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It seems to me that understanding LENR is not an easy task. Even more than this I am convinced that the 'sore' is very deep. We have to do a very great leap forward,something not less significant than Louis de Brogiie made in 1923 when he has proposed to consider the particles also as wave object attributing them a wave length. (LEONID URUTSKOEV)

The readers who have followed my "Radically re-thinking LENR" thread already know that due to the use of a false history and false identity oF LENR a very difficult tamed problem is converted in one almost intractable, wicked one. In my opinion, Leonid Urutskoev is also asking for a realistic vision of LENR.

The Obama Plan of stopping climate change could be a great opportunity for LENR to accomplish its mission  and become the leading energy source of the future. IF a lot of IFs will be answered and managed well.
Some experts think that the Obama Plan is simply not feasible See as an example: 
A fact-challenged clean energy plan

What, who, how can convince these experts that adding LENR the plan will be convertible in a pragmatic reality? Who can convince the President? It was already discussed what knows (actually thinks!) he about LENR, 

Perhaps we have to learn from the story of an other VVVVIP, Bill Gates. He has visited the ENEA Laboratory where the most advanced Pd D LENR happens. We were informed that Bill Gates  supports- gives money to the palladium based LENR- the gossip seems to come mainly from a company seling platinum metals. Should I make survey: how many of you, miraculously and instantly converted in billionaires will invest specifically in PdD LENR?  I could have huge surprises.
OK, probably President Obama is not well informed about the possibilities of LENR;
who can inform him well? Not a rhetoric question and I have an answer, my personal opinion. No prisoner of a theory, of an experimental method, no believers in simplistic tricks  or in mathematical manipulation. People able to make a Synthesis of a problem or of an field- and a synthesis is qualitatively more than a review. Nobody will ask me but my unique choice is LENRIA the scientific-industrial LENR organization with a vision of the LENR future. They, David Nagel and Steve Katinski
could convince the President to start a LENR Manhattan Plan, I think..

As the original Manhattan Plan this one will also imply high risks and the general level of trust in LENR is still low. Everything could be accelerated and reinforced if Rossi & IH accepts to deliver experimental certainties- a few perfect demos with complete heat balance (never say never- but he said), inviting the President to the 1MW plant, 
communicating the daily and the global COP's from this plant now and not in February March next year, defining negative results. Not much philosophy in this and it could change a lot. It is a great deal at stake.


I got good news from my friend Vlad Plesa from Vancouver , the owner of the 14+ years old bold and excellent new energy site http://www.zpenergy.com/
We have collaborated already from my web-search years  and he has helped me a lot. 
Vlad's bright son, Calin, very young then was able to solve even the nastiest IT problems, Now he is a scientist and has just published a remarkable paper- shown on the cover of the Physics Today magazine

I immediately remembered that in 1968 I have published a paper about the porosity characteristics of suspension polyvinylchloride; reading the paper co-authored by Calin, I was amazed by the huge progress made by Science during the last 50 years so perhaps we can hope that LENR will also start to move faster.
I wish Calin a stellar career in Science, next year he will move to a prestigious American university



1) LENR could allow for accomplishment of Obama climate goal

1a) Andrea Rossi
August 3rd, 2015 at 5:04 PM

Peter Forsberg:
Again thank you for your comments.
In a nutshell: when you burn a hydrocarbon ( therefore oil, coal, gas) you turn the organic C of the hydrocarbon into inorganic Carbon Dioxide. This is the excess we produce.
I agree perfectly with you on the fact that the Earth produces inorganic C and I have been in past strongly sceptic about the global warming as an effect of human activity, but the last studies and calculations have convinced me that human activity is not irrelevant. You are right saying that we have to adapt to new scenarios of surviving necessities, it is true that, independently from us, panta rei; but it is exactly for this reason that we have to invent technologies that help us to leverage our surviving chances . The integrals related to the increase of global warming in function of the increase of hydrocarbons burning are impressive. Maybe human activity is not the main cause of the global warming, but it is beyond any doubt among the causes, therefore to implant in the cultural DNA of mankind the necessity to reduce the burning of hydrocarbons is useful, even if maybe not absolutely resolutive. Obviously I can be wrong.
Warm Regards,

1b) Andrea Rossi
August 3rd, 2015 at 2:35 PM

Ing. Michelangelo De Meo:
Thank you: this confirms what I said of the President Barak Obama. Surely the E-Cats, if the tests on course will be positive, will help his policy.
Warm Regards,

2) To the Solar Hydrogen Trends puzzle- from the LENR Forum
Professor Constantine Balakiryan: The oxide film is no longer a challenge for the Hydrogen economy 

3) Rossi-practically impossible to retro-fitcoal power plants with E-Cats due to suthorization issues


Commercializing plasmonics

Nature Photonics 9, 477 (2015) doi:10.1038/nphoton.2015.149Published online 30 July 2015


  1. It reads to me that the authority to regulate the way power is produced in the states of the USA is controlled by each individual state. The federal government imposes regulations regarding pollution and nuclear issues but as long as the power plant meets those regulations, then the state is free to select the best way to provide power withing their borders.

    The LENR industry might provide power on a state by state basis in a way that completely meets the federal regulatory power generation requirements.

