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"Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
"Lies are a temporary solution to a permanent problem"

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As an echo to my yesterday essay about "lack of LENR technology is suicide for a LENR company", a former Cold Fusion LENR supporter, now amateur LENR technology strangler said:

"The problem is, LENR technology does not exist. LENR is still only a laboratory experiment. So there is nothing to ignore. Rossi's claims are fiction. It is possible Brillouin Energy might have some technology. I cannot judge."

This statement would not please anybody. IH for example- see B-Discussions in course- have informed its investor, Woodford about "having  built up a very interesting portfolio of promising cold fusion technologies that are currently undergoing in-house testing, followed by external validation".  It is about technologies; a technology just as an embryo has an identity from the moment when and keeps it after birth (losses it only if aborted)
A successful technology, competing with Rossi's would be a wonderful thing.

OK, the same LENR technology denier whom I have cited here has  pontificated:

"If the reactor has produced measurable excess heat, I.H. would have paid $89 million. Everyone would be happy. There would be no lawsuit. It did not work, so they did not pay."

In the case of zero excess energy it would have been a three days test for the longest, not an one year Test.

Trying to kill a valid LENR based energy technology/source is an unpardonable sin.


1) Mosier-Boss, P.A., L. Forsley, and P. McDaniel, Investigation of Nano Nuclear Reactions in Condensed Matter, Final Report. 2016, Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).

2) Good prospects for Leonardo Corp./Andrea Rossi lawsuit vs. Cherokee Investment Partners/Thomas Darden- updated Sep 03, 2016

3) Thanks to Jones Beene- a new book about Randy Mills;
Randell Mills and the Search for Hydrino Energy Kindle Edition
by Brett Holverstott
4) Bob Greenyer Reports on MFMP Activity at Aarhus University

5) Here you can find links to all the legal documents of the Rossi vs. Darden Trial
43 items till now.

6) Rossi's partner revealed, E-Cat time line announced:

Discussions in course:

A- LENR Cities — Company in Liquidation                                            
Discussion deviated to the role of Andrea Rossi - technology, conflicts, collateral damage of the the Rossi vs Darden Trial- he opened the New Way, anyway

B- Woodford fund: Mitchell Fraser-Jones answers about industrial Heat investment


Renewable energy breakthrough: Solar-powered reaction 100 times faster

I have not written till now about this subject but many colleagues are interested in it:
NASA’s Impossible Space Engine, The EMdrive, Passes Peer Review (Synopsis)


The “Jobs to Be Done” Theory of Innovation


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  2. Peter
    That is needed good news
    from Bob Greenyer.

  3. Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) allowed the publication of a report by Mosier-Boss, P.A., L. Forsley, and P. McDaniel
    "Investigation of Nano Nuclear Reactions in Condensed Matter, Final Report. 2016,"

    As it has been highlighted in a different forum (Cobraf), in section 3.8.2 (page 78 in the document) the results of a different experiment than usual are reported. A palladium foil electrolytically loaded with deuterium in Li2SO4 electrolyte was taken out of the cell and placed between a copper block and a high explosive charge. When the charge was triggered a sudden neutron burst was generated, together with the production of a crater in the copper block. This only happened with a single foil sample, the only one that was charged with a Li2SO4 electrolyte and has not additional wires welded to measure the loading.

    It seems as if something ejected at ultra high velocity from the foil in this specific case and caused havoc on the Cu block.

    Most of all, this tells something more than usual about the nature the reaction.

    This experiment is fodder for a good deal of theoretical speculation that I shall now indulge in. This is also an experiment that Ed Storms would not be interested it.

    Where those actually neutrons that were detected or were they Exotic Neutral Particles? It could have been possible that the palladium contained a large amount of metalized hydrogen sheltered in the cracks (aka nanocavities) produced under high hydrogen loading. They were probably neutrons.

    When the palladium vaporized, the explosion could have liberated those metalized hydrogen nanoparticles and gave them a both high velocity and kinetic energy directed toward the copper block.

    Metalized hydrogen is protected by a magnetic coating produced by "Hole superconductivity". This is the same monopole flux line shielding mechanism that enables the water crystal discovered by Mark LeClair to survive high energy impact with a substrate in high efficiency cavitation bubble collapse.

    This magnetic shield might have enabled the metalized hydrogen to erode the copper block in the same way that a cavitation jet erodes copper in cavitation bubble collapse.

    Another possible source of neutrons is hot fusion as seen in the cavitation experiments of LeClair. There could have been a hot fusion reaction generated at the interface between the metalized hydrogen and the copper surface. This copper surface should have been analyzed to see if there was any transmutation and/or activation radiation generated by the explosion and high speed projection of the metalized hydride into the copper as occurs in cavitation.

    In a collision between a metalized hydride and another substrate element or compound, even diamond, it is the substrate that gives way and is disrupted and not the metalized hydride. The surface of the metalized hydride can withstand supernova levels of energy, pressure, and temperature.

    A millerterized application of this experiment would be to coat a bullet with metalized hydride and use that bullet to penetrate armor to great depth. That impenetrable magnetic shield that LENR engenders has many uses. In the long term, such a shield could be more valuable that excess heat production.

  4. Peter
    A comment from Ecat world.

    Mats002 • an hour ago
    Bob and all; see this recently published paper that was linked at egoout (Peter Gluck) today:

    Is this not an official vindication of Fleischman&Pons by a US scientific agency? It is a strong indicator of what to expect september 22 in the white house hearing about LENR!

  5. SG Mats002 • 40 minutes ago
    Look at the last page. It took about two years to get all of the signatures to release it. Just wow...
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    Mats002 Mats002 • an hour ago
    After overwhelming scientific evidence of both excess heat and all kinds of nuclear decay, they end the conclusion at page 87 with:

    "The implications of this statement are that both SPAWAR HQ and SSC-Pacific say that the phenomenon is real and that it is nuclear in nature."

  6. Avatar
    Bob Greenyer Mats002
    18 minutes ago
    Yesterday, an emeritus professor at Aarhus sent this to me!

    Whilst it is dated now, it is great this is now finally public as it makes pretty clear that in the opinion of experienced researchers, the New Fire is real and it is of Nuclear origin - I'd like to see what the report is later this month.