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Pecunia non olet (Latin saying meaning "money smells as Chanel No. 5")


The Motto was inspired by the following miniature from the LENR Forum:

LENR Calender

As an aside: it looks to me that so far IH has been flinging a lot of poo at the wall trying to see if something sticks. I think that rather than engaging consultants that enable them in those ideas (remember 100.1C, the DN40 pipes, etc), and instead of denigrating "planet Rossi", they should have instead hired someone from planet Rossi to try and debunk the IH arguments.

Someone like IHFB is I admit a bit biased, but when IH comes up with an unconvincing argument, he sees right through it and asks that more digging be done.

IH has some good reasons to be concerned about the 1MW e-cat test results. However, I think they should have put forward the stuff that is obviously wrong rather than the stuff they don't understand. More digging should have been done on the latter. Maybe that's what Dewey was doing on the forum. In that case, he could have been more friendly to "planet Rossi", who are just people who are also trying to find the truth, but just have a different way of thinking.

Some essentials still missing but many Exhibits nad data and depositions and hearing already known by the Court documents and it can be seen who has  a lot of data and who is submerged in half-full pipes and similar abracadabras.

But the Motto also goes for the list from the paper 2)  written by Sifferkoll.
Let's take only the consultants. With one exception  they are the best choice our most knowledgeable and wise  colleagues. With one - the same exception- they are nice, friendly civilized humans. Not insulting systematically and mercilessly those who disagree with the Funder. And they will do good things for the money. What is still missing- consultants  with a technological "green finger" able to compete successfully with the Rossi technology.


1) From the Miami Court Pacermonitor re the the Rossi vs Darden litigattion
Friday, March 31, 2017
234 misc Transcript Fri 4:44 PM 
TRANSCRIPT of Discovery Hearing Proceedings held on 3/23/2017 before Magistrate Judge John J. O'Sullivan, 1-100 pages, Court Reporter: Bonnie Joy Lewis, 954-985-8875. Transcript may be viewed at the court public terminal or purchased by contacting the Court Reporter/Transcriber before the deadline for Release of Transcript Restriction. After that date it may be obtained through PACER. Redaction Request due 4/21/2017. Redacted Transcript Deadline set for 5/1/2017. Release of Transcript Restriction set for6/29/2017.(apz)
Att: 1  Designation Access Form

2) LENR Sector investments by Industrial Heat

3a) Quasicrystalline Cold Fusion
 Klee M. Irwin Quantum Gravity Research, Los Angeles, CA

A theory for the mechanism of action of low energy nuclear reactions (cold fusion) is presented. Atoms, such as palladium, organized into approximations of ideal Dirac delta function (δ function) double well potentials tunnel with exponentially higher than ordinary probability, as compared to their tunneling probability in amorphous and crystalline atomic motifs. A dynamical 3D network of such double well potentials can be nano-engineered. Such materials include quasicrystal and quasicrystalline approximants. Gaseous atoms, such as deuterium, can be added to “contaminate” the vacant halves of this 3D system of double wells without exponentially lowering the quantum mechanical tunneling probability of the heavier atoms to the vacancy sites. This results in frequent atomic tunneling of the heavier atoms to coordinates within the mutual Coulomb radii of the heavy and light atoms, allowing fusion to occur without the energy required in hot fusion reactions. A secondary and more frequent form of fusion occurs in this system. Prior to tunneling, the heavier atoms prevent symmetric arrays of lighter atoms, each an equal distance from a given heavy atom, from tunneling to the bottom of the energy well by the heavy atom. When the heavy atoms tunnel to their vacancy sites, two or more of these light atoms, such as deuterium, tunnel with high probability to the energy well vacated by the heavier atom. In this exotic system, D+D, D+D+D… fusion occurs with high frequency. Engineering of such systems relies on quasi-crystallographic concepts, clathrate theory and understanding of tautomeric isomers. We report the discovery of a new quasicrystalline approximant tautomeric model for small atomic clusters that allows significant potentiation of previously reported cold fusion results. The model also provides an alternative to older small cluster theories, such as the Mackay icosahedral cluster and icosahedrally symmetric multi-twining models of icosahedral clusters. 

