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Illustration  (incomplete) of the nursery rhyme  "26 Little Exhibits" modeled after https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ten_Little_Indians

Exhibits were papers, e-mails, business cards, blog posts, photo of unknown building interior, all irrelevant, for the performances of the 1MW plant  Ends with:

"Little Exhibit 5 remained all alone
Then died of feebleness
And there were none..


Why I wrote about the famous Exhibits- see the Motto? The over-verbose Cold Fusion retardant agent turned to ferocious IH supporter is simply unable to accept that honest and smart researchers do not think as he does re the E-Cat-Rossi issue
and uses FUD (actually DUF in this case) to demonstrate that IH owns the absolute truth, just some people are misinformed and don't know.
He started by putting under doubt the source of Prof. Vysotskii's repeated statements - not Rosssi is the fault for LENR's deep troubles, on the contrary, Rossi is on the part of the Solution and is not the problem, he opened new ways, directions, trends
and horizons for the field. Definitely Rossi had not robbed the funds for LENR. Experts will decide if the 1MW plant has worked as Rossi's claims it.
This contradicts the MYTH that Rossi has brutally and selfishly interrupted the triumphal march of LENR in 2011.
What is doing our propagandist? I have sent him the original of Vysotski's message in Russian and at him Google Translate cannot recognize the test- very dubious, isn't it?
  Very cheap and clumsy trick. Interesting is this point of view about Exhibit 5, till recently the star proof of the Plant's inability to produce excess heat: 
"You have focused on Exhibit 5, which is not of high significance, it is only there to show that Penon was not responsive. It is not an attempt to prove anything else. That would come later, if needed" 
How could be Penon responsive to Everestian moronities as the new rheology of water - half full pipes n closed circuit, 1500 kg/hr steam in DN 40 pipes, and manipulating selectively the data of the ERV Report? 

Despite this, Vysotskii's opinion is (des)considered as obsolete and misinformed:

"the comment, to me, reads like someone who knew what was commonly thought a year ago, and up until the filing of Rossi v. Darden, when it became obvious that Industrial Heat, in spite of likely strong effort, highly motivated (money!), could not confirm Rossi's claims.

Part of the MYTH: "IH has demonstrated, by the 26 Little Exhbits- that the technology is zero. I will not discuss scabrous legal tricks as "the 1MW Plant was not the genuine Good Performance Test - it lasted a year and implied serious efforts.
However, if the Plant worked than anything, any infamy goes...

I hhad to pay the price formy opposition- from now I am a reactive paranoid-like Rossi.

However the very spirit of Exhibit is alive, the most stubborn supporter of the half-full pipes- flowmeter ideology sends, for the fifth time the following image to prove it:
http://il3.picdn.net/shutterstock/videos/3773036/thumb/1.jpg This pipe is maximum 100% full with water, but if you put an elbow and a small,say 20 inch vertical segment at the visible end of the pipe, it will be full with water as in closed circuits.

A short search in the "Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism" http://jcb.sagepub.com/  show that some cases of maniacal mulishness are caused by the half-full flow of blood in the brain arteries, a damaging condition.

It is very difficult to build a MYTH when your proofs for it are just MYTHS.


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6) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

Scott Kevin
August 1, 2016 at 3:29 AM

Dear Andrea Rossi,
Are you confirming that the production of the industrial E-Cat is already started, or you had to stop it for some reason ?
Andrea Rossi
September 12, 2016 at 8:26 PM

Scott Kevin:
Not now, but I think a publication related to it is not too far from now.
Warm Regards


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  1. I am not at all happy about this. Looks like Brillioun are at it again. They've been quiet for a while but now they post a video showing eWig type irregularities! What is going on here?! This is simply not good enough and I am getting really not and bothered about it. It's bad enough with this San Diego heat wave that I cannot take it any more.

    Peter, what do you make of Brillioun's latest video? Do you think this warrants a proper circle jerk?

    1. Dear mary,

      it would be wiser to discuss this after ICCF20 and SSICCF20 - there we will learn about Brillouin.
      What is your problem with them, or with Miley's group- they are trying alternative ways.


  2. Peter
    Interesting article
    "New fabric uses sun and wind to power devices"