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empathy is medicine, hatred is poison

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Shame on me!                                 Counter-stream swimmers are hunted!


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Call me Powo; that is actually my family name but APATOR POWOGAZ MWN 130-80 would be much too long. I am a Polish flowmeter  and have many hundreds of thousands brethren working in Poland and increasingly worldwide. Panta rhei- and we are made to measure everything what Flows. My personal specialty is warm water- that is warm and cleanliness and I am very contented with it, never had any ambitions to be used for something more interesting as nitro-glycerine, Wodka Wyborowa, Coca Cola or ketchup... no just plain, warm water. I was born, built and educated in the spirit of quality, precision, accuracy, reliability, constancy, accountability.just as anybody and anything else- good- I wanted an interesting life.
And I had luck- I was exported in the European Union, western part, and I was bought by Fabiusz, a nuclear engineer! Oh, mamma mia I thought (obviously in Polish) I will work for something nuclear as the Great Maria S
klodowska! And the reality was even brighter- I was chosen as the leading measuring instrument for an experimental plant of an inventor, Andzej- in Miami Florida! What a travel, what a place, what a responsibility! I have put my whole heart in a long and tedious calibration I wanted to do it perfectly. Fabiusz has explained me that I have to work incessantly for a whole year so I have to take care of my perfect health:"You are great, so I have chosen you, festina lente, amico! and not a micron of wear or any else trouble!". He put a seal on me and: "Incominciamo" he sung.
I have tried my best and in 252 days I have measured and recorded not less than 
7,910,478, 112 liters of warm water- just the numbers were rounded down as usual
It was a normal test, but a difficult pioneering breakthrough test (I am proud to have participated to it!) with many problems, inventor Andrzej was with us each day- night and have solved the problems. The Rich Man who paid the test has visited us and I heard him saying "Stellar"  OK, the test was finished and then the troubles including mine, have started - so now exactly as the writer Emile Zola when he has seen a case of horrible injustice- I will accuse now the people who made something similar with me.

I accuse the Rich Man that he had a valid contract with Andrzej, has not terminated the contract and has not paid what the contract stipulates- so Andrzej had to sue him.
Then the Rich Man and his friends started to say everywhere that andrzej is worse than the Devil and tried, post factum, to show that the plant has actually not worked at all. And XXXXX (in Polish but censored) here starts my problem- without any real reason I was nominated as the Achilles Heel of the Plant, vulnerable  and weak. 
A so called expert ,Joe had received the task to kill the Test and he remembered of seeing my internal parts with stains of rust ergo I have worked all the time only half full with water cheating the results for a long year! I have to emphasize that he does only said this, surely not believed he cannot be so stupid!, I accuse him saying this for money because he has seen thar I was put in the proper position with an ascendant pipe before me, nothing simpler than that. Joe just hoped to find some anti-technical people naive enough to believe the incredible story- smalll chances, indeed! But he found Sad  an old self-made expert in those nuclear issues; Sad 's great pleasure is to offend people, to belittle and humiliate then - but only if they think differently (Peter says he is the know it all from the first SJ Lec motto.) Does Sad believe the legend of half full pipe? I truly fear that he does, but for sure he has sworn to promote it till his last minute of his life by any means with vigor and insults. (Sad comes actually from sadist)

I accuse Sad of offending me, metrology, technology by saying uch a horrible thing that the expert in flowmeters knows dozens of methods usable to make the instrument to show ten times more flow that the real one. What is the moral basis, the mentality of such a thinking? He lives in a different world and I would abstain saying which is the unique case/purpose for which I would furnish water to him.
I also accuse Sad  for saying that people visiting the plant could state that it is an obvious trouble with me and I am multiplying the flow by 4- later 5. How for God's sake could I do such a thing.
Water flows in a pipe sent by a pump, flows through me and my propellers rotate strictly proporrtional with the flow, and see what said  Sad today:
"People could see the pipe was not full because the reservoir is translucent and open to air."
This is impossible., you cannot see what is in the pipe behind me, and the pipe after me goes a bit up, just to keep me under water.
Now it is already late to retract the gross non-truths told about me. People are swallowing many insults of the bullies; we instrument have more dignity.
I became famous (as Peter wrote yesterday) as the most obscenely insulted measuring instrument in the history of Metrology and I accuse bad (euphemism) people for this.


