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IH is trying hard (must do it!) to drown the ERV Report, but I predict- it, will fail.


In the Middle--East European area it is well known a curse used fir somebody you are very angry with or straightly hate: "I would gladly drown him/her in a teaspoonful of water" Drowning, combined with such a small quantity of water to be used as site, medium of the drowning action, is really terrifying. 
Strangely enough exactly this is what Industrial Heat and partners has to and tries to do with the ERV report that demonstrates quantitatively that the 1 year Test at the Doral Plant has worked and implicitly that the axiom of the IH party :"No excess het, never!" is false.
This is what the second expert hired by IH, Rick A. Smith tries both symbolically
But first about the expert and his credentials.  A friend who is very dedicated to IH but a very nice decent person wrote me: "keep in mind that Mr. Smith has been doing this type of work for decades and has developed enough credibility to serve in our judicial system as an expert witness"
Yes, Smith has worked with steam, knows a lot of things however in this case his expertise is not relevant from an obvious reason: during his remarkable career Smith  his positive achievements were with solvable problems; invalidating the ERV Report is a different kind- IMPOSSIBLE  problem, an impossible task. The greatness of a true expert can be seen by his approach to impossible problems. Add to this as aggravating factors that Smith results to be a decent boiler expert, with clear pedagogical talents and paternalistic behaviours- however critically lacking knowledge of nuclear physics. From [3] results that he refused to read the instructions for the generator (E-Cats) part of the plan saying these could be fraudulent- however based on what he thinks is true about the pumps used there has pontificated that there cannot be a total flow of water as high as he measured 1500 kg/hr.
But his main thesis refers to steam there cannot flow steam from the generator to the JMPlant because there is no pressure difference- atmospheric pressure at the outlet of steam and and atmospheric  pressure at the end of the circuit - the condens reservoir. He wants to drown the entire circuit in water no steam admitted!  He ignores that underway many things happen and the values of pressure are variable. The steam goes to the JMP Plant where it is condensed and and, being 
given that the density of steam is some 0.6 kg/cu.m while water is almost 1000kg/cu.m- a lot of "negative" pressure - the necessary pressure difference appears.

(NOTE- when writing this I have remembered suddenly the physical pain of such a pressure difference during a medical treatment - alternative to leeches which was tried on me by a girl-friend in 1960 when i had a terrible cold: medical suction cups, see e.g.:

Short description: cupping, your therapist will put a flammable substance such as alcohol, herbs, or paper in a cup and set it on fire. As the fire goes out, he puts the cup upside down on your skin.

As the air inside the cup cools, it creates a vacuum. This causes your skin to rise and redden as your blood vessels expand. The cup is generally left in place for up to 3 minutes.
Chinese doctors have discovered many centuries ago the beneficial effects of this 

blood coagulates.)

You can feel the force of vacuum, and Smith can say what he wishes, condensing steam creates the dynamism of the system, the suction in it- as the cups.. The generators deliver steam at 103-104 C. After condensation and cooling (in the frame of the litigation Rossi will tell exactly how) the condens is returned to the Leonardo plant. It flows through the famous flowmeter and on that point the pressure must be at least at 0.3 bars over atmospheric pressure according to the instructions of he manufacturer.Then the condens goes into the reservoir which feeds the pumps of the E-Cats.

Basic referencess
[1] 0214.28_Exhibit_28 Deposition of Smith- plant deficient
[2] 0235.10_Exhibit_10 Smith supplemental report 
[3] 0235.13_Exhibit_13 Deposition of Smith
[4] Critique of the Smith Report from the JONP

(To be continued) 


1) New THREAD at LENR Forum- by AXIL
The process by which the proton decays in LENR

2) New THREAD at LENR Forum by Simon Brink
New Meson Based Atomic Model

3) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

April 9, 2017 at 6:18 AM

I totally agree with your comment. By the way, another thing that appears evident about the “expertise” of Mr Smith is that he talks of a plant he does not know: the sole serious phrase of his texts is where he says that he never saw the plant. For example, the diameters of the steam pipes are totally different from reality, as we can see from the depositions of Dr Andrea Rossi.
All the best,

April 9, 2017 at 8:29 AM

About the comment of DT:
the “tone” of Smith’s expertise disturbed me. It seems highly prejudicial and unprofessional. Especially for someone alleged to have 40 years of experience.
Best Regards,

4) Video by Dmitri Chukichev
Cold fusion. Hydrogen- nuclear reactor of the size of a lighter. Rossi's generator.
Холодный синтез. Водородно-ядерный реактор размером с зажигалку. Генератор Росси.



