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a) Answering to accusations, accusing Exhibits of shoddiness 

My Editorial of yesterday has got some attention here:
Rossi vs IH: (Update: Sep. 9 20– James A. Bass now a Third Party in IH’s Counter Complaint)

and it was not treated well in my opinion; therefore I am answering. Not answering on the Forum where my answer would be sabotaged- opponents attack in packs one of them using tsunamis of wording- so there to the usual Forum illness, Dilutitis it will be added a dosis of deadly Drownitis.  This is my Blog made to let me say what I want, in proper circumstances. The Forum is organized for lynching.

First about me- who I am, how I am and what I think and why is not misunderstood, it is intentionally misinterpreted by my opponents. Some of them-  to be polite do not excel in fairness.
It was said  am "totally confused". No, I have a very clear, well formed opinion that differs from what they want to impose upon everybody. Why no "in error". "not well informed" "not intelligent enough to understand the situation?" Because confused, totally confused is more offending and works for them. Choose the worst variant- the most aggressive!
Why should I be confused  I can remark simply - what the opponents do not like, cannot accept and will deny up to the end: actually IH has NO real proofs against Leonardo Corp., the 27 Exhibits are nothing else than a bunch of totally (I borrowed the word) irrelevant documents and fabrications. See what Abd says about Exhibit 5 which was thought and presented by Jed as a mortal weapon. (Jed says here a new enormity about the closed circuit) Now Abd tries a clumsy diplomacy- this shows only Penon's lack of communication. Is this manipulation. explaining away,  honest? And why for Jed's sake does IH not make public the ERV Report if it is such a hyper-strong proof of the lack of excess energy? I tell you why -because it is NOT. 

It was discussed, in psrt quite nicely if I am a "humble and kind" man or st least i was prior to this Rossi vs. Darden affair. I do not spire to humbleness I consider it a pseudo-virtue but functionally I am indeed polite and kind. Just I answer to offenses.

To understand better my position- as I told here many times- in the first years of apprenticeship of my career I have discovered QUALITY- it were the books ppaers and sayings of Deming, Juran, Crosby- the formative books of Pirsig and Hofstadter
the drams of Henri de Montherlant that have helped me to join the cult of quality; I had the luck and privilege to work for/with a product with a very complex quality- suspension poly-vinylchloride. Not humbleness but professional and human dignity is the measure of some body's quality. Dignity and love of honest, creative work.
Therefore I will never(not a long time in my case) forgive Jed for what he has said about cheating with flowmeters- and I responsibly declare that I am not obsessed in anyway. But I have my form of sacredness. I love order, discipline, smart taxonomies
I do not make any damned bizarre assumptions- but I see the execrable, lousy quality of the 27 Exhibits. I don't need Rossi or any else for this- Rossi actually does not comments them. What was bizarre - the reactions, behavior, modus operandi of IH- the worst timing  conceivable.

Why the Exhibits are such a shoddy work, a bunch of scientific papers, fragments of 
from Rossi's blog, etc., etc. Which of these gentleman is the best, most convincing, the star? I had a re-revelation with Exhibit 18- it is about the money JM paid to IH for energy- some days for 1MW other days 0.75 MW. OK, any good accountant would present here the global situation for 12 month in chronological order, IH throws in the invoices for
JULY 1, 2015
AUG 1, 2015,
OCT 12, 2015,
SEP 8, 3015
JAN 4, 2016

What is the logic? Payment made only for these months? Is there some proofs that actually all payments were made for zero energy? Conspiracy? Shoddy formally shoddy in content- and typical.

To Shane D. - thanks for your kindness but I cannot associate myself with Colonel Nicholson- I am not a prisoner- not of the Rossi Planet, but fortunately not of the IH Planet where these infra-shoddy Exhibits are venerated.
I bet the usual suspects will compose odes for them now.


1) Understanding Alexander Parkhomov..

2) This was preented yesterday
. Lothar DrWenzel, National Instruments, U.S.A.
 Full day industrial workshopecent Advances in Measurement, Monitoring and Control Research for Smart Energy Systems
Organizer(s): Kunie Iseki (National Instruments Japan)
Estimated Schedule: 9:30 10:00 ~ 17:00 – September 20, 2016
Hig5:h performance computing and control for geophysics, smart grid, and LENR research
We report on three projects in the energy field. Two of them share another feature, large systems of FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) are deployed to achieve the required performance. The first example is a 3D acoustic wave control system with 800 sensors and actuators with integrated real-time partial differential equation solvers that are executed using 400 FPGAs. Such a system is used to study geophysical phenomena. We also report on how very large power grid simulations can be conducted by an FPGA-centric architecture similar to the former one. In particular, real-time transient computations at rates of 1 MHz using many FPGSs are possible. These very fast simulations can be connected to slower (but still real-time) simulations of extensive bus-systems. We will briefly discuss an application in the field of LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction).

3) From Rossi's JONP:
September 20, 2016 at 7:52 PM
Dr Andrea Rossi,
I understand the Quarkx is generating some trouble: can you specify?

Andrea Rossi
September 21, 2016 at 4:52 AM
Peaks of too high temperature.
Warm Regards

4) In Hungarian
Bevezetés a LENR-be - 1. rész (Zoltan Rausch)
It is an interview with Erno Lakatos, I have written about  him on May 24, this year

5) The CEO of LENR Cars about deriving concepts on basis of LENR
 1/2: Nicolas Chauvin: Antriebskonzepte auf der Basis von LENR / Kalter Fusion

Update for Sep 21, 2016
Good prospects for Leonardo Corp./Andrea Rossi lawsuit vs. Cherokee Investment Partners/Thomas Darden


  1. Do not flatter yourself. You are not humble or kind. You are a pain in the butt, and you have been for as long as I have known you. When I bought you computer equipment and gave you money years ago, you paid me back then with a kick in the butt. I learned to expect that from you. You talk as if you were humble, but in fact you are egotistical, and a damned ingrate.

    If anyone other than Rossi had told you that he has a machine that produces 1 MW but the room does not get hot, and he has a secret endothermic process that swallows up all the heat, you would say that's a ridiculous lie. You are an engineer; you know it is impossible. Yet because it is Rossi who tells you this, you slavishly believe it. You are disgrace to engineering.

    1. I guess you are angry with me, but you are the fault of our conflict you have insulted people and told horrible things.
      I regret but I am answering to insults.
      As regardibnnd the Rissi technology, if you are so comnvinced about its non-existence why you make so much noise and try to convince anybody ? Rossi will lose the Trial and the story is over. etter focus on classic LENR, ICCF20 coming, IH funding so many good works. Be more positive.
      And for the last time please retract the half full pipes idea!

    2. I have said nothing but the truth. The truth is horrible. Rossi is a liar and thief. You are blind to him because you want to believe him. As I said, if anyone else told you he has a magic endothermic process that swallows up 1 MW of heat continuously, you would instantly say he is lying. You should apply the same standards to Rossi you apply to everyone else. You should WAKE UP and face the truth.

    3. I have provided you with photos of half-full pipes. I know for a fact this is not a closed loop. The reservoir is open to the atmosphere. The returning water pours into it, gravity fed. Therefore, the pipe is half full, like any other drainage pipe. That is a fact. You can deny it a thousand times, but it is a fact.

    4. Jed,
      Why not wait for the court case to play itself out? After all, it was Rossi who sued IH for the $89M not the other way around. So, presumably he has some evidence which supports his case. Are we supposed to believe that someone who had nothing to do with the test (except that he apparently was spoon-fed information from IH) knows all that is needed to know about the test. And please, don't tell me again that your information was provided by Rossi! Methinks though dost protest too much!

    5. "You are not humble or kind. You are a pain in the butt....You talk as if you were humble, but in fact you are egotistical, and a damned ingrate."

      Pot kettle black. Actually, these words along with the others I did not repeat indicate a tyrant bent on controlling the thoughts and ideas of others. When did a supposedly rational person turn into a tyrannical pitbull who won't countenance any disagreement and resorts to personal attacks along with his buddy Abd. This latter behavior IS truly disgraceful. Both you and Abd should be ashamed!

      P.S. Perhaps you could have simply - and humbly - said "I have more information than you do, and see no evidence for your continued support of Rossi, but I can't show it to you due to NDA so I understand why you might not be convinced. I predict that xxx (insert here) regarding the trial."