3b) Quantum Gravity Research - Klee Irwin‎

4) LENR and Energy News on Twitter Sorted by Reach

5) Cold Fusion Times isue March 10, 2017

6) Updated Cold Fusion Now
See please also this:

7) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

April 1, 2017 at 3:21 AM

Dear Andrea
The presentation of the QuarkX will be made measuring the efficiency with the Boltzmann and Wien equations, or with standard calorimetry heating a fluid?
Warm Regards,
Andrea Rossi
April 1, 2017 at 10:16 AM

With standard calorimetry heating a fluid.
Warm Regards,
8) LENR videos Bibliographies from the Web, up-dated

Cold Fusion update#2 LENR Low Temp Calorimeter system overview Discussion video.

LENR Cold Fusion

Fast LENR search

Lenr - Several Search Engines at Once -‎

Statements by Sergey Tsvetkov- his LENR ideology and research strategy

My ideology and strategy are simple
1. Cold fusion and not LENR.
2. This is a real process that - in its time -failed to be used for the construction of an energy source reactor after the explosion of the hydrogen bomb. The paradox here is that based on the atomic bomb, there were conceived and built  atomic electro-generator plants  however after the explosion of the hydrogen bomb this has not succeeded with a thermonuclear source, there are no positive results nor for thermal, neither- and even more- for electric energy.  
3. Because cold fusion is a physical process, it is necessary to study and develop on the basis of this new technologies for obtaining energy. The potential of this physical process is huge, this is the last step in the direct extraction of energy from matter
 (E = mc2).4> Without serious government programs and projects- any efforts by  the Internet would not lead to success. In its time, in the USSR- in the last year of its existence it was initiated a governmental program for achievement of cold fusion but it was fast terminated due to the disaggregation of the USSR and due to the death of the academician who has lead this action.
I am trying to organize at least a laboratory for cold fusion at a state university in Russia, but I am very much hampered by the Commission on Pseudoscience of the Russian Academy of Sciences and extremely low funding by our state for the  modern scientific research in Russia.

Thnks dear Sergey and let's hope for a change in the direction favorable to Cold Fusion. Worldwide and in Russia too!


Nanomagnets for future data storage
Date:March 30, 2017
Source:ETH Zurich
A new method for depositing single magnetizable atoms onto a surface has been developed by scientists. This is especially interesting for the development of new miniature data storage devices.


  1. Rossi et al are confusing cause and effect. The strong and the weak force produce nuclear change and the subatomic particles are the effects of how those forces function. The strong and the weak force produce the pion, muons, and mesons that Rossi is now factoring into his theory. But these particles are just the effects of what the strong force is doing in LENR. LENR is a condition where the strong force changes the way it behaves. The particles are the results of this change in behavior.

    Professional science states the the fundamental forces of nature cannot change unless they are affected by the application of extremes in energy. If enough energy is present, then the fundamental forces will gradually become unified. This is the main tenet in supersymmetry. This misconception is where science is going wrong in their understanding of reality. The action of the fundamental forces can be changed by special very low energy electromagnetic formating.

    As witnessed by LENR, the fundamental forces do not behave in this high energy driven way. As Rossi states, these forces change when a special type of magnetism is applied to the fundamental forces of nature. Rossi has picked the quadrupole magnetic force as the factor that changes the action of the fundamental forces. This pick is wrong. Informed by other LENR experimentation, we know that the proper LENR active magnetic force format is the monopole magnetic force.

    But even with this small bit of theoretical misdirection, we must give him his due. Rossi is very close to having LENR theory correct in its most basic aspects.

  2. Hi Peter...Kudos. Thanks for all of you updates. As they would say during the 1960 s Hippie Movement: Keep on Truckin...Best,
    your friend, Ron Kita, Chiralex..also a friend of the late "Gene".


  4. The review by Dave Nagelin IE magazine pts LENR/CF in prespective. There is no theory to explain the data.

    To say " Rossi is getting close to an explanation" is totally meaningless. Why would we add a mantle of scientific rigor to the person who will not produce any verifiable data?

    Logic is discarded and replaced by a hopeful desire to produce clean energy. Rossi has hijacked those hopes and asperations, but his disciples cannot see their misplaced loyalty.

  5. Peter there is some question at ecatworld on what the alternative viewpoint is concerning American politics - reading these daily can give you this prespective with out the Far Right mainstrem media bias: