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One of my duties is to think about important aspects of LENR. LENR is participating at the Ternary Technological Revolution- improvements in transport, transfer and transformation of matter, energy and information. For details see please my "Technology-Mon Amour" posting or my FQXI essay.
In all cases LENR creates value and the main target is energy.
Today, this issue of my Blog shows preponderantly that LENR creates scientific information


1) CF/LANR Colloquium - Sept 14 2016

The Ides of September  ad hoc CF/LANR Colloquium at MIT [Wednesday, September 14, 2016] Announced by Mitchell Swartz

Prof.  Peter  L. Hagelstein (MIT, Massachusetts) 
  A perspective on condensed matter nuclear science

Florian Metzler (MIT, Massachusetts) 
 Experimental effort at MIT to study phonon-nuclear coupling

Dr. Mitchell  R. Swartz (Nanortech, Massachusetts)
  Optical Detection of Phonon Gain Distinguishes an Active Cold Fusion/LANR Component

Michael A.Halem (LENR-InvestLLC)  
   Brillouin Energy Hydrogen Hot Tube Experiments 

These are the tentative titles;  and there may be one or two more on magnetism
in nanomaterials, and other relevant engineering issues requisite for 
successful CF/LANR systems. 

2) MFMP Provides Update About Me356

3) The titles of papers for oral presentation at the Satellite , better Sister ICCF20 in China

The list of papers for oral presentation, chronological order:

THURSDAY, SEP 29, 2016

1. P. L. Hagelstein (MIT, Massachusetts) A perspective on condensed matter nuclear science

2. P. Chen (DICP, Dalian) Materials development for hydrogen storage

3. M. H. Miles (ULV, California) The Fleischmann-Pons calorimetric methods and equations

4. T. S. Wang (LZU, Lanzhou) Experimental study of sub-coulomb barrier fusion reaction of light nuclei in various environment

5. Y. Iwamura (Tohoku U, Sendai) Anomalous heat generation and nuclear transmutation experiments at condensed matter nuclear reaction division of Tohoku university

6.G. S. Huang (Tsinghua U, Beijing) Hydrogen-lithium low energy resonant electron-capture and Bethe’s solar energy model

7. H. Zhang (Qiuran Lab, Xi’an) Anomalous heat effect in Ni-H (LiAlH4) systems

8. G. H. Miley (UI, Illinois) TBD

9 M. A. Halem (LENR-Invest LLC, New York) Validation of brillouin energy corporation hydrogen hot tube experiments

10. J. Tian (CUST, Changchun) Cold fusion research in CUST: past, present and future


11.  D. J. Nagel (GWU, Washington DC) Another approach to reproducing reported LENR excess heat

12. P. L. Hagelstein (MIT, Massachusetts) Thoughts about new basic physics experiments in condensed matter nuclear science

13. J. F. Geneste (Airbus Group, Toulouse) Symmetry, entropy and order

14. W. S. Zhang (ICCAS, Beijing) Excess heat measurements in Pd|D2O+D2SO4 electrolytic cells and Ni|H2 systems

15. D. S. Szumski (Independent scholar, Davis) So you want to design a cold fusion electrode

16. F. R. Wan (USTB, Beijing) Response of gas bubbles to electron irradiation

17. J. P. Biberian (Aix-Marseilles U, Marseille) Update of current experiments

18. F. Metzler (MIT, Massachusetts) Experimental effort at MIT to study phonon-nuclear coupling

19. C. L. Liang (Tsinghua U, Beijing) Anomalous heat effect in gas-discharge tube with Pd and D/H

20. S. Y. Ding (XMU, Xiamen) A hypothesis of stimulated surface phonon emission contributed to low energy nuclear reactions

21 Z. Q. Tian (XMU, Xiamen) Some thoughts on abnormal phenomena of condensed phase with hydrogen (deuterium)

preliminary comments tomorrow

4) An Event:  new LENR book published:
Hacking the Atom, Explorations in Nuclear Research, Volume 1, by Steven B. Krivit

5)Many Pd/H/d papers here
HERA Publications


Taming the quantum spook
Reconciling Einstein with quantum mechanics may require abandoning the notion that cause always precedes effect

Seven charts show new renewables outpacing rising demand for first time

LENR not discussed


From Tanmay Vora
The Neo-Generalist
Want to Raise a Child Genius? A Study Running for 45 Years Has Suggestions

Want to Raise a Child Genius? A Study Running for 45 Years Has Suggestions


  1. September 15, 2016 at 1:43 AM
    Dr Andrea Rossi,
    Will you participate to the next ICCF in Japan ?

    Andrea Rossi
    September 15, 2016 at 6:46 AM
    I cannot, because I am too much engaged in my activity and cannot leave the battlefield. I know that Prof. Norman Cook will present a very important paper, not directly related to our work, but very important under the theoretical point of view. Obviously, I send my best wishes of success to all the participants to the next ICCF.
    Warm Regards,

    1. LENR is or has to be a Technology and how can you control Exotic particles? I have read at least 20 papers re LENR via Exotic particles.

  2. Peter
    Interesting article

    1. "For first time, individual atoms seen keeping away from each other or bunching up as pairs"

    2. "A tight squeeze for electrons: Quantum effects observed in ‘one-dimensional’ wires"