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a) Trying to discuss constructively and positively with Ed Storms

We disagree but I hope on long term this will be useful.

Peter, I'm repeatedly frustrated because you and other people will find a way to reject what I say by using a distortion of what I actually said. I did not say Rossi has "captured the funds". I said that he has sent people on a wild goose chase by claiming the Ni+LiAlH4 mixture makes nuclear energy at high temperature. He has provided absolutely no reason to accept this idea. Nevertheless, at least 6 laboratories are trying to prove his claim, thereby wasting money and talent. 

Dear Ed, I misunderstood that you told about funds, so I retract it and apologize. But other people push on this falsity.
But I totally disagree with the wild goose chase. All NiH LENR methods in gas phase are based on contacting thee metal with hydrogen, however the reaction partner must be prepared for the interaction. Hydrogen must be made active, atomic, negative ion as at Piantelli, Rydberg hydrogen as at Defkalion while the metal must be made more receptive - having a lot of NAE or a mechanism for continuous NAE genesis- but you do not believe it. It was observed and it is natural that some metallic hydrides are delivering hydrogen in an active state, nothing unexpeected that Rossi has tried with LiAlH4- a nasty stuff by the way but a metallic hydride we have also used in reducing reactions. He has remarked that it is powerful and- if we believe tha Lugano anal;yses and something that Hadjichristos has said but it was forgotten because his technology has failed- Li and Ni are able to enter in nuclear interactions not reactions- the identity of the atoms is kept only isotopicity changes,. Pintelli has observed clear nuclear reactions at say, 400 C results published in peer reviewed  journal, then why should atomic reactions & interactions be impossible at 650, 850, 1300C?
About wasting money and talent, by replicating Rossi, we can speak a lot. Many results are clearly positive just excess heat is till additive not multiplicative as Rossi claims, inclusive for the 1MW Test.  This is IP under siege but not wild goose 
chase. See his patents too. You cannot deny ab ovo a phenomenon just because there are no nnocracks in the system, only nanocracks can be NAE? 

Ed continues:

The flaw in his claim is that temperature does not initiate the nuclear process. It simply increases the rate of a process that is already underway. Once LENR can start, the increased temperature will cause the rate to gradually increase. Therefore, before any power is detected at high temperature, some power must be produced at lower temperatures. This behavior is not being observed. Therefore, LENR is not being observed.  In fact, Rossi claimed to see this effect at low temperatures, which caused a problem with control, as I describe in my book on page 216. This published fact is ignored by the people working at high temperatures. 

You see, in his book you do not want to see, Steve Krivit is speaking about LENRs and so did I in my essays on this blog. I was indoctrinated with dialecyic materialism snd perhpas its fundamental thesis" quantitative accumulation leads to quality leaps" is not so bad and for the range of increasing temperatures more variants of LENR will/can appear.  So what Rossi has said for his older systems i npt more valid for the newer ones. what yo say about the role of temperature goes probably in the frame of a given system. Rossi is not aspiring for the Nobel Prize he wants to create industrial heat generators.

Your reading of the literature is very selective, as is apparently common in this field.  You are like a person who takes Chem 101 and thinks they now understand chemistry. Presently, over 2000 papers must be read and understood before a person is qualified to study LENR. Most people in the field have not even read my books where much of the required information is summarized.

Dear I gfind this unjust and it hurts me. I dare to ask if my reading of LENR literature is more selective than yours. First for the last 6 years almost I have signalled here all the new LENR publications and have tried but not succeeded to read all worth profound reading.  Second, I am not monolingual and I can read untranslated papers in Russian- say Vysotskii, Urutskoev, Bazhutov, Parkhomov, Kirkinskii etc and discuss with the authors, in Italian as Piantelli's, and also in French and German. And I have not ignored papers as those of Piantelli or my own 1992 and 1995 papers
And let's admit that not all the 2000 published papers are relevant for understanding even PdD wet...non multa sed multum. What do you think, where a re my damaging information gaps, what I am unable to understand due to insufficient documentation?

I recognize and admire your experience in industry. In every case, the basic science describing what you were doing was known for over 150 years. You even admit this information is lacking about LENR, yet you insist that a scale up is valuable and that Rossi knows how to do this. Ross has shown no understanding of even basic nuclear science or calorimetry. I see no indication he understands LENR.  His efforts are like the attempts to fly before the Wright Brothers identified the rules of lift and control.  And, by the way, they got this information from studies done on a small scale.  They did not try to build a 747 as Rossi is attempting to do. 

