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1-Political language... is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. (George Orwell)

2- He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past. (George Orwell)

3- The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history. (George Orwell)

4- If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. (George Orwell)

5- War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. George Orwell

6- But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought. 
 (George Orwell)

7- Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”(George Orwell)

8- Big Brother is Watching You. (George Orwell)  


I really hate contributing to the popularity of the IH propagandists. Actually they lack both effectiveness and efficiency, they are more annoying than dangerous. Some people still takes them seriously so I will write about them- avoiding adjectives as much as possible because I will not descend to their level. The problem is that they are trying to play Big Brother. to my dislike.

I know too well their methods, mode of thinking, mentality because I have lived  many years in an Orwellian society. I have read '1984' and lived it.

First please (re)read my classic:
You must do the impossible if the Boss says it! You must believe the impossible is it is in the favor of our boss!

An other Orwellian story I lived was 
see please about my communist kangaroo court and the instructive story of the florentine vessel

One unforgettable meeting with a communist Party activist; we started to manufacture plasticizers for PVC- they are made by esterification of an organic biacid (actually used phtalic anhydride) with increasingly heavy (more C atoms) alcohols. The most important alcohol, C8- 2-ethyl-hexyl was then very expensive
and the Party activist has instructed us to reduce the specific consume- you must do it use less with 25% each year! You (me, the technologist) will be responsible, have you understood tovarishch engineer?
I told him calmly that this is fine just impossible, it is about a chemical reaction
that follows the laws of Nature!
He got simply mad and has explained shouting and with a vocabulary that would make even my opponents of today to blush. that the decisions, directives of the Party have priority over everything- stupid laws of Nature, burzhui chemistry, perverse logic, coward thinking- so I should shut up and do my duty, otherwise... allusions to the my "class enemy" character and past. (my parents were not poor)

With amazement and an easy taste of horror I observe the same oppressive thinking at the propagandists of IH in the Rossi vs. Darden conflict- in the frame of an Internet campaign aiming to help the legal issue. No, I am a not exaggerating a bit; Jed snd Abd's fans should be listen carefully to what I will tell.

Please keep the 7 Mottoes- Orwell quotes in mind.

The most recent discussion can be found here:

To take it shortly I had a dispute with Jed Rothwell re three main proofs of IH for their scenario of the Test- no het, scam, conspiracy, evil Rossi etc.

The first dispute now in the stage of total madness is about the flowmeter.
Jed has told officially he has seen the schematics of the Plant. Therefore I have asked him:

_ Where was the flowmeter in the diagram of the Plant?  Answer

I told you already! Time after time I told you. You never listen. It is in liquid water, which means it has to be between the condenser and the reservoir. Where else could it be?
You don't need me to tell you this. You could have figured it out yourself, from the flow meter specifications. That meter will not work in steam. So if there really is steam between the reactor and condenser (repeat) 

OK, this is orwellian elimination of logic and blatant illiteracy in matter of (chemicaL) engineering. The flowmeter CAN NOT BE THERE  and was not
a) becaus e it does not work in that place, the flowmeter with moving parts needs a minimum of 3 barr pressure, or a column of 30 meters height to work. This is the reason for which it is where it is, between the pump and the ECats; 

b) It has absolutely no reason to be where Jed said it was,- suppose it measures the flow of warm water returning from the customer to the reservoir, but in the same time water from that reservoir is sent by the pump to be converted in steam, so the measured flow is not relevant- but also not measurable with this type of instrument.

I have Jed to send me the diagram  with the flowmeter in that absurd place:
The answer was:

You would not believe it even if I sent you the diagram. You would say I drew the diagram myself, and it did not come from Rossi. You will believe what you want to believe, no matter what I say. You will believe whatever Rossi tells you, no matter how impossible it may be.

Cheap trick but he surely has no authentic diagram- but he can perfectly anticioate what I will do! The same newspeak as with the ERV Report he received from Rossi by error but a strict NDA obliges him to hide the document - any half brained could see it shows no excess energy (but IH has not seen it), A cobweb of fantasies- lies can have creative value but these fuzzy things no.

Jed also tells about the warehouse having no ventilation. Why not? Any normal warehouse has ventilating but this one was made to prove no energy there? 
The photos of the JM space are not taken from inside and not the complete roof can be seen so it cannot say if it was or was not ventilation. It is no proof.

Jed is surprisingly misinformed- in many respects, has no idea about the JM space and energy consuming method activity but as a good Orwellian character all his wishes and guesses and imaginations are certainties. The director of JM, Jim Bass was a ghost now it is real but Jed knows better. He changes the past and creates new realities.

Enough for today but I will continue- I bet Jed and later Abd will not like  and will deny being orwellian oppressors.

