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1) From Brad Pierce's Blog:
Cold fusion (LENR) and near room temperature superconductivity — a USA government report

According to the report “INVESTIGATION OF NANO-NUCLEAR REACTIONS IN CONDENSED MATTER“, from the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency,

By using the Pd/D co-deposition technique and co-depositional variants (based on flux control), solid evidence (i.e., excess heat generation, hot spots, mini-explosions, ionizing radiation, near-IR emission, tritium production, transmutation, and neutrons) has been obtained that indicate that lattice assisted nuclear reactions can and do occur within the Pd lattice. The results to date indicate that some of the reactions occur very near the surface of the electrode (within a few atomic layers). Also, the reactions may be enhanced in the presence of either an external electric or magnetic field, or by optically irradiating the cathode of cells driven at their optimal operating point (OOP). Optimal operating points appear when heat, power gain, or helium or tritium production, are presented as a function of the input electrical power. They allow standardization, and driving with electrical input power beyond the OOP yields a falloff of the production rates.

Besides LENR, the Pd/H(D) system exhibits superconductivity. Palladium itself does not superconduct. However, it was found that H(D)/Pd does and that the critical temperatures of the deuteride are about 2.5 K higher than those of hydride (at the same atomic ratios). This is the ‘inverse’ isotope effect. In these early measurements, the loading of H(D) in the Pd lattice was less than unity, i.e. H(D):Pd < 1. Later Tripodi et al. developed a method of loading and stabilizing 50 µm diameter Pd wires with H(D):Pd loadings greater than one. These samples have exhibited near room temperature superconductivity. Examples of measured superconducting transitions of PdHx samples are shown in Figure 1-2.

We believe the two phenomena, LENR and high Tc superconductivity, are related and that both need to be investigated in order to gain an understanding of the processes occurring inside the Pd lattice. The scope of this effort was to design and conduct experiments to elucidate the underlying physics of nuclear reactions occurring inside Pd-D nano-alloys and to make that data available to theoreticians to aid in their ability to develop a theory that explains how and why low energy nuclear reactions can occur within a palladium lattice.

Tip of the hat to Frank Acland.

The DTRA Report Russian site link:

2) From Andrea Rossi's JONP site

September 5, 2016 at 6:06 AM

Dear Andrea Rossi,

Concerning the working of the ECAT I have the following questions :
1- Is it true that a (changing) magnetic field will stop/slow the low energy nuclear reaction in the ECAT
2- When no magnetic field is present the reaction can occur ?

Andrea Rossi
September 5, 2016 at 7:20 AM
1- yes in some configurations
2- this is an object of a patent application on course and I cannot make 
Warm Regards,

clovis Ray
September 5, 2016 at 9:56 AM

Dear Sir.
I think you are doing a remarkable job herding your cats, there is a lot of folks talking about how your reactor is nuclear, could you expound on this subject, I remember you saying in the past that you thought it was closer to cold fusion than LENR, The nay sayers, are still trying to scare folks with this, I know that things change as a project matures, should it still be called LENR. I like the phrase
THE ROSSI EFFECT,and am taking credit for coining the phrase, hope you don’t mind, and as well could you say if you and Mr.Cook think that superconduction may be taking place, hope this is not asking too much, but I did read in one of your comments that this could or might be happening, thank you so much for all you do,and god bless you, and keep his hand on your shoulder.

Andrea Rossi
September 5, 2016 at 10:46 AM

Clovis Ray:
I think LENR could be still the right definition. Multiple measurements made also by official parties have given evidence that outside the E-Cats there are not ionizing radiations beyond the allowed limits.
Thank you for your sustain,
Warm Regards,

3) Comments will come here:
Rossi: Changing Magnetic Field Can Stop/Slow E-Cat Reaction


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