1) From the Miami Court Pacermonitor re the Rossi vs darden litigation
Thursday, April 20, 2017
266 order Order Thu 5:59 PM 
ORDER following an informal discovery hearing. Signed by Magistrate Judge John J. O'Sullivan on 4/20/2017. (mkr)

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5) Scientist claims dark matter-powered device can create nearly limitless energy

6) Twitter-we_cat_global
Pats! Spoliation denied. We wonder how a jury will react to the hypocrite elite team. Goofy inventors tend to do well with them. #LENR #ECAT

7) The LENR Daily

8) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

Joseph Fine
Dear Andrea Rossi,
I hope you have been recovering well and are back up to full power.
The area of modular metals or laminates may be useful in your work.
One of Modumetal’s alloys contains Nickel and Aluminum, which may or may not be an advantage.
Since you contain materials at high temperatures, this technology may enhance product safety and performance.
Thermal regards,
Joseph Fine

April 21, 2017 at 7:21 AM

Dr Joseph Fine:
Thank you for your kind concern and for the information,
Warm Regards,


1) Our quantum Problem:

New LHC Results Hint At New Physics… But Are We Crying Wolf? (Synopsis)


  1. Peter,

    I enjoyed the story - humor can be a really fun way of dealing with unplesant things.


    Doug Marker

    1. Thank you, I have tried to defend that nice instrument- there are many POWOGAZ products in my contry too.
      I have sent the essay to the manufcturer too- it will be unusual for them..

  2. I wonder what sort of flow meter Defkalion were using?Apparently they managed to reliably get it to flutter at the trigger point, so instead of measuring just one unit at the trigger point, it could measure as many as you like by just restricting the flow to hold it at that point.
    Goodness me! What a cheap trick! Who would do such a thing?
    I'm sure Mr Rossi would never have even heard of this and his POWO meter, made in Poland to the strictest standards, would not be so easily duped. Although he may well have accidentally stumbled on some equally distorting artifact causing similar inaccuracies.

    The question still has not been answered; the test was made to demonstrate one megawatt of heat, continuously for 12 months. Given that one megawatt was claimed and thus fully expected, and then continuously affirmed, what was put in place to dispose of it? And why is there no record of it?
    And then, having been extracted from the 'plant' by whatever mysterious method it was, how was the 'one megawatt' of heat finally extracted from the building, keeping in mind that the outside air temperature was probably around 30 degrees C? The claim that there was a heat exchange on the mezzanine floor still leaves the heat in the same air space of the same factory unit. It is not an air space isolated from the main factory init. (see the photos)
    A ceiling vent and a fan by a window does not 'cut the mustard'. (and we all know how hot mustard is.)
    So, we still have an elephant in the room, and if the 1MW claim is true, they are increasing at the rate of one every hour.
    Where did all those elephants go?
    So far, the evidence released so far indicates no elephants. Not even any elephant droppings. Although the pungent aroma of bovine droppings is increasingly apparent.

    1. The verdict of the jury will be forthcoming in just a few weeks so let us be patient and see how justice is served.

    2. Hey Pweet,

      Rather than elephants or bovine droppings we could discuss the blue whale, both its' max power output, heat dissipation, energy consumption, etc… a whole lotta' blubber as back up. There only is one blue whale… not one per hour on the hour… nor elephant or bovine.

      2.5 MW – biomed: peak power output of a blue whale

      LENR/Cold Fusion and all that JAZZ - 1MW (heat) per hour
      Orders of magnitude (power)

    3. Axil, Unfortunately my opinion will not be changed by a jury verdict favorable to Mr Rossi. To achieve that would need some reasonable and believably logical answers to the questions I have been asking here, and so far they have not been forthcoming. Maybe you could assist in this matter.

      It may be that the jury is not at all interested in these questions and may be swayed by some side issue as to a technical point of law, such as "Did Mr Rossi have his fingers crossed behind his back when he was telling all those porkies? If so, then everything is ok." (I'm not sure if that is still an effective legal defense. It was when I was very young.)

      G. B. Goble
      "2.5 MW – biomed: peak power output of a blue whale"

      That's interesting. I knew nothing about that.
      I wonder if the e-cat uses essence of blue whale as the secret sauce. That could explain the fishy smell presently surrounding it.

  3. Dearest Powo,


    My name is Mac Planks and I'm a virtual particle. I wink in and out of existence anywheres my thoughts task me. It's a bit troubling but a lot of fun. I think a thought and I'm taken anywhere, backwards or forwards in time, in and out of dimensions, appearing spontaneously in laboratories, boardrooms, chatrooms and sometimes I even find myself lodged in someones inner thinkings. Strange yes, but that is the life of a virtual particle such as myself.

    The recent task my thoughts set before me was the yearning to meet a sentient flowmeter. Blam Blink Za-zoom I find myself here.

    Powo, you present perspectives to me that satisfy. These fill my thoughts with virtually unlimited places to go… Thanks so much.

    Peace Be Well

    Mac Planks

    1. dear Mac Planks,

      tell me very sincerely- are you worried for the Standard Model or not, and what is your personal position?

      I as ahuman, more or less am woried because mybrian will be connected to the Web- AI conquers all- chess, go, poker, and so on