Friday, January 23, 2015


MOTTO (kind of)

To the star that now appears
Is there such a long extend,
Hence so many and long years
Real light needed to land.....

The icon of the star that died
Smoothly is rising in the air;
It was when wasn’t in the sight,
Now shines, but not is there.

This sounds much better in Romanian, it  is the poem "To the star" in 4 stanzas by the Romania's national poet, Mihai Eminescu who complains here. He deeply is discontented because:

The light travels thousands of years from a star we see now, so we have no guarantee that what we see was not destroyed in meantime;so we are misinformed by the retarded image. Eventually he connects this with his own love life (he suffers for love affairs already gone)- but this has nothing to do with this essay about the Time Factor.

Original text and English translation (one of many) is here:

As Freeman Dyson said it and I too, quite independently, "this (our Universe is the most interesting from all the possible Universes". About this philosophy I wrote a lot in this blog - but see the first part of

However we have to pay a very high and painful price for the infinite interestingness of our world- the difficult and SLOW cognoscibility of the World. And this has a basic root cause- in our Universe the speed of light is unbearably low if analysed objectively in comparison to the huge interstellar distances. Re-read please the Motto poem.The speed of light is the maximum speed of information of matter of anything, except imagination and wishful thinking. We are sentenced to live in a slow Universe. Sometimes it happens that some very human issues get this illness from the Universe and are developing very slowly or not all- e.g. ethical intelligence

Very unfortunately for us, LENR is a slow developing scientific-technological issue, I will not debate about this but I want ardently to change it, I want to see LENR accelerated.
Now I will give only one very recent example of slowness in LENR+ land.
As you know, Andrea Rossi and Industrial Heat have sold one 1MW plant to a customer (who knows what's with the very first carried away by the legendary colonel Domenico Fioravanti in October 2011?). The new !MW plant will be tested for an entire year before the supporters of LENR get some relevant data. Why this terrible excess of "festina lente"?  My guess is that  each month the client reports to IH :"the plant has produced N MWhours and has consumed M MWhours , after two-three months you know the situation and can compare it with the expectations and with the competition.  But what we get is:

Andrea Rossi- real data will be furnished when the test is over (in Italian)

Is this not too slow? It would be unfair to expect high COP's from this pioneer pilot plant, but why keep the results so secret?

NEWS or new ideas for today

1)Thoughts on LENR Rollout (Omega Z)

2)Vox populi, vox dei (the voice of people is the voice of the gods):
In  a Hungarian newspaper, a comment re the future evolution of the price of gas, a anonymous says:  " further, it is already certain the breakthrough for the LENR technologies which will replace stepwise the fossil energy sources"

3)News Portal:

The News Portal of Dr.Bob's website is fast and does a thorough job, no wonder that the Russian site- Cold Nuclear Transmutations and Ball Lightning has made a link to it 
I like the LENR-Forum

4) great news!
The Indian scientific journal - CURRENT SCIENCE latest issue has a special section for LENR, excellent papers:

For those who like fast information, here is the list, two clicks earlier: 
  • Z. M. Dong, C. L. Liang and X. Z. Li

5)This can be good news, even if still not quantitative:

More later or tomorrow- I want to publish this fast.



  1. I am always especially excited to see a laser based experiment that produces highly reproducible LENR active results. As Peter points out in this thread, these results are described in this experimental series referenced in the paper as follows:

    Highly reproducible LENR experiments using dual laser stimulation,

    When light is made to trigger positive LENR results, the LENR mechanism is strictly Nanoplasmonic in nature.

    In 2002, Peter Hagelstein suggested that dual (red) lasers might be effective in triggering excess power if operated in difference mode around 8 and 15 THz.

    I wonder why this theory wasn't developed further when the series of nanoplasmonic experiments showed consistent reproducible results.

    If the nanoplasmonic trail was followed and developed further, if this new field of study in science was not identified and studied further, this shows a serious lack of problem solving technique on the part of leading LENR theorists.

    Its only common sense...when we smell smoke in a house, you go from room to room looking for the source. In scattered brain distraction, we don't decide to take a walk in the woods because its a sunny day.

    Repeatable positive LENR experimental results are so rare and precious, not even one can be ignored, everyone must be doggedly studied, with its theoretical implications correlated relentlessly and tirelessly leading to new experimental tests until the root of LENR causation is found.

    This lack of concentration on positive results is at the root of LENR's theoretical failures.

    Which method of proper thought that Peter teaches here on EgoOut covers this this failure in LENR theoretical thinking technique.

  2. Reference:
    Microbial transmutation of Cs-137 and LENR in growing biological systems

    V. I. Vysotskii and A. A. Kornilova

    There has been a long tradition of detecting LENR activity using changes in the radiation output and change of radioactive isotope half-life in LENR experimentation as an indicator of positive LENR activity over the decades mostly used by Russian LENR researchers.

    This LENR detection technique is more sensitive and less complicated than the rigmarole that one must go through to show positive LENR activity using excess heat.

    I suggest that the upcoming MFMP Hot Cat and Piantelli replications add a radioactive tracer to the fuel load so that a safe level of radioactive tracer radiation is detected just outside of the reactor structure. When the level of radiation falls, LENR is active.

    It has recently been suggested that relativistic time dilatation regarding subatomic particles plays a role in the LENR process. If true, this would lead to a reduction of radiation levels produced by the radioactive isotope tracer when the LENR process is active. This is a tried and true experimental method to detect LENR activity. This LENR detection indicator will be a more sensitive indicator to use in detecting very weak LENR activity than will excess heat detection.