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Perhaps we all will need them, once or more times:
15 Inspiring Quotes About Never Giving Up
Good weekend lecture anyway.


It is weekend- diligently reading the many Exhibits at the RvD litigation, however 
the action du jour is the Rick A. Smith expertise that has the the strength and permanence of a Snowman in Congo in mid-August.. Remember cobbler to keep to your leather, no, in this case your boiler...
It is weekend and I could enjoy it intellectually due to paper No 1) perhaps the best thinking exercise ever about LENR theories, going much beyond a review of ICCF-20. Thanks, dear David Nagel! You have made infinite Energy no 132 -great and I dare to say, despite everything-optimistic, LENR has a future! 


1) David J. Nagel
20th International Conference on Condensed Matter Science
Part 2:Theory and Other Topics

2) Fundamental of Rate Theory for CMNS
Akito Takahashi Technova Inc. and Osaka University, Osaka, Japan 
The condensed matter nuclear reactions (CMNR) are thought to happen for trapped H(D) particles within some chemical (electro-magnetic) potential well with finite life time. As the life time is much longer than the collision time of two-body interaction of free particles, CMNR reaction rates are significantly (on the order of 19-20 in magnitude) enhanced if we compare with estimated reactions rates by the two-body collision formula. The basis of CMNR rate theory is reviewed in this paper by extracting essence of the TSC theory tools developed until now. Derivation of Fermi’s golden rule with nuclear optical potential, rate formulas by Born-Oppenheimer wave function separation, estimation of bracket integral of inter-nuclear strong interaction rate, estimation of time dependent barrier penetration probability by the HMEQPET method for dynamic D(H)-cluster condensation/collapse process, and DD fusion power levels as functions of inter-nuclear d-d distance and effective existing (life) time are given. A DD fusion power level of 10 kW/mol-dd-pairs is possible for a 1 pm inter-nuclear d-d distance with 10 ato-seconds life time. The level of 2.8 nano-mol 4D/TSC formations/sec may release 10 kW neutron-free heat-power with 4He ash. Keywords: condensed matter nuclear reaction, trapped D(H) particles, finite life time, enhanced fusion rate, Fermi’s golden rule, time-dependent barrier factor, 1pm d-d distance, 10 kW heat power 

3) New THREAD on the LENR Forum
High power short pulse generator for LENR experiments

4) The Dark side of Gravity vs MOND/DM 
Frederic Henry-Couannier Aix-Marseille Univ, CPPM 163 Avenue De Luminy 13009 Marseille, France 
This article continues the exploration of the Dark Gravity Theory which foundations and some consequences we have detailed in two previous articles. 
Keywords: Anti-gravity, Janus Field, Negative energies, Time Reversal, Field Di

5) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

A Russian reader about the "expertise" by Dick Smith

Dr Andrea Rossi:
Surely you have realized that the “expertise” of Mr Smith, super-expert-consultant of IH in the litigation, is a fraud. It is totally based on two issues, both wrong:
1- he says that a COP higher than 1 is against the principles of thermodynamic
2- he says the pumps of the E-Cats had a flow rate of 36 liters per hour and gives evidence of this fact by a photo of the label of a Prominent pump installed on the E-Cat.
As a matter of fact, the cases can only be two: either Mr Smith is not an expert, and in this case the issue is over, or he is giving voluntary false information in change of money. In fact, it is impossible that an expert ignores that:
1- the thermodynamic principles must be applied to a specific system and in the case of the E-Cat the system is nuclear, not chemical, therefore it is possible that the COP is higher than one, because the chemical energy at the input induces nuclear energy: the three thermodynamic principles are fully respected because of the Einstein equation.
2- the Prominent pump , as every pump, has a flow rate that is in function of the hydraulic pressure: Mr Smith has hidden to the readers the fact that in the same photo that he reports in his “expertise” is clearly written that the pressure is 2 Bar at the flow of 36 liters per hour !!! Obviously if the pressure is lower, the flow rate increases. I have personally used that model of Prominent pump and at a pressure of 0.2 Bars its flow rate is about 90 liters per hour. If we look well the photo of the pumps system of the E-Cat we can see that the pumps have to raise the water of few tens of centimeters, while 2 Bars + 20 meters !!!! At a rate of 90 liters per hour, the maximum flow rate of all the pumps combined is well above the 1,600 liters per hour necessary to the E-Cat to reach a rate of about 1 MW.
Not to mention other enormous errors, like for example the fact that the superheating of the steam must be made as he says: this guy does not even know how boilers work, or, most likely, lies in change of money.
Besides, somebody has to explain to him that the steam at 103 Celsius at room P is dry by physics laws. Plus, in the documents published by the Court is clearly described that along the steam line there was a trap to check if water was contained in the steam.
HMr Smith’s “expertise” is based upon his assumptions, with schematics he invented on the base of fake information, like the flow rate of the Prominent pumps.
Conclusion: the “expertise” of Mr Smith is a bogus and Mr Smith is a prostitute that exposes himself to ridiculous errors in change, as he himself writes, of about 300 $ per hour.
If this is your foe, dear Andrea, you will destroy them also from the hospital, even if you remain asleep.
From Russia, with love,

Andrea Rossi
April 8, 2017 at 9:40 AM

I cannot comment on issues that have to be discussed in Court.
Warm Regards,

5a) See please this discussed at:
Critique of the Smith Report from the JONP

6) COLDFUSIONCONNECTIONS- Latest Feeds by Doktor Bob

7)Updates from the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project


One of the cornerstone assumptions that underpin the understanding of LENR is that the fundamental forces of nature are not really fundamental but emergent from more basic structures of reality. Because the strong and the weak force depend on other more fundamental aspects of reality, if those more basic aspects change, so can the way that these forces of nature that depend on these aspects can be made to change.

