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The toxic people must know that I am fighting for my right to have my own opinions, even negative and interrogative  about actions that are destructive without justifications and without clear, proper explanations. I like to think independently and I am nobody's fan see: Oldie but true!


Not much to tell today, anyway we have a fine scientific paper- see 1) Thanks to Felix and David!

On the Rossi-IH front the half full pipe idea has lost popularity to the half (oxi)moronic combination- excess heat wasn't and it could not be because it could not be consumed.
While the IH lover people make great efforts, Andrea  Rossi behaves like his enemies are accumulating and publishing evidence that they have no evidence


1) Is the Abundance of Elements in Earth's Crust Correlated with LENR Transmutation Rates?
F Scholkmann, DJ Nagel's_Crust_Correlated_with_LENR_Transmutation_Rates/links/577df8ff08aeaa6988abc37e.pdf

Nuclear transmutations are reported in many low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) experiments. We showed in a previous study (Scholkmann and Nagel, J. Condensed Matter Nucl. Sci. 13 (2014) 485–494) that (i) the transmutation data of three independent experiments have a similar pattern and (ii) this pattern correlates with a model-based on the prediction of Widom and Larsen (WL). In the present study, we extended our analysis and investigated whether the abundance of elements in Earth’s crust is correlated with either (i) the WL-prediction, or (ii) the three LENR transmutation data sets. The first analysis revealed that there is no statistically significant correlation between these variables. The second analysis showed a significant correlation, but the correlation only reflects the trend of the data and not the peak-like pattern. This result strengthens the interpretation that the observed peak-like pattern in the transmutation data sets does not originate from contamination. Further implications of our study are discussed and a recommendation is given for future transmutation experiments. ⃝
c 2016 ISCMNS. All rights reserved. ISSN 2227-3123 

Keywords: Elements in Earth’s crust, Low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR), Neutron scattering strength, Statistical analysis, Transmutation, Widom–Larsen theory

2) From Uwe Doms
Jones Day has ‘corrected’ their rubbish here is the new dossier:
...and they ‘found’ John Doe
... and Vaughn is still no Manager

3) a, b) Abd ulRaman Lomax has on his New Vortex:
A visit to Planet Rossi
The Doral goose-cooking toaster oven

4) Nickel-hydrogen reactors built after the publication of the results of the Lugano experiment:
Никель-водородные реакторы, созданные после публикации отчета об эксперименте в Лугано

5) Cold Fusion videos:

6) The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

7) About Andrea Rossi in Hebrew

אנדראה רוסי – ויקיפדיה


Mystery: The deuteron, just like the proton, is much smaller than previously thought


Nothing to do with LENR except it is also about performance! The least likely record to fall this Olympics, and beyond (Synopsis) [Starts With A Bang]


  1. Peter,

    In the latest Rossi exchange, Frank Acland asked:

    "When you say that the Customer 'used the heat' does this mean that the manufacturing process was endothermic — i.e. the heat delivered by the E-Cat was absorbed in the customer’s production process."

    Rossi said "yes."

    You are a chemical engineer. You know as well as anyone there is no such thing as an endothermic industrial process that magically swallows up 1 MW and makes it vanish. At long last, can you not see that Rossi is lying? This is yet another blatant, extravagant, preposterous lie. Why do you believe him? Have you lost all common sense? Have you forgotten everything about chemistry and physics?

    You need to get a grip on reality. Rossi has no excess heat. It is all a lie. The evidence is overwhelming, and now he is reduced to making claims that any sane chemical engineer knows are impossible.

    1. it is painful for everybody
      it have to end.

      some of us will be more surprised than other by the painful definitive end. I'm sorry in advance.

      Time to work on what can be done.

    2. Jed,
      As usual your use of argument by absurd exaggeration makes you less than credible. Here is another quote from Rossi,

      "Frank Acland:
      1 The heat was used, not vented away from the Customer
      2 There was a ventilation system, to exhaust when necessary the heat excess, that has not been taken in the photo."

      He also replied "Yes" to a question of whether or not the Customer's process was endothermic.

      In case you didn't understand this it means two things:
      (1) SOME of the heat went into an endothermic process
      (2) The rest was vented.

    3. With the fans and vents in this building, it is not possible to vent the percent claimed by Rossi. See the amended Answer from I.H., item 82:

      "Murray also recognized that the building in which the Plant was located had no method to ventilate the heat that would be produced by the Plant were it producing the amount of steam claimed by Rossi, Leonardo, and Penon such that persons would not have been able to work in the building if the Rossi/Leonardo/Penon claims were true. This conflicted with the claims of
      individuals who had been in the building when the Plant was operating, all of whom claimed the temperature in the building was near or not much greater than the outside temperature. Photographs of the building ceiling from the inside are attached hereto as Exhibit 26."

    4. Overall Thermal Analysis of the Production Plant Process in the 1MW test in Doral, Florida :
      Note: All this depends on there being a gas supply.

      Consider a transport container that contains the whole production process of SMR(Steam Methane Reforming) and FT(Fischer-Tropsch). Another container contains an E-cat producing 1MW of steam and receiving a condensate return flow.