    6. Peter Gluck wrote (to Jed Rothwell): " are the fault of our conflict you have insulted people and told horrible things."

      I completely agree with this statement of Peter. It's fine if Peter and Jed disagree but this should not cause a conflict. However, Jed has clearly escalated this into the realm of irrational discussion. Unfortunately, he uses the same sort of irrational discussion elsewhere. Now he even calls Rossi a thief. What has he stolen? IH did due diligence, paid $10M with open eyes, signed a contract which was greatly in their favor (in terms of territory and license agreement) and went on to compound the insult in numerous ways including delaying the 1-year test and submitting patent applications for intellectual property which they claim does not exist! I could just as well call IH the thieves because they did not pay the $89M after the ERV report. However, I do not do this, partly because I am not involved but also because I have the humility to realize that I don't have all of the evidence.

    7. Dear Anonymous,

      we have to excuse Jed he is too emotional and tries to pose in knidof IH supremacist. The truble is his perseverance in error and rudeness.

  2. Dear Peter,

    I am from Berlin, Germany. I usually do not comment online but today I felt you might need some cheering up. Let me tell you that you have an important voice out there. I follow your blog almost every day. For me your words are often an inspiration and I am convinced your position regarding the IH/Rossi dispute is wise and rational. Please go on and let your light shine into the world. Don't waste to much energy with those corrupt people. They are not your league ;)

    H. Raven

    1. Dear Friend,I am indeed grateful for your kindness
      I can manage the situation, "they" do not have arguments and are very repetitive as the cuckoo.

    2. Well put Mr.Raven!
      Just to cheer Peter up, here are folks from Ukraine
      look under Andrea Rossi/description

    3. Mr.Raven.
      You expressed my opinion.
      Peter thank You for Your informations. You are really Great Man.

  3. Like the specific shape of a key opens a lock, if the stimulus for the LENR reaction within the nucleon is a specific moire patterning of a monopole magnetic field, that would explain why certain crystal configurations induce the LENR reaction.


    Hexagonal Crystals and LENR (Axil Axil)

    Possibly, metalized hydrides produce the proper magnetic pattern without crystal based filtering, but other materials can produce the proper magnetic pattern through filtering of a monopole magnetic field through the appropriate crystal structure.

    For example, Dennis Cravens Golden balls

    "To assure a strong magnetic field in the active material the spheres contain a ground samarium cobalt (Sm2Co7) magnet, which stays magnetized at higher temperatures. This was powdered and the powder is mostly random but it should provide a strong magnetic field within the sample"

    The Sm2Co7 magnet produces the required anisotropic magnetic field lines(monopole like magnetic field).

    Deuterium is used as the gas envelope

    Activated charcoal produces the graphite like hexagonal crystal structure that formats the magnetic field to the proper specific moire patterning of a monopole magnetic field.

    The basic chemical structure of activated carbon is closely approximated by the structure of pure graphite. The graphite crystal is composed of layers of fused hexagons held by weak van de Waals forces. The layers are held by carbon–carbon bonds.

    It is the specific shape of the magnetic field that causes the nucleons (protons and neutrons) to decay when the applied patterned magnetic field produces CP violation in a resonant EMF based reaction.

    1. thanks, I hope you will tell more about this,

  4. Note to Peter - this is classic spam and easily recognisable as such....

  5. Peter, I fully support you in your battle with these unfair anti Rossi bloggers who have really downgraded the LENR forum.That is also a reason that I do not often comment there anymore. I love your blog here and read it nearly every day and also agree with others who say,: 'you keep us inspired and positive about LENR and Rossi!' Please go on as long you can, thanks!
    Marc Ellenbroek

    1. Dear Mark,
      Yes unfortunately noisuiness and rudeness are effective weapons on the Forumoshere
      Your words are chicken soup for my old heart- thank you!
      Ici je suis, ici je reste, I am not easy to be scared
      and not so stupid to try to answer to anymessage of the Homo blah-blahensis.

  6. Peter
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    What is the context of these posts? Look like pieces of resumes.
    12:12 p.m., Thursday Se