Going to watch a bit TV- the Gastro-Angel at Duna TV

1) ICCF20 Poster Presentations

1-Orchideh Azizi SKINR, Univ. Missouri, USA
Effect of mercury on the kinetics and mechanism of hydrogen/ deuterium loading into palladium in alkaline solution

 2- Francesco Celani INFN-LNF, Italy
The Zitterbewegung interpretation of quantum mechanics as theoretical framework for Ultra Dense Deuterium and Low Energy Nuclear Reactions

3- William Collis ISCMNS, Italy
Minimal Exotic Neutral Particle Models

4)-Volodymyr Dubinko NSC KIPT, Ukraine
Radiation-induced formation of localized anharmonic vibrations as a method to trigger LENR A

 5- George Egely Egely Ltd., Hungary
Influencing Radioactivity via Transmutation A

6-  Arik El-Boher SKINR, Univ. Missouri,
USA Final report on SKINR replication experimental program to seek excess heat using Ni powders mixed with LiAlH4 and free Li under high temperature Hydrogen gas

7- Max Fomitchev-Zamilov Quantum Potential Corporation, USA Neutron Synthesis via Arc Discharge in Low-Pressure Hydrogen Plasma: Successful Replication of Earnest Sternglass Experiment

8- I.V.Goryachev Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia Implementing Innovative Technologies for Cleaning Sea Areas from Solid Pollution

9- Robert Greenyer Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project, United Kingdom Live Open Science, experience in LENR research and techniques for future application to advance the scientific method

10- P. L. Hagelstein Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA Statistical mechanics models for PdHx and PdDx

12- Philippe Hatt Independent, Belgium
Cold Nuclear Transmutations Theoretical models of atom nuclei

13- Philippe Hatt Independent, Belgium
Cold Nuclear Transmutations Structural Anomaly of Palladium Nucleus

 14-  T. Itoh Tohoku University, Japan
Pd, Se, Zr Transmutation Experiments induced by D2 gas permeation with the nano-sized Pd complexes

14Lutz Jaitner, Germany
Condensed Plasmoids – The Intermediate State of LENR

15- Andrew Meulenberg Science for Humanity Trust, Inc., USA
Physical reasons for rejecting arguments against Deep-Dirac Levels - Physical reality vs mathematical models in LENR

 16-Melvin H. Miles University of LaVerne, USA
The Eyring Rate Theory Applied To Cold Fusion

17- Hidemi Miura Independent, Japan
States of Hydrogen, Oxygen or Magnesium Atom in or with Cubic Ice Crystal-like Water Clusters

18- David J. Nagel The George Washington University, USA
Gas-Phase Nickel Hydrogen Experiments in Nickel Tubes in a Furnace

19- David J. Nagel The George Washington University, USA
Electrical Noise Spectroscopy of LENR Electrochemical Cells

20- David J. Nagel The George Washington University, USA
Production of Clean Water by using Energy from LENR

21- Ken Naitoh Waseda University, Japan

A new physical theory for describing and stabilizing cold fusion

NOTE- for me of special interest No.6 and 18.

2) LENR 101 Part 1 Origins of Cold Fusion

3) LENR 101 Part 2 – The Rossi Effect

4) LENR 101 Part 4 Questions and Answers

5) LENR Test Kit, MK .1 Model T : What's In The Box & Assembly :Part

 (-) Ethan Siegel's famous paper- on its regular place- Science Blogs

6) A German language Forum;
LENR- niederenergetische Reaktionen


X-ray laser glimpses how electrons dance with atomic nuclei in materials\

Date:September 22, 2016
Source:SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
The coupling between electrons and phonons determines how efficiently solar cells convert sunlight into electricity. It also plays key roles in superconductors that transfer electricity without losses, topological insulators that conduct electricity only on their surfaces, materials that drastically change their electrical resistance when exposed to a magnetic field, and more.

Combining the elements palladium, ruthenium for industry
Date:September 21, 2016
Source:National Institute for Materials Science
For a long time, researchers have thought that combining palladium and ruthenium could lead to improved and novel properties for industrial applications. However, the two elements do not readily mix together to become a single material.


Science has next to nothing to say about moral intuitions


  1. So once again IH et al has leaked out a little bit of information to Jed which they know he will run with. It is the continuation of Dewey Weaver. If they wanted to settle the case once for all, they would provide enough information proving once for all what they claim but this is not in their interest.

    We know before that Jed only receives a little information he then have to interpret and we know in the past he has made assumptions that turned out not to be true.

  2. I will repeat a previous comment. Getting the waste heat out of the customer facility is as simple as opening the loading bay (and we know there are loading bays, as the E-Cat container had to be gotten INTO the building) door, and turning on a portable industrial-sized fan. What neither Rossi or the customer would have done was to install PERMANENT oversized heat removal elements. That Rossi knows this is shown by his use of a genset to provide the needed extra power to run one of the first 1MW tests.

  3. But the people from industrial heat would
    have seen an open bay door and a large fan.
    they would have noted that somewhere or take
    a picture.
    A delivery person or neighbouring business would
    have seen the fan or felt the heat.
    Amazing how people cover the test site story in
    every way but not asking was a fan at a loading dock.
    At least i have not heard of it.

    1. What makes you think they didn't see it. Such quickie kludges for temporary installations are totally common and probably wouldn't faze anyone seeing it to remark on it. I pointed this out to show that the heat can be very easily removed even if there were NO visible roof-mounted cooling, or if said cooling was felt to be "too small".

  4. Anonymous
    Posted your comment on Ecat
    World and got this reply.

    Visit Ged's profile

    Honestly, I'm not sure what that comment is trying to say. But, the already present roof vent is the right size and shape to easily remove all 1 MW of heat via air cooled heat exchanger (like the size and shape we see positioned directly under said vent), so the loading doors could tay closed no problem.