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Yesterday evening, Yuri Bazhutov has informed us that:
"The research regarding Plasma Electrolysis is continuing and this process is considered as a possible alternative to the Rossi warm E-cat, not the Hot Cat where the energy density is huge.
The target productivity is of the Russian E-Cat is 1MWatt.hours per 1kg of water the present results are only 2-3 kWatt.hours from 1kg common water.  
The main task now is to perform a demo experiment for a public of students too, with heating alkaline water in the Thermostat without evaporating it in the fume hood as a more ecological 

I will try to keep you  (Readers) up-to-dated with this innovative technology and will try to get answers to your questions.


“You can judge a researcher by the size of the problems he tackles”  (Anthony Jay) 

adapted from today's Gapingvoid Art that states:

Anthony Jay once said something like "You can judge a leader by the size of the problems they tackle." 

Size for a research problem as LENR - placed at the far right of the Medawar Zone is a very complex quantitative and qualitative concept including wickedness and Volatility-Uncertainty-Complexity-Ambiguity etc. A great problem needs great bold new ideas

"Realize that if you have time to whine and complain about something then you have the time to do something about it."
(Anthony D’Angelo)

Touché! Does "this" Anthony does speak about me too? I feel a bit being guilty- not the meek New Paradigm supporters will inherit LENR!

Apropos, Anthony, Antonio - ICCF-19 will take place in Padua - the town of Saint Anthony. First, thinking about this, I remembered when I still was helping my wife with a a musical culture contest (question from the history of music) I was able to answer a very difficult question: " A musical composition and a famous painting on the same religious theme were composed and, respectively presented in the same year,
The solution is "Saint Anthony preaches  to the fish(es)" - Gustav Mahler's 
"Des Antonius von Padua Fischpredigt" – St. Anthony of Padua's Sermon to the Fish 
and Arnold Bocklin's painting 
were created in 1892.
Both demonstrate that Saint Anthony was a good speaker  and a real democrat, preaching to fishes means you indeed believe in equality.
I have met San Antonio of Padua in hundreds of thousands of copies in 2003 when visiting it in 2003 together with two friends, both called Paul at the kind and generous invitation of a technologist genius  friend from my PVC years living there.. The streets of Padua are simply wonderful; I was a bit confused due ti the mercantile affairs connected with the Saint, but tourism is a business, I have to understand that tourism is great business, and..basta! It was a nice travel but the sad thing is that both Pauls, one two years older and the other 12 years younger than me, died of cancer in the  next two years.
So, at ICCF-19 we will meet Saint Anthony and he will help us; he is the saint responsible for the lost things his job is to give them back to the good people.
His direct representative is no coincidence) Antonio La Gatta the CEO (Chief Event Officer) of ICCF-19.
What has LENR lost and what can you and the Conference bck to us , caro Antonio?
The hope for a working technology? The intellectual pleasure of understanding what happens- both great vision and deep detail? The courage of sayind a decisive NO to what is impossible? The extase of confessing that we went in a wrong direction and the boldness to try a new one? The power to change?
Let's listen together to: but please keep in mind that even the best saints are educated to help exclusively problems solvers and you cannot build a brand new technology based on miracles- you have to cope with ever situation including this LENR.

3) Biased Saturday LENR lecture

The dedicated LENR workaholic has today a lot to do, he can explore the two Russian Nuclear Transmutation Reactions & Ball Lightning conferences reading the abstracts  and using Google Translate (and the on-line dictionary Russian to English) for the papers of special interest- start from: 
Not easy, I know, but if you are really interested...

Then, the great event of yesterday was the special LENR section in the Indian journal
Current Science, group of 11 papers written by our best LENR-ists 
About this please look also to:

Hindu Newspaper Pushes LENR as the ‘Other Nuclear':
and here:

After a few years we will understand that it is better to say "the otherwise nuclear" or "the nuclear of other kind"- but the sense remains.

I will read all these papers too but openly with the hope to find something outside wet PdD- as  NiH, LENR+.

