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The Sssamurai- that is 'stupidly stubborn samurai' would rather commit seppuku than accepting that he erred.


The first 27 years of LENR history have donated me a treasure of many wonderful good friends whom I owe eternal gratitude.. 

The last year has surprisingly added to this a few individuals who became my enemies, they have taught me what is anger, and, horribile dictu! even hatred. People who obviously try to dominate, to impose their ideas, who consider that having opinions different from theirs is a sign of insanity- in the best case of deep and incurable stupidity, who fiercely attack you if you do not swallow immediately their fantastic, unbelievable fabricated "truths" and who are always ready to assassinate characters. More than rude...Just I stated that the long time practice of character assassination inexorably becomes character suicide, a self-destructive habit. Corruption would be a nice explanation- alone, however these individuals enjoy hurting and offending those who disagree with them. Or, even worse who do not believe their stories, as told.
Enough of that for today,- it is sad and does a lot of harm to LENR. 


1) From the Miami Court Pacermonitor about the Rossi vs Darden litigation

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
256 respm Reply to Response to Motion Wed 11:01 PM 
REPLY to Response to Motion re203 MOTION for Summary Judgment Related [+] as to Third-Party Defendants filed by IPH International B.V.(a Netherlands company), Industrial Heat, LLC(a Delaware limited liabililty company).(Mastrucci, Christina)
Att: 1  Exhibit 1,
Att: 2  Exhibit 2,
Att: 3  Exhibit 3,
Att: 4  Exhibit 4,
Att: 5  Exhibit 5,
Att: 6  Exhibit 6,
Att: 7  Exhibit 7
255 respm Reply to Response to Motion Wed 8:33 PM 
REPLY to Response to Motion re242 Joint MOTION for Summary Judgment Combined Motion for Partial Summary Judgment filed by James A. Bass, Fulvio Fabiani, J.Mroducts, Inc., Henry Johnson, United States Quantum Leap, LLC. (Nunez, Rodolfo)
You can access them from here- thanks to Uwe Doms

2) About our venerable Cold Fusion scientist from India
Krityunjai Prasad Sinha

3) LENR and if the fundamental forces are "adaptable"?
LENR - Axil: e se le forze fondamentali fossero "adattabili"

4) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

in the report of the “superexpert” of IH, better known as Mr Smith, there is another pearl: before, in other reports of him and the other “superexpert Murray, they said the flowmeter was fake, that the amount of water was minimal, etc etc…now, with a dramatic “u” turn, Mr Smith writes that he has discovered that there was a water pump able to pump the amount od water to reach 1 MW. But, at the same time, he says that in this case the circuit is very restricted and limited to several tens of feet, and makes a sketch of how the circuit “should be”: but if it was true, and if in the plant of JM there was not work going on, which is the base of IH conjectures, alors the steam could never condensate, because there was not room for that and this fact is in contradiction with the other assumption of both these “superexperts”, which is that there was not steam but only hot water: this is impossible, because , as low as the power might be, recirculating the water acrodd so few meters of pipes without heat exchange, the water unavoidably sooner or later becomes steam. I agree with you: either the two “superexperts” of IH are completely inexpert of the matter, or they pretend to be stupid to try to manipulate the non expert audience. In conclusion: either Mr Murray and Mr Smith made voluntarily fraudolent reports, or they are basically ignorant of the matter.
All the best,

5) A book in Russian 
A.I. Gnevko, S.N. Solovov, V.A, Yakushenko
About the construction of a Theory of Everything based on the similarity of behavior
of physical vacuum and of solid state matter.

6) New THREAD at LENR Forum 
 Surprising Energy From gases after an electrical discharge....1946

7) New Brilliant Light Power USPTO Patent Application
by Lou Pagnucco
United States Patent Application -- 20170104426 -- April 13, 2017

Abstract -- 
A solid or liquid fuel to plasma to electricity power source that provides at leas; one of electrical and thermal power comprising (i) at least one reaction cell for the catalysis of atomic hydrogen to form hydrinos, (ii) a chemical feel mixture comprising at least two components chosen from: a source of H.sub.2O catalyst or H.sub.2O catalyst; a source of atomic hydrogen or atomic hydrogen; reactants to form the source of H.sub.2O catalyst or H.sub.2O catalyst and a source of atomic hydrogen or atomic hydrogen; and a material to cause the feel to be highly conductive, (iii) a fuel injection system such as a railgun shot injector, (iv) at least one set of electrodes that confine the fuel and an electrical power source that provides repetitive short bursts of low-voltage, high-current electrical energy to initiate rapid kinetics of the hydrino reaction and an energy gain due to forming hydrinos to torn! a brilliant-light emitting plasma, (v) a product recovery system such as at least one of an augmented plasma railgun recovery system and a gravity recovery system (vi) a fuel pelletizer or shot maker comprising a s me Her. a source or hydrogen and a source of H.sub.2O, a dripper and a water bath to form fuel pellets or shot, and an agitator to teed shot into the injector, and (vii) a power converter capable of converting the high-power light output of the cell into electricity such as a concentrated solar power device comprising a plurality of ultraviolet (UV) photoelectric cells or a plurality of photoelectric cells, and a UV window.…0104426&RS=DN/20170104426


