Sunday, January 18, 2015


Dear Readers,

A bit easier first because I am one of those now focused impatiently on the idea: "How to make
LENR to prevail"- in real life conditions, no wishful thinking, no idealistic principles- and it seems now more and more possible.

I (and the Ego Out blog) got two compliments:

1) A positive compliment for us

Motivational messages

A blogger colleague whose posts I am admiring from long time calls me an "original thinker"' the truth is that I try indeed to think from time to time. In the Handbook of the Well Tempered Sadistic Critic you get instructed: "tell him his writing are both original and good" and when you remark he is happy, add "just the original part is not good and the good parts are not original" and watch how his Ego is deflated!
However a lot of Septoes (not mine) are cited at this fine site e.g.  
Do it now; not soon, not tomorrow.
Turn an ugly idea into elegant reality.
Solution applied too late is no solution.
Learners and leaders have a lot in common.
Remember, great questions always beat good answers.

I resonate with these especially well, read the rest and visit the site, it is worth!
I hope to communicate with this Blogger from Canada.

2) A rather negative com

pliment for me.
At the site, Jami likes me much. Recently he has asked that I should be instutionalized. Isn't this when you re nominated rector of an University? Now, very nicely he calls me "intellectual" a iota more precisely "intellectual pollutter" He writes:

Meanwhile Peter Gluck focuses on the few problems that still remain now that cold fusion is proven and the new age of free energy is fast approaching: “Study of the environmental problems associated with the CF phenomenon.” Not sure whether it’ll include intellectual pollution. If it does, Peter could contribute a great deal.
I know why he is angry with me. Can he deny that in June 1978, when we met in Helsinki near the sea-side, he was drunk and has asked from me a FinnMark for drink, I ignored his request and insulted him badly in Romanian and in Hungarian and have pushed him hard in the face? He cannot forget it but he was awfully drunk like a swine. I thought he is dangerous but actually he has no IQ at all.. I have documents for this Jami, so shut up and stay in your den.

3) My forum colleague Jones Beene has creative leadership ideas for the replication of the Hot Cat:

 Quote from Peter’s Blog worth repeating here: “It is still a Parkhomov moment,  the world is waiting his new results  to be announced on 27 and 29 January. He helps MFMP and actually has started a replication epidemic of the Hot Cat process.

I like the sound of a “replication epidemic” especially when progress is

1)      Open and competitive
2)      International in scope – with groups from several countries trying to outdoeach other, and a motivational trace of national pride
3)      Benefits to society in general, no matter who gets there first
4)      Will allow free-market dynamics and competition to bring the most marketable product to consumers quickly
5)      Should cut development time down from years to months
6)      Promises to keep oil prices low permanently
7)      Promises a pain free solution to climate change

He adds that there are some dangers:

But somebody must lose in this picture. The big question mark: can the upcoming tidal wave be stopped by OPEC/Big Oil … or is it too late for them?

Thank you, Jones these ideas have to be discussed, refined and implemented, and I think, progress will be unstoppable. 

4) CEES of Rob Duncan as seen by the Texas University
It is presented in this document:

Center for Emerging Energy Sciences (CEES), Office of the Vice President for
Research; establish a center which will initially bridge physics and chemistry in
the scientific exploration for the origin of the Anomalous Heat Effect (AHE). Once
the origin of the AHE is established, this center's effort will shift toward energy
engineering, with engagement with mechanical and electrical engineering. This highly
focused effort will involve close collaborations with ENEA (Ente Nazionale per
l'Energia Atomica), the National Energy and Environment Laboratory of Italy,
and with a contract to a scientist who will soon retire from Stanford Research

International (SRI) in Palo Alto, CA.

At first sight it seems to be LENR classic but surely Prof Duncan will say about strategy in due time.


BRIAN AHERN, our reputed colleague who has essential contributions to LENR, expert in nanotechnology and in magnetism- among other disciplines announced five minutes ago:
I intend to repeat the Parkhomov experiment.This could become viral by the end of January if we get it to work as well. 

Ocheni khorosho, dear Brian!

6) For inspiration, this is one of the greatest scientists alive:

E.O. Wilson: There's So Much More to Nature Than What Humans Know
(The situation is identical with LENR)


  1. Right On Peter & as well as do write On! Thanks for digesting & spreading the Word on LENR & its possible internals.

    1. Thank you- the things will become really interesting this year and we need to use well the possibilities of the Internet to make information available and actionable for many.

  2. So sorry, please excuse me but I have developed an opinion and feel compelled to express it. These heater power failures seen widely in current Hot Cat replications are caused by the LENR reaction and if not immediately countered, these power drops will delay the onset of the LENR reaction inordinately. A 5 seconds response time to counter is far to long a time delay to increase the current flow to the heater. I don't believe that MFMP counters this heater behavior at all since they have no constant power circuit mechanism in their heater power supply. Like MFMP, the Russian experimenter sees temperature variations of up to 100C. This is very primitive an unsophisticated experimentally. A nanosecond might be enough of a response time lag to counter the heat circuit current drop. This unusual superconductor onset behavior is causing long startup times for the onset of the LENR reaction. I hope that Brian Ahern will develop constant power circuitry to add elegance to his experiment to greatly increase the response time for the onset of the LENR reaction and thereby increasing experiment turnaround times.

    1. Thanks, it is important and, with your permission I will write about this today. Better to know and not be surprised.

  3. Sceptic

    My experience is that hot water in tanks can easily be much much cooler at the bottom than at the top. We sometimes burn off energy with resistors near the wall in a water tank and one wold expect this creating an upward current with a downward current at the opposite side. However, this does not occur. The hot water along the resistors will travel upwards and float out over tho whole surface of the tank and will not form a downward current at the other side. In Parkhomovs test was no device for mixing/stirring the water and I could not see where the temp sensor was located.