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No MOTTO today, it is replaced with  
Elon Musk Uses This Ancient Critical-Thinking Strategy To Outsmart Everybody Else

I admire billionaires because they succeeded and not for what they are (this has absolutely no sense but it is OK for me. From Elon Musk we could indeed learn that we HAVE to get to LENR' First Principles

New LENR seminar in Moscow.

There exist some Extremistan type (see N.N. Taleb's Black Swan) differences of people- you can observe these at meetings and at scientific congresses quite well. Some people must enter three times in a rroom till it are observed once. Other people, even if they sit silent in a corner attract the general attention, radiate power and influence and everybody instantly knows they are Very Important Persons. They have charisma,
a mystery!
I remember that at the Minsk 1994 meeting organized by my dear friend Hal Fox, I have met three such special people:
- Amory Lovins from USA - it is so bad he is not in the pro-LENR camp!
-Hideo Kozima from Japan who later visited us and we are life-time friends,
- Nikolai Samsonenko- a bright physicist from Moscow,  high caliber scientist

Now it is a very pleasant surprise to see that Nikolai is the organizer and and one of the speakers at a new LENR seminar for January 29 this year
for Cold fusion and globular lightnings at the People's Friendship Russian University  (more data here 

There will be two presentations:
N.V. Samsonenko: "The Hydrino- a short presentation"
V.G. Parkhomov: " Refining the data for the analog of Rossi' high temperature device"

For the first, I am really curious to know what has concluded (or not) the author regarding the viability and future of Randy Mills's technology in development- I reckon that I am undecided but hopeful.

Parkhomov's new presentation, 2 days after the former one at VNIIAES is very important. I hope Alexander Parkhomov will get all the necessary support from the local authorities and from our community. Starting with the simplest question- how can he organize a continuous long time  experiment a la Lugano- he works at a university not at a research  institute. and, for example isotopic shifts, nucleosynthesis whatever happen, become measurable so ...incrementally! 

Good old times... Minsk 1994... do you know:
Cold Fusion Source Book, Hal Fox

At page 86 it is my paper: "Cold Fusion, a logical network approach"
This "logical approach' is actually a desire for consistent results. If you have time, please read it, see what I have thought then about catalysis-
in extended sense. The keyword, then and now too was/is cooperation- see in which senses.

Has Andrea Rossi read this?
Inventors choose to reveal their secret sauce before patent approval

An other group, Italian anonymous, company name SPAZIONICA trying to reproduce
the Hot Cat:
Too sketchy for the time given.

So much for now, perhaps the events will motivate me to write a second post this evening


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