Friday, January 30, 2015


The Russian - the standard one for LENR- has not yet published the papers presented yesterday and some inaccessible video is there that leads to an site dedicated to oil- quite complex.
However till I can read the papers here are for some LENR news and ideas. Removing
the obstacles was also suggested by Mats Lewan.

1) An excellent review of what has happened recently:
LENR-to-Market Digest -- January 30, 2015

2) Really encouraging:
The Cold fusion Race Just Heated Up
We have to discuss about this race with focus on obstacles and brakes, Mats Lewan also says it is be very important to be prepared for the coming battles. The opponents (categories) are more numerous than the possible allies and supporters. However, outright enemies are more easily manageable as false friends e.g. (personal opinion!) the deniers of LENR+.

3)Safety concerns- by Brian Ahern:

I am  very curious to guess/know which substance will become the standard,common hydrogen source in the commercial Hydrogen-Metal Deep Interaction- based energy source say 10 years from now. Brian is right, LiAlH4 is nasty stuff.
Rossi also warn about safety at Hot Cat tests.

4)The rules of publishing have to be respected!
Note From Alexander Parkhomov about Official Publication
I hope the persons responsible for publishing ignore the so-called weekend 

A paper in Russian with some notes of Parkhomov's activity this month
Независимое воспроизведение реактора холодного синтеза Андреа Росси в Росси
Independent replication of Andrea Rossi's cold fusion reactor in Russia

5)This morning these videos of the Cold Nuclear Transmutation meeting of Jan. 27 were usable


Abundant Clean Renewables? Think Again!
It would be too much too say that renewables are the fiasco of this century but they are only a part of any solution; LENR is the key to future

The golden quarter
Some of our greatest cultural and technological achievements took place between 1945 and 1971. Why has progress stalled?
This is about the increasing probletence in innovation_ I agree with it only in part but the author will not care. And the recurrent cult of the good old times.

Technology's False Hope:

This paper is by the bright Dave Pollard; I will not ask ;"why the ecologists are not our best friends but our worst enemies?" Instead of this I will try out how could we bring them in our camp. So far being ecologist is a means to save Nature and not an aim per se, they will come.


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  1. Your comment about 'ecologists' reveals a deep misunderstanding of the sciences. That you equate ecology with the politically motivated support 'to save nature' is as preposterous as saying that physicists are people interested in particular political agendas, perhaps as in those wanting to save tokamaks.

    Ecology is a science that is about collecting data and using that data to test hypothesis and theories that describe Nature. Redefining and belittling this science that is indeed far more complex than physics of chemistry is just plain dumb. To do so in a comment about a babbling piece of Maltheusian anti-technology anti-human nonsense is even worse.