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APR 12. 2017 LENR INFO


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56 years ago Yuri Gagarin made his historical first space flight, that despite any political implications remains a triumphal event for Humanity.
In the same day I made a long trip by train returning in my native town Timisoara
in order to start my career at the Polytechnic as kind of research assistant with the mission to promote and advance the introduction of plastics in the  Romanian building industry. 
Seven years later Gagarin died in a MIG crash
Seven months later I was already working in a macaroni fabric in 3 shifts, because
I was excluded from the Polytechnic due to bad social origin - aggravating factor being that I was unable to replace more than 20% in weight of sand in mortars
with flying ash and I have explained to the Professor with documents why this is so, scientifically- technically forgetting he was omniscient.. The Party wanted to find a use for the fly ash and has asked 50% of the sand replaced. OK, old times, nasty times but at least later i have worked and lived in (relatively) interesting places in our- now deceased, Chemical Industry.
Looking back I think that a typical university hierarchy climbing career was not made for me. I am not looking back in anger- no I enjoyed my tasks and problems and I met Cold Fusion as soon it appeared and i will follow it till I will disappear.


1) From the Miami Court Pacermonitor re the Rossi vs Darden litigation

Tuesday, April 11, 2017
254 respm Reply to Response to Motion Tue 7:26 PM 
REPLY to Response to Motion re214 Plaintiff's MOTION for Partial Summary Judgment filed by Leonardo Corporation, Andrea Rossi.(Annesser, John)
Att: 1  Exhibit A,
Att: 2  Exhibit B,
Att: 3  Exhibit C,
Att: 4  Exhibit D,
Att: 5  Exhibit E,
Att: 6  Exhibit F
253 respm Reply to Response to Motion Tue 5:32 PM 
REPLY to Response to Motion re203 MOTION for Summary Judgment Related [+]Reply to Plaintiffs' Opposition to Defendants' Motion for Summary Judgment filed by Cherokee Investment Partners, LLC, Thomas Darden, IPH International B.V., Industrial Heat, LLC, John T. Vaughn.(Handelson, Erika)
Att: 1  Exhibit 1,
Att: 2  Exhibit 2,
Att: 3  Exhibit 3

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  2. Comment from Ecat World

    Engineer 48
    Got it figured out. How Rossi got rid of the 1MW of heat. All thanks to Smith and past images of the tree, that has been removed, which was in front of the Northern most set of 4 windows. Exhaust heat stressed the tree. Clear to see from Google Street images & Smith's tree image. Eventually it suffered too much heat stress & was cut down. Believe may ever be able to see the exhaust end of the heat exchanger through the window.