Nothing more false than this  and I give you an example My main work, PhD prizes, fame came from my research in suspension poly-vinylchloride. I was born in 1937 and PVC-s was invented in 1936- I have met and spoke with one of the inventors at Wacker Recklinghausen in 1980. The instrument most important for my study of particle morphology and morphogenesis- the scanning electron microscope has appeared in 1968 and I got my first images in 1971 from JEOL Sweden. All the technologies were radically changed and imprved in those years, Do you can imagine the difference between mercury cathode and membrane based chlor alkali electrolysis or oxo processes catalyzed by Co or Rh? You have false a idea about the relationship between basic science and technology. Technology is much more than  applied science.
I have arrived to hate the word calorimetry mainly seeing some technology illiterate people claiming to be experts in calorimetry
At the 1MWit is about an energy balance nada, nix, no,  calorimetry.
You do not envisage the quality leaps in aviation? You have not wept at the death of the Concorde?

I wonder, is there anything we can agree about LENR?
We agree that we love it, we want to see it prosperous and applied iat commercial scale just e have very different  opinions about the extent in which its existential and development problems are solved now. Therefore we think differently about what we have to, but what is marvelous we both think something most be done!


1) Papers from ICCF20 Thanks to Vladimir Vysotsky! The first one is amust-read I think.

Formation of Coherent Correlated States - the Universal Method of Explanation of LENR Paradoxes and Solving of LENR Problems 
V.I. Vysotskii, M.V.Vysotskyy Kiev National Shevchenko University, Ukraine

Biotransmutation of Cs133 and Biodeactivation of Cs137 by Aerobic Syntrophic Microorganisms and Microorganisms of Methanogenic Sea Ooze 
Vladimir Vysotskii Kiev National Shevchenko University, Ukraine, 
Alla Kornilova, Sergei Gaidamaka Moscow State University, Russia 
Vladimir Kashcheev A.A. Bochvar High-Technology Scientific Research Institute for Inorganic Material, Russia 
Elena Zhura, Andrei Tserbaev LLC "Tandem", Moscow, Russia

ERxperimental Observation and Theoretical Explanataion of Effective Transmutation of Target Nuclei Uncder Action of Shock waves
v. Vysotskii, Alla Kornilova

Issue 129
September/October 2016
Infinite Energy Magazine
Table of Contents

In Memoriam: Dr. Thomas Phipps, Jr.

Structures of the Proton, the Muon and the Electron William L. Stubbs

Industrial Heat Motion to Dismiss Rossi Complaint: Granted in Part, Dismissed in Part David French

The Length of the Seventh Period Arnold G. Gulko
26 Rebuttal of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle: Replacing Uncertainty with Absolute Certainty Peter Grandics

!!! Received first From the Russian Officil LENR site 


Incomprehensible' birth of supercrystal explained
Date:September 28, 2016
Source:Utrecht University
Two years ago, a research team published an article explaining how they had created a material with unique and extremely interesting electronic characteristics. In this 'supercrystal', the electrons move almost with the speed of photons, and the electric current can be switched on and off. This makes it ideal for ultra-fast electronics. But at the time, the researchers were at a loss to explain how this 'supercrystal' obtained its unique structure. Now they have unraveled the mystery, and it appears to involve a completely different mechanism for crystal formation.

By David Gurteen:
The last of human freedoms
Decisions Are Emotional, Not Logical
5 Problem-Solving Skills All Professionals Need

these are the 5 skills: 
The ability to be both practical and creative.
-  Be positive.
The ability to change your mind.
- Clear and articulate communication.
- -A willingness to speak and to listen.

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  1. Speaking of LENR examples, here is the list of Abstracts for the Satellite Symposium of 20th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science September 28-30, 2016 Xiamen, China:

    Regarding electric arc discharge with graphite (wood charcoal equivalent) producing transmutation.

    When a magnetic field passes through and is modified by a hexagonal crystal structure such as that of graphite, the LENR reaction is catalyzed. The modulated magnetic field produces nucleon decay and associated meson production.

    See post below for theory