Friday, September 23, 2016



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Therefore mainly by repetition you can learn the high art of nagging even tormenting people with lowly lies. (ask Joseph Goebbels)


Some quite interesting news till now and more coming (not all good) so I decided to not discuss today here with my overly repetitive opponents, obviously after a (two) small nice chats at the LENR Forum now dominated by them. The Mottoes are dedicated to them. They want to make me unhappy, I am making them happy, I have a good heart.

So dear friendser and let's focus together on the promise of MFMP's Bob Greenyer (2) and on the tricky CF killer paper by Ethan Siegel.(6)


1) Q&A Why the controversial science of cold fusion is getting hot again

4) LENR Studying the Rossi Effect in the Basement or Garage by Brian Albiston

5) A method of producing excessive heat output cyclic outbreaks in the titanium powder. Andrei Khrishchanovich

6) Ethan Siegel is back:
Is Cold Fusion Feasible? Or Is It A Fraud?

7) LENR Fanning the New Fire by Bob Greenyer


Only the abstract!
The road towards polaritonic devices                                                                                      

  • Daniele Sanvitto
  • Stéphane Kéna-Cohen

  • Polaritons are quasiparticles that form in semiconductors when an elementary excitation such as an exciton or a phonon interacts sufficiently strongly with light. In particular, exciton–polaritons have attracted tremendous attention for their unique properties, spanning from an ability to undergo ultra-efficient four-wave mixing to superfluidity in the condensed state. These quasiparticles possess strong intrinsic nonlinearities, while keeping most characteristics of the underlying photons. Here we review the most important features of exciton–polaritons in microcavities, with a particular emphasis on the emerging technological applications, the use of new materials for room-temperature operation, and the possibility of exploiting polaritons for quantum computation and simulation.


     I liked this writing by Harold Jarche:
    carpe diem


    1. Peter
      Interesting video



    2. 20 20 Vision System Review

      Over the past decade the major contact lens manufacturers have made huge advances in research and development leading to new contact lens technologies. These included improvements in production methods that ensure higher levels of quality, reproduction, and a reasonable overall cost to the wearer. A leap from the mid water type polymers to silicone hydrogel materials completely transformed the definitions of fit, oxygen transmission to the eye tissues, wearer comfort and wearers' expectations for end-of-day comfort.

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