4) New data or new points of view regarding LENR
a) In many places it is discussed if the following fragment of the Annual Letter of the Gates Foundation:

The most dramatic problems caused by climate change are more than 15 years away, but the long-term threat is so serious that the world needs to move much more aggressively — right now — to develop energy sources that are cheaper, can deliver on demand, and emit zero carbon dioxide. The next 15 years are a pivotal time when these energy sources need to be developed so they'll be ready to deploy before the effects of climate change become severe. Bill is investing time in this work personally (not through our foundation) and will continue to speak out about it.
I think only Bill Gates or some team that has already received fubds can answer now. Great expectations.

b) An improved theory paper:
The Hypothesis of Micro Acceleration Mechanism for Nuclear Fusion E-Cat Reactor — 2nd Ed. (Fedir Mykhaylov)

c) My friend AXIL has a decisive contribution to the New Paradigm of LENR. I can only admire his encyclopedic professional culture in physics and his continuous exploration of the New, the new we need- because something is missing for the understanding of LENR.
This comment of AXIL is a fine example:

Welcome to the new physics...
We can manipulate the waveform of a stationary subatomic particle using a phase mask to increase its energy up to the speed of light. This process uses the theory of relativity to convert the stationary subatomic particle into a spread-out waveform with lots of energy applied against the size of the waveform. The size of the elementary particle as defined by the extent of its waveform is increased by time dilation where energy is increased by extending the tail defining the waveform of the elementary particle to satisfy the momentum conservation laws.  In quantum mechanics, waves and particles are considered to be two aspects of the same physical phenomena. We can modify the properties of a subatomic particle by manipulating its waveform.
In a time dilation tradeoff, the lifetime of the elementary subatomic particle is lengthened to increase the energy of the particle.
The key to this manipulation of the waveform is the Phase mask.
The specially prepared nanometer sized dimpled surface of the nickel micro particles in the Rossi reactor serves as a phase mast to accelerate stationary particles to a ultra high energy wave shapes in the particle's frame of reference but the particle remains stationary in the reactors frame of reference.
In nanoplasmonics, it is the dark mode surface plasmon polariton that absorbs infrared photons. So the “hole” / photon hybrid of the dipole must be the subatomic waveform that is being modified to light speed even when it is embedded inside that nickel lattice of the surface of the micro particle. 
Big Twist for Electron Beam
One question that was hanging in the magnetic theory of LENR causation was how a strong magnetic field could be produced by an irregular surface, I have just become aware of a potentially new spin (magnetic) amplification process that fits in well with the magnetic theory of LENR and helps explain how  a properly formatted nano surface feature on a metal surface could lead to LENR.
A beam of  electrons rotating in a highly constrained vortex can have the strength of their spins multiplied by hundreds of times. These vortexes are produced by a surface mask where the waveform of the electron is modified by constructive and destructive interference.
Just like a dipole where a vibrating electron is always paired with a hole, and every vortex has two ends, paired SPP has bright SPP paired with a dark SPP. It is the Dark SPP that is both magnetically and LENR active.
For example, the wavelength of infrared light is about 700nm to 1000nm. If the vortex that the Hole/light hybrid is circulating around in is 1 just  nanometer, the spin of the SPP is multiplied by 1000. A dark mode Surface Plasmon Polaritons (SPP) with a spin of 2 will have an effective spin of 2000 if rotating in a dimensionally small SPP vortex.
In addition as described above, when the tail of the waveform of the electron or hole is expanded by the time dilation energy uncertainty principle trade off which accelerates stationary subatomic particles to the speed of light, even more spin multiplication will occur, how much...a lot.
These two new quantum mechanical principles of condensed matter subatomic particle waveform manipulation can now explain where the huge strength of atomic level magnetism comes from.


It is clear these guys have not read my editorial of yesterday!Scientists slow down the speed of light travelling in free space

Exercise - please apply the teachings of this essay to LENR:
3 C’s for Learning and Leading on Social Media

A leadership symphony in C major (the letter "C")

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