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The first day of an interesting year...not created for work (the day, not the year!)
LENR Leadership

At E Cat World Frank Acland has asked his readers to make LENR predictions for 20`15:

I am asking you to tell what are the most decisively important problems of the field.
My own opinion is that what we are missing the most is Leadership and I am thinking about a solution- transcending LENR and LENR+ Something possible and realistic
As soon as the world will return to the working days, I will write an editorial. But please help with ideas and initiatives.
You can use for inspiration, i.a.:

Better Leadership in 2015 (And Beyond): 9 Essentials:

Why change is hard?:

Additives, impurities, adhesives, problems

A new year starts, however I still know a few old stories that I want to tell you in new, modern context  for immediate use.
Now, our MFMP  young friends had made an exploratory experiment with the Lugano type 
alumina cell and the cells has failed- a normal research event- and the cause is an adhesive.
When I have started to do serious research in the chemical industry I soon had to learn  about the decisive roles and FUNCTIONS of the many categories of additive, both for processes-as polymerization and for products as plastics and foods.. Having so many FUNCTIONS!
For plastics see i.e. this:  just to get an idea of their variety and richness- now imagine that we have tested so may of these, commercial products with names. A broad game from fillers to what can be called vital impurities.
It happens that just now my colleague Abd calls my attention to the paramount importance of natural additives, impurities in the history of cold fusion. 

It was a financially happy period (1996-1998)  for cold fusion when Toyota and other Japanese companies have organised well funded CF research in the IMRA lab in France, with the Founders, Fleischmann and Pons as nominal leaders
However the Japanese made a series of strategic research errors and the project has failed.
Abd says the greatest of these was the choice to work with palladium as pure as possible. purity must be good:

MITI spent millions developing the information that pure palladium didn't work. It's been pointed out that this was truly dumb. However, I'm sure it looked like a good idea at the time, but was not approached with caution. Sure, use some pure palladium and compare it with FP "junk." Assume as little as possible! Don't bet the farm on "improving" the experiment, just reproduce it first!

The tragic aspects is that even with the "best" impurities, Pd does not function well, see e.g. the papers analyzed in: 

To eliminate natural additives - impurities can be a crime against complexity and Mother Nature (or Father Technology) take their cruel revenges.  It is not decent but see the Hungarian techno-proverb here!:

Do not ignore it, I have paid a very high price and not once to learn it!

OK, the MFMP group had troubles with one of the most interesting kind of additives- outer 
additives -ADHESIVES used to join together different materials- a form of synergy, isn't it?
When I was working as independent consultant- solving problems for industries and individuals,  a high proportion of he tasks have implied the use of adhesives. usually the critical part is to prepare well the objects, surfaces on which the adhesives will be applied and to work out the technique to press, stick them together. Even the best and most expensive adhesives do not work if you do not respect the rules.

I remember using colloidal silica for alumina. The alumina reactor is a very fine challenge
I really want to go back to the lab to help solving the problem.

Our Russian colleagues are very serious!

 Look please at and use Google Translate works well
 You can see the December 2014 program of the working group " Cold Nuclear Transmutation and Globular Lightning"

General interest

The future of the newsletter and email                

Thoroughly discussed on Vortex but still open...
Why smart people defend bad ideas:


  1. The problem with LENR is not that it lacks leaders it is rather that it is utterly dominated and overrun by gossip and gossipers. One of the tragedies of the internet is that it provides reinforcement to gossip by multiplying it over and over again. Add to this the abundance of mentally ill internet trolls and armchair pundits and this wonderful potential resource, the internet, becomes an exercise like that of wading through a rotting swamp into which denizens that would ordinarily be in asylums have escaped. It's worthy of a Greek tragedy.

    1. I am speaking about the real thing not the shadow of it. About the fighters in the frontline.

    2. Linus Carl Pauling (February 28, 1901 – August 19, 1994)was an American chemist, biochemist, peace activist, author, multiple Noble prize winner, and educator:

      “The way to get good ideas is to get lots of ideas and throw the bad ones away.”

      The internet produces a maximum of ideas. Its maximum value is derived in ones ability to evaluate each of them an decide which holds merit and which ones don't. Those whose lack an ability at open minded critical thinking will have trouble in coexisting inside the torrent of ideas produced by the internet. I believe that you are one of those unfortunate and disabled people.

  2. Lumea noastra este inca sub imperativul banilor
    si asculta mai putin de unii ca Peter Gluck si a lui amici !
    Sanatate-ti urez don Peter!
    Nicolaie N. Vlad