2) Scientists further understanding of a process that causes heat loss in fusion devices
Date:April 6, 2017Source:DOE/Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
In the past year, scientists have made important advances in understanding secondary electron emission.

3) The story of technology



    Physicists have observed spontaneous symmetry breaking in an optical microcavity, they have demonstrated experimentally the emergence of spontaneous symmetry breaking in an ultrahigh-Q whispering-gallery microresonator. The Optical whispering gallery (WGW) microcavity is the structural form that the Surface Plasmon Polariton assumed in LENR. . These whispering gallery modes are analogous to the acoustic resonances in the whispering gallery in St. Paul Cathedral in London.

    A critical clue to the role of symmetry breaking in LENR is the observation that the application of an electrostatic field catalyzes spontaneous symmetry breaking in the WGW via the Kerr effect.

    The application of an electrostatic field has been listed as a trigger of the LENR reaction in Rossi's patent. When this electrostatic field is applied, the WGW produces symmetry breaking which induces a energy transfer between a proton and a simultaneous decay in that proton via a symmetry breaking based entangled interface.

  2. Quoted from the lead article and referring to the necessary qualifications for an expert to determine whether or not the 1 megawatt plant produced 1 megawatt of energy;-

    "- however critically lacking knowledge of nuclear physics."

    This is a criticism we hear often and it's a matter of complete irrelevance to the point now being contested, which is, was 1 megawatt of steam heat energy being produced or not? For that question to be accurately resolved you need an expert in steam energy, not an expert in nuclear physics.
    You would only need an expert in nuclear physics if you were saying that steam produced by a LENR process was somehow different to steam produced by any other method.
    Is anyone claiming that it is?
    Well, maybe they are because it seems that 1 megawatt of steam produced by LENR in a sealed building can disappear without trace. Now, that is something that normal steam certainly cannot do.
    An simple analogy would be, if a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat, would a vet be an appropriate person to determine whether the rabbit was real or not, or would you need someone skilled in the art of magic? I think a vet would be the better choice.
    So, in the case of the supposed 1 megawatt of steam, I think a steam engineer is what is needed and his knowledge of nuclear physics is totally irrelevant.
    Why is anyone making such a fuss about this?
    Is it because that is all they've got left?
    Well, now that it is known there is no real customer, no real UK parent company, no secret manufacturing process, and no real product being made, and no evidence of any method to dispose of the supposed 1 megawatt of heat from the building, I suppose the range of remaining straws to grasp at is now very limited.

  3. There is an unending supply of excuses. When Rossi loses the suit it will be: THE POWERS THAT BE INTERFERED. Or perhaps alien abductions played a role.

    1. Excuses for what?
      The verdict will come in ime And if IH will loe, what
      will you say?

    2. Pete, The court is deciding a commercial issue, while most of us are arguing a technical issue. Thus it is slightly possible that Mr Rossi could be successful. If IH loses, it will be because Mr Rossi has succeeded in focusing the courts attention on the particular commercial details of the supposed Guaranteed Performance Test which he had written into the agreement, rather than all the circumstances surrounding this test which, now that they are known, show that the whole performance was a sham. Most people knew that before the test even started but recent revelations by way of the provided depositions have confirmed it.
      However, sometimes it does happen in cases like this, a court can make a judgment on a detail and ignore what the overall situation makes clear by a matter of common sense. You, above all people, coming from the background which you have described, would be aware of this. The old Eastern Block countries were experts in this and used it to excuse those who flagrantly broke the law while pronouncing guilty, those whose only crime was to say a word wrong.

      So, in answer to the above question, "The verdict will come in time And if IH will lose, what
      will you say?"
      I will say, He was incredibly lucky to find a court so easily duped, because even as a commercial matter, there are serious faults in the whole supposed 'Guaranteed Performance Test' argument.

      Since the case is being heard in the USA, I would have to add that this outcome has a very low probability. But then so is winning the lottery and someone wins the lottery every week.
      I will also add, that in the event Mr Rossi does win his case, due to everything that is now known about it, his win will not alter my lack of belief in his amazing e-cat one little bit.
      I firmly believe it does not work, regardless of what a court decides regarding this last secret performance.