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At the surface, including that of the Web not much happened to LENR today no new info from ICCF20 and SSICCF20, no new documents at the Court for the Rossi vs. Darden Trial, no new papers - at least till now. Homo blah-blahiensis continues to spread lies. but seem tired and bored. The most inept lies are slowly fading away (they have the ability to resurrect!)

My editorial of yesterday was about some essential things, LENR will be a happier realm if and when the basic assumptions problem will be normalized. 
Ed Storms owner of strong LENR basic assumptions based mainly on the PdD LENR science and a colleague who obviously CARES for LENR wrote:

Ed Storms about the role of Andrea Rossi

Peter, the problem with Rossi is that he does not fall into any of the categories you define on your Blog. Yes, science is a mixture of fact connected by logic and emotion connected by speculation. Rossi does not fit either category. That is the problem.  A person has no way of evaluating what he claims because his actions and statements made no sense.  Rossi provides speculation without connection with known facts and he provides data that simply does not make sense because it does not compute what he claims.  Nothing supports what he claims other than blind faith.  His is more like a religion than a science.  I hope his claims are basically correct. I hope someone will demonstrate LENR using NiH as they have done using PdD. So far, I do not see any evidence that NiH works any better than PdD or by a different process.  Hopefully, Rossi will provide the evidence we all require but lack.

Some remarks to this- but first of all I accept that the situation is complex and far of being clear- the situation of LENR as a whole. It has a low position on the DIKWP scale; even the beloved PdD system has produced more data and information than solid knowledge than scientific wisdom; prediction is nowhere. Le's take a subject that is discussed recurrently 3-4 times a year- which kind of palladium, including alloys is good for LENR, nuclearly active? There are many answers, but the information is not additive or combinable and WHY? would be unanswerable. But this was over-discussed. Rossi also has no theory, except the nuclear stage-
similar cu D +D = He but actually there are already more variants of NiH processes )Ni had the jistoric chance to be the first transition metal converted in a nuclear active form.  It was first done ( in a dry system) by Piantelli who is usually quasi-ignored in the PdD circles, but see please:
The process is based on nanotechnology, however it seems above 400C the active nanostructures are sintered- so the Rossi processes have a different mechanism.
What Rossi offers is an empirical process going up to 1400 C' he is perfectly aware that he can give certainty only via industrial/commercial generators. The scientific aspects will come together with the technological application(s) that offer an other kind of evidence. We will see, but today we still have no certainty. Even the results of an 1year Test at the level of 1 MW are put in doubt- after the test due to financial problems, something really unprecedented but LENR is special.

A LENR researcher with problem solvers' mentality & skills -Vladimir Vysotskii said about the role of Rossi in the history of LENR:

I take this opportunity to express my opinion regarding the "bullying" of A. Rossi  that happens now in a targeted mode in the press and on the social Web forums.
I do not agree with such critics, on the contrary I consider that Rossi has done much for the LENR community (possibly not less than F&P) His main merit is that he has demonstrated that LENR can be a very effective source of great power  and that this is attained with simple methods.

Rossi is the emancipator, liberator, conquistador, opener of new horizons in LENR. He has put in freedom the Genie of the bottle, opened the cage in which LENR was 
put in for many years. Not a golden cage, but made from an other noble metal.


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4) A.A Gromov et al. About the formation of calcium in the producta of burning iron-aluminum thermitees in air
a LENR reaction is suspected as the source of Ca

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  1. Peter
    Talk about a whiz kid.

    1. Peter
      I like the geniuses that had little schooling.

    2. perhaps little enforced schooling/education
      the problem of geniuses is to survive our education system.
      However dear Sam you inspired me to write about LENR and Genius- not immediately please help, gather materials ideas be my co-author.

    3. Peter
      I will forward any materials that might
      I have to admit I am still trying to figure
      out LENR for dummies.

  2. Peter, you presented that Vysotskii quote back in May. I attempted to find a source for it, you have not stated any. The critical issue would be when Vysotskii said that. If it was during the period when it appeared that IH was supporting Rossi, it would be a relatively ordinary opinion. It is about bullying in media and blogs. The affair has entered a new phase. There is now a lawsuit with the claims of the parties, and some objective evidence. I would be astonished if Vysotskii would say that if he knew the currently-available evidence.

    1. Dear Abd,
      You think I imgined this quote? The source is Prof Vladimir Vysotskii himself and actually he made- his initiative a similar declaration a few moths earlier.
      He writes me in Russian, do you want the original text or what? Should I ask him now if he has changed his mind due to what events, arguments?
      Nothing easier, I have to ask him to send me his very interesting ICCF20 paper, anyway?
      Do you imagine a new phase in the Rosi-Darden conflict - was the 1 year tets not the true GPT?
      Slowly you and your pals have to accept that the Rossi Effect is real and powerful and are you search for alternative solutions?
      Legal but imoral?
      If the technology is working well you are an enemy of progress and of Cold Fusion/LENR trying to kill it by any means. To go back happily to your Helium certainty plan, making LENR an issue for the 22d Century.
      So, what should I ask our colleague Vysotskii?


      In your answer (if) take careto not think in my place!

    2. Peter, you did not show specific attribution. So now you say that it was in email to you in Russian. Great! When? It matters. If this was recent, I will write Vladimir, with whom I have had nothing but excellent communication.

      It appears that the 1 year test was not a GPT. The GPT required certain preconditions which were not met, as far as what can be seen so far. Rossi alleges things that can seem to have authorized a GPT, but that is all, so far, Rossi Says. IH denies it, and Rossi has not asserted actual evidence, only implications. I.e., Darden approves a measurement procedure, for what was sold as a power installation and demonstration for investors, and then -- later? -- Rossi calls this approving the GPT test.

      Rossi has his own reality. He also inspires others to believe in it. Helium is a relative certainty, and I called this Plan B, back when I thought there was a good possibility that Rossi would come through, because, after all, IH was supporting him with big money. That disappeared. And then the truth about Rossi -- as seen in his own emails and communications and comparing with the accounts of Mats Lewan and then Rossi's complaint -- started to come out. It's gone, Peter, and I certainly did not kill it, and if the Rossi Effect is real, and if Rossi's behavior does not land him in jail, as it could, once again, he could still develop it. QuarkX, great. Remember, Rossi says the market is his judge.

      Well? He claimed to have a 1 MW power plant ready for sale in 2011. When he finally delivered the "1 MW E-cat plant" to IH in 2013, it was obviously not ready, but IH allowed the test to be postponed to a time agreed upon in writing. That never happened, Peter. If IH was improperly dragging their heels, it could have been legally forced. But that also was not done. Rossi attempted to do it by deception, with a claim that the move to Florida was for sale of power and demonstration. No mention of Test, and we don't know when Rossi first started claiming it was a GPT. It was not before the plant was delivered, that's for sure.

    3. One more point. Vysotskii wrote that no later than May. At that point, there was little information from the IH side, except for some discussion from Dewey Weaver on blogs, easily discounted. It was not until IH Answered, August 6, amended the 11th, and provided 26 exhibits, showing some real evidence, that the Rossi Reality became largely untenable. Before then, it was merely weaker, because the support of IH had obviously vanished and IH had said that they had been unable to verify Rossi claims.

  3. There was a new document added to Rossi v. Darden yesterday. It is not on pacermonitor because of the delay there. It is a Rossi response to the Motion for Judgment. It is available on newvortex, as are nearly all the case documents, in the filespace for that group. To see the documents, one must have a yahoo account, be a member of the newvortex yahoogroup, and be logged in. (members only).
    The filing is document 44.