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LENR INFO January 12, 2015

NOTE: yesterday, speaking about the NiH LENR species, I forgot to tell about nanometric nickel in contact with hydrogen. Unpardonable but it was because in so many cases Ni is mxed with other substances. Nobody and nothing alive is inerrant,so i don't care much.

Motto No. 1:
It is best to learn as we go,  not go as we learned   
(Leslie Jeanne Sahler)

Motto No 2
Analysis is very difficult, especially about the present.
(Arlene Goldbard)

Let's start with a lady's blog: a very interesting post on Vessy's Rossian New Fire:
The Rossi Effect is visible also without the catalyst: have discussed the original document on January, 4 this year.
Who has seen the catalyst of Rossi and what it is? It is seimply senstionl the Parkhomov's Hot ceramic city works with a simple Ni + LIALH4 mixture- or it seems so- there can be invisble participants. A deep mystery. 

I take this opportunity to speak about an other Bulgarian lady who writes as a master- about human cultural affairs not LENR. Discover the blog of Maria Popova. from here: 

Self-Refinement Through the Wisdom of the Ages: 15 Resolutions for 2015 from Some of Humanity’s Greatest Minds  by Maria Popova

I hope you all already have accessed Infinite Energy No 119

In the leading LENR Magazine you can read for free;

A Russian Experiment: High Temperature, Nickel, Natural Hydrogen
by Michael C.H. McKubre

Analysis of New E-Cat Report by Michael C.H. McKubre                                 

Even combined, these two studies still not give the much desired certainty of this huge, grams to MWatthours(not MWatts as I wrote yesterday effect; the implacable 1=0 rule, 1 testis NO test does apply to both even taken together. Independent confirmations are under way but I think the confirmations by the Masters- the Lugano testers and by Pakhomov are more valuable than tests that are more independent than good.

But one star paper of this issue is Questions About Lattice Enabled Nuclear Reactions:
Experiments, Theories and Computations by David J. Nagel (pp 17-36)

News start to come from Piantelli's lab via the MFMP group:

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  1. The only reason I could ever see for the claimed 'catalyst' in the original Rossi Italian patent was that it created a 'needed' mystery (which has confounded so many 'smart' people for years) as it helped obfuscate the reality. Based on the original papers and patent including work done at Bondino Italy by Prof Focardi and Andrea Rossi, the most it could ever have been was a known catalyst that helped released monatomic hydrogen when heated (not novel and thus known to be unpatentable which is why Andrea called it a 'mystery catalyst').

    So, the catalyst allowed Andrea's later eCats to release monatomic hydrogen as part of the heating process in lieu of the original piped in monatomic hydrogen. This is one of the areas he diverged from Piantelli's prior work & DGT's devices (which initially followed the Piantelli approach of piped in monatomic H).

    The 'mystery catalyst' was allowed to stand in the Italian patent because the patent was applied for some months before new laws (taking effect in July 2008) changed the rules such that proper searches for prior art had to be done and also the use of an unidentified element in a 'claim' was not allowed and thus invalidated a patent (once an original claim is changed in substance, the patent is normally invalidated & the applicant has to file a new patent. The reason claims cannot be altered is to prevent applicants obscuring the real process and changing the detail later either because they were hiding the real process or didn't know it at the time of filing and were using the 'mystery' as a placeholder).

    This to a large degree is what happened when Andrea Rossi took the same Italian patent and submitted it to the EPO. They did have the new rules in effect and Andrea Rossi's original eCat patent hit a brick wall and remains there to this day. If he changed his claims (removed the mystery catalyst which is what he tried to then do in 2011) then he would have had to refile and would lose his claimed priority to his 2008 Italian patent (granted in 2010).

    It is simply amazing and highly entertaining reading people's 'speculation' and 'fantasies' as to what the 'mystery catalyst' is/was. The spectrum of statements about the eCat catalyst stands as stark testimony to our imaginations when given a 'mystery' to unravel.