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This is a short issue, however I try to get all the LENR information, papers, events on the strictest daily basis, till I can.


At LENR Forum it is not Easter- no mercy, no forgiveness

After reading a few messages there , my hypertension dictated me this:

I was busy with translating a PdD high temperature material especially interesting so I am surprised that Smith's fatal errors were not eradicated till now here - and this is very simple.
He invokes sacro-saint thermodynamics in vain.
As I have shown in an editorial, Smith's leading idea is to drown the ERV Report and to drown it in a small quantity of water.
What actually happened is the following: the e-Cats have generated steam (with the parameters from the Report) this steam  was condensed and cooled at the JMP Plant (we still have to know exactly how, but it is not an impossible task) and recirculated to the reservoir about which it is spoken here. Underway water goes through the Flowmeter- which clearly definitely is full with water and works well.
It is atmospheric pressure steam going to JMP due to condensation there 
in the pipe the pressure is smaller than atmospheric then water is recirculated and its pressure at the entrance in the flowmeter must be greater than 1,3 times the atmospheric - see the lnstructios from the manufacturer.
It is NO connection between the pressure of the steam and the pressure in the reservoir.
More than probably there was a recirculation pump\ the flowmeter needs a 3m plus column of water to work..
So Smith's first wise thesis is absolutely false.

Second thesis- if at 103-104 C and atmospheric pressure it was steam than we will deny. deny shamelessly that it was atmospheric pressure, simple tactic-- just fraudulent.
In the pipe at JMP it is suction- negative pressure due to condensation- steam of 0.6 kg/cu.m converted in water at 1000 kg/cu.m.
Third Smith thesis insufficient pump flow- actually at 0.2 bars used the flow of the pumps was 80 liters per hour. Just a dirty trick as the other two
The Italian language has a very expressive word for "it was quite enough"- BASTA! I hope the honest people here will acceept this- Smith has launched some misinformation and calumnies however these three so called thermodynamics teachings are absolutely baseless.
Birds of one feather flock together- see what impossibility claims the author of the Smithoniad:
"I happen to know the actual flow rate was much lower than the flow meter indicated:
How could this been stated during a visit in a plant? 
Should we believe in clairvoyance? An unbelievable fairy tale.
Assez! sounds also well- please throw Smith to the garbage bin where he belongs and show respect for your colleagues pro-Rossi or against him,  they are not sooo... stupid


1) An answer to the paper of Sylvie Coyaud - of yesterday- it was a vicious attack against Rosssi and friends from link here:
Google Translated- it is Easter and I still have to listen to Cavalleria Rusticana this evening

To answer these false ':
"In 2013-2015, the United States Quantum Leap versa EUR 75 000 Joseph Levi, as a consultant in digital programming pinball. It belongs also to the Florida Energy Trust of Andrea Rossi"
Not even on Easter Sunday stop throwing mud on Rossi, levi, Fabiani, you lean to articles written by a plucked goose that perhaps the eighth grade or attended the same school as the education minister. A 'cleaner without jurisdiction without academic qualifications, no experience, he does not know even read English, a pennivendola paid to defame.
You read the papers of the cause? Attached to the Court a sworn certification card is who owns the property of USQL, which has nothing to do with FLORIDA ENERGY TRUST instead owns the Leonardo.
They CONTINUE TO SAY false '! A THROW MUD without even reading the Court's cards just for the sake of a 'OCA that is not good either to do the oven, an old vacuum cleaner that for years continues to blacken the name of distinguished university professors while her other hand will never read even the comic books of Mickey Mouse.


Old papers, not remeber postimg them all?!

Journal of Scientific Exploration
Do you remember tese rather old papers?

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From Harry Veeder
Why Scientists Must Share Their Failures

What will we LENR people celebrate then? (April 20 important for the RvD Trial)
United Nations will Recognize World Creativity and Innovation Day, April 21



  2. Quote from the lead article;-

    "this steam was condensed and cooled at the JMP Plant (we still have to know exactly how, but it is not an impossible task)"

    "not an impossible task?" For one megawatt of steam heat per hour?
    Well, previously maybe not, when we didn't know what was in the 'JMP Plant'. Although even then it was doubtful. But now the photos are available of inside the 'JMP Plant', (what a grand title for a mostly empty sea container), we can plainly see that there was nothing in it, except for a very rudimentary array of pipes. No fans, no reverse cycle heat pump, no waterfall, no nothing. Just some pipes.
    Would that qualify as a 'Plant' in anyone's assessment?

    The pipe array shown does not have the capacity to dissipate anywhere near one megawatt of power. Specially since they are in a sealed container.
    Why do cars and trucks have fans next to the radiator?
    Why don't they just have a few pipes running across the front of the car? In fact, just put them in the boot and keep it all sealed up and tidy. It's because the heat has to go somewhere and a sealed container with pipes in it will not do the job. We are talking about one megawatt! One thousand of one bar electric radiators!
    So, I think whatever else is stated in the above article, no matter how relevant it might be to a particular point, the whole argument is completely negated by the clear impossibility of disposing of the 1 MW of steam heat and dealing with it by the simple waiver of, "(we still have to know exactly how, but it is not an impossible task)".
    In the sealed and confined space that we see in the photo, and with the equipment shown in the photo, I would say it is so close to an impossible task that any distinction is negligible. For the argument to remain coherent, some possible methods would have to be suggested.

    Pete, I think we can reliably take it that it IS an impossible task. The only solution I can see, there was no 1 megawatt of steam disposed of in that system. Consequently, if there was no megawatt of steam disposed of then there was no megawatt of steam produced. As soon as that is recognized the whole system becomes very simple and logical. I think that was immediately seen by all those who inspected it at the end of the so called 'test'. It would be blatantly obvious without going into flow rates of pumps or anything else, the glaring deficiency of the whole act being, where did the supposed one megawatt of heat go? Elephants just don't disappear. Neither does a megawatt of heat each and every every hour for a whole year.
    If anyone has a solution for that problem then I think now is a good time to hear it, and then we can move onto pipe sizes and pump flow rates. Until then, that's where the argument has stalled.