    The resistance of the states is based on the desire to protect vested interests such as the coal industry in that state. States without coal interests and states forced to abandon those interests through the actions of the federal govenment might find LENR a viable alternative to wind and solar power.

    Rossi may not have reevaluated his commercial position based on the new federal regulatory requirements. Like what is so often true with Rossi's pronouncements, what was true yesterday is not necessarily true today.

    Taking the long view In America, money smooths the way for almost anything. Once the LENR industry gets itself off the ground, it would be well served to use some of the huge funding flows that it can generate from massive production capacity and high value being currently put into place to seek the advise and experience of government savvy industry experts to lobby government executive and legislative representatives to overwhelm the interests currently supporting the financial needs of politicians(AKA the Kock brothers) in development of reelection funding and associated quid pro quo policy commitments. Only in this way, the American way, will LENR compete with the other more traditional forms of energy production in the American energy marketplace.

  2. Peter comment on Lugano Reheat test & observation by me356 on cool down phenomena noticed:
    James Rovnak
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    August 4th, 2015 at 3:30 PM
    Andrea very interesting post on Padua Reheat test cool down period today by me 356 on persistent heat in last hot spot area – Think some persistent LENR showing up?
    me 356 comment:
    “”It is great that Triac circuit worked that well and nothing really failed.

    Today there was a moment, when I started the cooling process, but hot spot on the left side didn’t changed temperature for long time as it was powered by something else. Everything including average of L decreased temperature by more than 100°C.

    So there were really interesting phenomenons, but we can’t still be sure what really happened.

    Cell is maybe little bit bent, wire at the ends seems to be good. There are no cracks visible. So it looks like before the run.”

    My take on above observation!

    Hot spot persisting far into shutdown. I mentioned yesterday that hot spot was wandering during Padua Reheat testing from side to side on fuel element & that I thought (ssm) LENR was trying to take hold & possible grow, but the unidirectional current flow through the heating coil did not seem to be helping. I still believe that had it been possible to reverse power source leads to coil via solid state relays at various frequencies the test might have presented a replication of Lugano significance. The current pulses would look much like those shown in the Lugano report in the PCE 380 picture.


    PS Hope you had a chance to via Smothers Brothers visit to the Boston Pops years ago!

    1. Thanks dear Jim, there will be a complete report and we will judge the entirety of data etc.
      Thanks for the music however I did not know about the brothers, sorry for this.


  3. To date the modern world has emitted almost an extra trillion tonnes of CO2. It takes about 100-200 years for CO2 in the air to equillibrate with the oceans. Since the vast majority of this trillion tonne overdose has been emitted in the past 50 years this yesterdays CO2 is the real problem. It is demonstrably an already lethal dose of CO2 with regard to ocean life more complex than bacteria!

    So while curtailing future CO2 emissions is a good thing it the same as teaching a patient who has already taken a lethal overdose of a drug to not take a second lethal overdose. The result may make the doctor feel like they have done something but the patient is already doomed unless an antidote for the first lethal overdose is provided.

    The argument and debate about CO2 and climate change are all about tomorrows CO2 while doing nothing about yesterdays CO2 which is far more challenging to deal with save by joining with Mother Nature to act as the antidote. That natural antidote is dirt cheap and hence is subject to endless argument and debate by those who want vast wealth to change hands for tomorrows technologies.

  4. To me the Obama system is to close coal fired electric plants and substitute natural gas. This is great if we had a long term supply of natural gas but we do not. We have a short term boom due to frack natural gas. This will be well into depletion by 2020. The electric grid will be well into shutdown by 2025 under the Obama plan. Does he believe frack gas will last for 50 years? Does he know it will be gone soon and wants to damage the U.S.? I do not know.

    There are 5000 gigatons of coal in Alaska. Enough to power the U.S. and China for 200 years. Sorry global warming folks in the end no government will shutdown BAU for Gaia.

  5. Any argument about us humans 'destroying the planet' with our activities seems to me to have a rather obvious flaw. Also any concerns about the increasing volume of CO2 may not take into account the planet's ability to adapt as it has been shown to do in similar situations in the past. Man needs to avoid taking the arrogant position that we are capable of 'destroying the world', the absolute reality is that we are more capable of destroying ourselves.

    The planet may belch as we depart but will most likely just carry on adapting.

    It can be fairly argued that we are increasingly polluting the world (our human world that is) - but again, we are mostly polluting ourselves. Sadly if we do pollute ourselves out of existence we may take quite a few other species with us. But there is always room for new ones !.

    As for CO2, the planet has had far higher levels of CO2 many times in the past and plant life on the plant has *always* adapted to this. Leaves morph into being able to consume the greater quantities of CO2 (plant archeology shows this).

    Man's biggest threat is himself - our inability to regulate population (China tried) and our voracious consumption of other resources (such as sea life & plant life) combined with the lack of will to limit population growth, will be our undoing.

    The planet *is* just waiting and watching - us to run our course and the planet can then adapt and move on Cynical, but true !.


    1. Dear Doug,
      Che sera, sera but I still hope in a coming LENR energy era

  6. Hi Peter I was surprised to be reading this in Miami