This realization that the forces of nature can change when the causation changes is what understanding LENR is all about.

If one of these forces is shown to emerge from the basic structure of the universe, then the other forces are also likely to emerge in the same way. In this light, the work of Erik Verlinde explains in a new video, his alternative theory about gravity. Verlinde presents gravity as an emergent phenomenon. This means that at the very smallest scale gravity does not exist. It is a consequence of the distribution of information in the universe, which manifests at a larger scale.

Abstract by Erik Verlinde: Logically speaking the observed deviations from the laws of gravity of Newton and Einstein in galaxies and clusters can be either due to the presence of unseen dark matter particles or due to a change in the way gravity works in these situations. Until recently there appeared to be no reason to doubt that general relativity correctly describes gravity in all circumstances. In the last few year insights from black hole physics and string theory have led to important theoretical advances in our understanding of gravity. A new theoretical framework is being developed in which the gravitational laws are derived as emerging from changes in the quantum entanglement of the microscopic information that is underlying space-time. I will make clear that this new theory of emergent gravity provides a conceptual explanation for why general relativity receives modifications in galaxies and clusters. I will present a quantitative estimate of these modifications and show that these agree with the observed phenomena currently attributed to dark matter.

In like fashion, the strong and the weak force might also be derived as emerging from changes in the quantum entanglement of the microscopic information that is underlying space-time.

For more information, see



LENR+ is supercharged LENR
Supercharged Photosynthesis
Advanced genetic tools could help boost crop yields and feed billions more people

A beginner’s guide to the debate over 100% renewable energy


  1. Post 1 of 2

    The process by which the proton decays in LENR.

    Some esoteric process is causing the proton to decay in LENR. This process is the root source for the production of energy and sub atomic particles in LENR.

    Whatever is causing the proton to decay into strange matter is a new unrecognized if not unknown process in physics. This cause is not part of current standard model theory. This makes LENR theory doubly hard and mysterious. Not only do we need to explain the characteristics of LENR, but also LENR thinking gets involved in unrecognized physics that is itself ill-defined and speculative and rooted in solving the hardest and still unexplained issues in physics. As we go through this string of dots, you will get a feel for why LENR theory will not be fully understood for another century.

    Gathering the dots together.

    Before we attempt to connect the dots relegated to proton decay, we must define them and gather them together.

    Solving the Riemann hypothesis

    In mathematics, the Riemann hypothesis is a conjecture that the Riemann zeta function has its zeros only at the negative even integers and complex numbers with real part 1/2. It was proposed by Bernhard Riemann, after whom it is named. The name is also used for some closely related analogues, such as the Riemann hypothesis for curves over finite fields.

    The Riemann hypothesis implies results about the distribution of prime numbers. Along with suitable generalizations, some mathematicians consider it the most important unresolved problem in pure mathematics.

    The complex number system on which this conjecture is based was thought to have no meaning or application to any physical property in reality. But this feeling has turned out to be wrong.

    In 1999, it was suggested by David Hilbert and George PĆ³lya that in the nontrivial zeros form a set of real and discrete numbers in the Riemann zeta function are just like the eigenvalues of another function called a differential operator, which is widely used in physics.

    This special newly discovered operator has close ties with quantum physics. The special operator in quantum physics is not Parity / Time (PT) symmetric in the complex number domain. If it can be shown that the PT symmetry is broken for the imaginary part of the operator, then it would follow that the eigenvalues are all real numbers, which would finally constitute the long-awaited proof of the Riemann hypothesis.

    One of the pivotal dots to be connected in proton decay is Parity / Time (PT) symmetry breaking.

    PT-symmetric quantum mechanics is an extension of conventional quantum mechanics into the complex domain. (PT symmetry is not in conflict with conventional quantum theory but is merely a complex generalization of it.) PT-symmetric quantum mechanics was originally considered to be an interesting mathematical discovery but with little or no hope of practical application, but beginning in 2007 it became a hot area of experimental physics.

  2. Post 2 0f 2

    The connection between PT symmetry, LENR, Proton decay is whispering gallery waves.

    Because of their complex number based quantum behavior, whispering gallery waves (WGW) have mysterious properties that are seen in LENR. In whispering gallery waves, the complex number system relates to the index of refraction of the light contained in WGW type of the optical cavity. When two WGWs are near each other, there is a one way flow of energy between them and a translation of frequencies associated with that transfer. This energy extraction process is unleashed by PT symmetry breaking and the decay that this symmetry breaking produces.

    The WGW is the structure that gives form to the Surface Plasmon Polariton. Via the SPP, the energy extraction process whereby the WPW pulls energy out of the proton includes a PT symmetry breaking process. This PT symmetry breaking frees the energy content of the proton as SPP breaks the PT symmetry that keeps the protons or neutrons from decaying.

    The color force and proton stability is based on maintaining CPT stability. Here are some old posts that explain this behavior of the color force: