's discuss at peter.gluck@gmail.com