      Inputs to the SMR+FT container :
      1a: Air for combustion @ 20C
      1b: Methane for combustion @ 20C
      2: Methane for process raw material @ 20C
      3: Towns water for cooling @ 20C
      4: E-cat steam that goes to a heat exchanger @ 100C
      Electricity to run the plant

      Outputs from the SMR+FT container :
      1: Flue Gas from combustion @ 60C
      2: Liquid+solid hydrocarbons @ 60C
      3: Towns water return from cooling @ 60C
      4: E-cat return condensate from heat exchanger @60C
      Heat loss from container surfaces is zero.

      1: The combustion of air and methane is clearly inputting to the SMR+FT container considerable quantities of heat and the flue gases are cool; no different to a domestic central heating boiler. This air flow is taken from the ambient air inside the container and maintains the ambient air at a reasonable temperature. The air eventually emerges from the container via the flue gases, so the container must have a grill through which the outside air can enter when the doors are shut.

      2: The methane is the raw material for making the liquid+solid hydrocarbons that are things like diesel, paraffin, avaiation kerosene and solid paraffin wax. They contain a great deal of embodied energy
      that can be released by combustion at a later time and another place. These are fuels that are storable and transportable.

      3: With so much heat around there is going to be a need for some cooling by air or water at 20C. How much cooling? Perhaps 20kw for the water.

      4: The E-cat supplies 1MW of net enthalpy.

      Where did the 1MW of heat from the E-cat (and more from the combustion) go?
      Into the liquid+solid hydrocarbon fuels where it is stored.

      Where did most of the mass of methane go?
      Into the liquid+solid hydrocarbon fuels where it is stored. Some went up the flue gas pipe as combustion products.

      How much heat was released into the Doral factory?
      About 20kw via the towns water cooling return and that went into the drains, so nothing escapes into the building, except perhaps in a bit of warmth in the liquid+solid fuels that are made. Even the heat from the
      lights inside the SMR+FT container goes into the liquid+solid fuels.

      Now you know why IH are on a hopeless quest to find a heat signature, except perhaps from the flue pipe and that will be as cold as the exhaust from my domestic condensing boiler. I have just been outside to check the exhaust pipe of my boiler. It is made of PLASTIC!

  2. [hl]

    Once again Jed Rothwell Make false claims based on his ignorance in technology. He has no solid background in Physics or technology, at best his knowledge is high shcool level and some autodidact learning on specific subjects.

    Now he makes a claim that there is _no known industrial technology_ which is endothermic enough to consume fat majority part of 1 megawatt supply.

    The fact that Rothwell does not know of such endothermic technology does not make such technology non existent. This fact only shows that Rothlell don't know as much as he believes.

    There is a long thread opened on 11 August in E-Catworld which is related to the question what endothermic could be related to Rossi's claim that "the customer consumed heat rather than ventilated it out".

    Some people in this thread were wondering about such possible technology and mentioned a technology of manufacturing "insulating foam". Also, one reader (I think his name Bob Grenyer (?)) directed to an article in wikipedia about a class of technogies which consume energy for building new materials (As far as I recall this class of technogies is listed in wikipedia article named "embodied energy"). See link below.

    Ass far as I can guess I

    many proccesses which are energy embodied create _bonding_ of materials by endothermic energy (the well known brick burning is a simple example).

    See for more details.

    1. Hi Anonymous - if such a manufacturing process was used, we would also expect to see raw materials going in and finished materials coming out. As far as I can tell, there was no material input to the locked room and no material came out.

      It's not difficult to set up a webcam that watches the building to see what goes in and out. With the money at stake that would be a reasonable thing for IH to have done. We don't know that IH did in fact do that or used a local observer, but the material transfers would have left a paper trail too. Best wait a bit before being too certain that 98% of the heat produced was used up in an endothermic reaction.

      Why 98%? If the IR survey proves to have been real (and it's not confirmed in the Answer) then the heat-plume was consistent with 20kW being dissipated in the locked room. This is also consistent with the statement that the people who did enter that room were not uncomfortably hot.

      The embodied energy idea is an accounting method. About the only process which actually will store energy at high efficiency is a phase-change, which will return all the energy you put in with the only losses being through the insulation. Chemical and other manufacturing processes are not that efficient, so will have more than 2% waste heat from the process. If you wish to assume that Rossi's customer had such an efficient process, though, and managed to perform it without consuming raw materials or shipping a finished product, then that is your prerogative.

    2. 'we would also expect to see raw materials going in and finished materials coming out'
      Not if the raw or finished materials were liquids and/or gases that flowed through pipes.

      It's not difficult to set up a webcam that watches the building to see what goes in and out.
      Would said camera be able to see inside a pipe?

      '98% of the heat produced was used up in an endothermic reaction.'
      That could be surprisingly accurate.

      'the only process which actually will store energy at high efficiency is a phase-change'
      How about CH4+H2O->CO+3H2 -206kJ/mol
      The '-' means endothermic

  3. In your presentation of the "earth's crust" research by Felix and David, surely someone should mention and refer to the work of Alberto Carpinteri.

  4. Peter
    This is an interesting video.

    1. thanks my friend. It is from 201 and I give only new stuff.
      all the best o ou dear Sam!