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And Hope for a LENR based Future?

(Quotes by this author- inspired by Maria Popova's newsletter  Brain Pickings) 


The ERV Report is solid and the IH supporters present theory that the instrumentaion ws so poor that the results have no value   is decomposing in the accelerated mode.

Coming week- new developments; I hope discussions about high te,mperature PdD with Vitalii Kirkinskii...and surprises.


1) New THREAD on LENR forum: IH funding many LENR research

2) A Great personality- of Electrochemistry and Cold Fusion John Bockris

3) Interesting developments in this THREAD

4) From Andrea Rossi's JONP
Tom Conover
April 1, 2017 at 6:04 PM

Dear Andrea,

I was trying to ask again when the demo might be, even though you have clearly said that after Sigma 5 production will begin. I misunderstood your humorous invitation for me to change the range. My apology to the group.


Andrea Rossi
April 1, 2017 at 7:19 PM

Tom Conover:
Surely after the end of the litigation. Before I cannot reduce the focus on this war and start another extremely important front. To win a war it is necessary to have maximum focus in the due site at the due time. But do not worry: we are preparing the demo and we will put on it our maximum focus in the due site at the due time: it will be very important. About your comments: I think we all appreciated your links and citations, you have nothing to apology about.
Warm Regards,



Rossi et al are confusing cause and effect. The strong and the weak force produce nuclear change and the subatomic particles are the effects of how those forces function. The strong and the weak force produce the pion, muons, and mesons that Rossi is now factoring into his theory. But these particles are just the effects of what the strong force is doing in LENR. LENR is a condition where the strong force changes the way it behaves. The particles are the results of this change in behavior. 

Professional science states the the fundamental forces of nature cannot change unless they are affected by the application of extremes in energy. If enough energy is present, then the fundamental forces will gradually become unified. This is the main tenet in supersymmetry. This misconception is where science is going wrong in their understanding of reality. The action of the fundamental forces can be changed by special very low energy electromagnetic formating.

As witnessed by LENR, the fundamental forces do not behave in this high energy driven way. As Rossi states, these forces change when a special type of magnetism is applied to the fundamental forces of nature. Rossi has picked the quadrupole magnetic force as the factor that changes the action of the fundamental forces. This pick is wrong. Informed by other LENR experimentation, we know that the proper LENR active magnetic force format is the monopole magnetic force. 

But even with this small bit of theoretical misdirection, we must give him his due. Rossi is very close to having LENR theory correct in its most basic aspects. 


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