1) Opinion: Quantum solutions for a sustainable energy future
Johannes M. Dieterich& Emily A. Carter
Nature Reviews Chemistry 1, Article number: 0032 (2017)
Renewable energy
Theoretical chemistry
Published online:05 April 2017
Humanity's technological, economic and societal progress since the onset of the industrial revolution has left us facing one of the greatest challenges in history, as well as the tools to solve it: how to power our world sustainably while minimizing environmental harm. In this Perspective, we highlight the important role that quantum chemistry has in sustainable energy research and our vision of its future impact. Important technical problems in the field of sustainable energy and their potential quantum solutions are covered. The development of advanced quantum mechanical methods, which can be combined with other simulation tools, affords insights that will help to secure our energy and environmental future.

Technology has forever changed our creative thinking. Here's how to take it back.

2) The voice of Cold fusion's arch-enemy
The Future Of Energy Isn’t Fossil Fuels Or Renewables, It’s Nuclear Fusion (Synopsis)



  1. Alternative American News Feeds - ahead of mainstream media sources

  2. If LENR doesn't yield something substantive within a couple of years, the world will commit an atomic sepukku.

  3. Re Point 4. above where it states;-

    "this is impossible, because , as low as the power might be, recirculating the water across so few meters of pipes without heat exchange, the water unavoidably sooner or later becomes steam."

    That is true, but it keeps avoiding the most critical point, and that is, no matter where the steam eventually condenses back to water, it is still inside the building, and that heat has to be removed from the building somehow.
    We are talking about 1 megawatt of heat energy, or thereabouts.
    In case the magnitude of this is not realized, it is the same heat being dissipated as having 1,000 (one thousand) of one kilowatt electric bar radiators distributed around the room, all radiating one kilowatt of heat into the mostly sealed building.
    You cannot dispose of this much heat by opening a window and hoping it will simply blow out the window, even with the assistance of a fan, because it will not.
    Likewise, you cannot simply open a door and hope it will all drift out the door, because it will not.
    To claim that this supposed one megawatt heat was disposed of through normal ceiling ventilation, or an open window or door, is laughable.
    One megawatt would require at least one or more seriously large and noisy high volume fans extracting the entire air contents of the building every five minutes for it to remain habitable. Such a device would be noticeable to any and all who passed by.
    All the discussion of steam condensing in pipes here or there, and whether windows were open or closed, is nothing more than arguing about whether the magicians coat was black or dark brown, when it is clear it makes no difference to the whether the one megawatt was real or not. If it was real it had to go somewhere, and so far the explanations of where it went are very unconvincing.
    In short, a magic trick was performed and if you believe in magic then all is ok.
    But if you do not believe in magic then the explanations do not stack up.

    What would have changed this was a real customer producing a real product requiring lots of real heat energy, joyfully proclaiming the success of a one year independent third party test of the biggest thing since the invention of the wheel. That's what the loyal followers were hoping for and expecting. (read the posts on ECW)
    But what did we get and how close is the present reality to all that was expected?
    It must be obvious that the present reality is very far from what the supporters had been expecting, and yet incredibly close to what the doubters were expecting.

    Even now, the inventor could prove his point by an independent and reputable third party test by a recognized institution, of just one single e-cat unit. Have them publish the results and public opinion would change in a day.
    But what do we get?
    More year long delays waiting for a new and even more amazing magic trick, to be performed at some time in the indefinite future, and which will also certainly remain unverified.
    Don't worry about the 1 megawatt plant. We've now got the amazing 20 watt Quackecat X.

    My advice;
    If any of it is real, get it verified by someone reputable. (And Penon is not that person.)

  4. Why do you consistently eliminate my comments while allowing A.R. to use sock puppets every day?

    1. I have not eliminated any comments it must be some error.
      i like your predictions.

  5. Dear Peter,

    How did you get information on the Wikipedia article on KP. It is very well done with only a couple mistakes.

    I will plan to 'talk' with the creator of the article to see why he has not included KPs work over the last 18 years in CF.


    1. Dear Andrew,

      Thanks for your attention; I would be enchanted to publish more about this admirable Scientist.