Saturday, January 31, 2015


MOTTO                                                                                     Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers. (Anthony Robbins)

LENR's new hero, Alexander G. Parkhomov celebrates today his 70-th birthday. Let us wish him personal happiness and prosperity and professional achievements and breakthroughs!

When I am writing is, his second genuine official report is still not accessible on the  site- we have to wait. His letter of yesterday about the pirated sketch of his notes is there.

The Laptukhov paper that was presented in Moscow at January 28, is published integrally now:
"Structure of the free electrons, electron-nuclear forces and the electronic energetics of tomorrow"

Videos- good quality ones- about Parkhomov and his lab by Shestopalv are here:

To remain at the Russian language papers, we also have

A standard, undecided open end one:
Электронная кошка». Генератор Андреа Росси - блеф или научная сенсация?
The electronic (?) Cat Generator of Andrea Rossi- bluff or scientific sensation?

Исследование низкоэнергетических ядерных реакций – ВНИИАЭС 27.01.2015
Study of the low energy nuclear reactions-VNIIAES January 27, 2015 Videos.

Cold Fusion a.k.a LENR is coming                                                                                               An artistic blog of a lady, as far I know newcomer in the LENR journalistic camp.

From the very active LENR Forum:                                                                                        World Nuclear Association in England Recognizes LENR        

Excellent! A positive LENR paper in Spanish:
Fusión en frio alternativa energética

It smells- considering LENR too- of a new trend in the science of isotopes
Isotope effect produces new type of chemical bond 

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