Monday, April 24, 2017

A Manager’s Mirror, Episode V

Bridge the gap between formal and informal
by Georgina Popescu

In most organisations the formal hierarchies and processes co-exist with an almost parallel universe, conventionally called informal structure.

The most adaptable recognize and strive to understand this reality and its effects on business. Then periodically bridge the gap – either by incorporating clever informal ways of doing things into the formal processes or by adjusting the formal controls in a way to prevent further spread of unhealthy informal practice.

In terms of people, the ‘soft’ skills that enable communication and managerial effectiveness are unevenly distributed among the formal and informal hierarchies.

In my view, a successful manager has a third eye that enables him/her to see through respective universe and thus steer in the right direction for the benefit of the working environment.

I see the measure of success as being able to bring together the best from both sides, by designing a formal frame that fits both theory (technical, legal, moral, regulatory compliance and industry standards) and practice (experience and wisdom from the informal world). At the same time, it means ensuring motivation and empowerment to those informal leaders which can become constructive enablers, while weeding out the unjustified resistance fighters that may compromise beneficial strategic change.

Each organization and manager has to find their own way in bridging this gap, with only one universal solution: common sense!

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  1. Dear Georgina,

    Common sense dictates our everyday behavior. Thus, unfortunately, it does not reflect the facts.