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"Your real birthday? The day when you understand who you are and what is your mission on the Earth" (Unknown)

"Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another." (Fyodor Dostoevsky)

To be born is actually not about existence but about identity. You "are" when you have, get an identity, a will. It is awakening. The religions know this well - therefore use maturity initiation procedures and rituals, baptisms, symbolic born again adherence decisions, impose re-birth of the faithful. 

Cold Fusion is celebrating today its 26th birthday but I dare to ask - and not rhetorically: has it found its real identity?

I like super-new information and now I will use a brand new book- sent this very morning by my friend Professor Tibor Braun from Budapest.
It is  
"The Lost Elements"
The Periodic Table's Shadow Side
Marco Fontani, Mariagrazia Costa, and Mary Virginia Orna
Oxford University Press USA, 20November 2014, 576 pages
It has a short history of Cold Fusion- a standard one- how mainstream  science still sees LENR.
It starts with the initial definition/identity: 
"VII.10 Some like it Cold.
"Cold Fusion is the concept of nuclear fusion in conditions close to room temperature in contrast with the conditions of well understood fusion reactions, such as those inside stars and high energy experiments."
Prehistory:Graham (palladium), Paneth-Peters, Tandberg.
History: Fleischmann and Pons, enthusiasm to deceptions. Ends abruptly with the fiasco of the IMRA "New Hydrogen Energy Plan" 1997- Hideo Ikegami acknowleges the failure of the plan. Finita la storia! No continuation- no NIH no nano-structures, no LENR+ Cold Fusion assassinated and forgotten.- in 2-3 fast steps.

I think this is still the dominant position; it is so easy to ignore a science with an impoossible  definition! Stop time at oxymoronic cool hot nuclear fusion and at palladium-deuterium so difficult to control experimentally- and LENR denial flourishes shamelessly.
This identity is a stigma  a curse, an invincible obstacle and it is so difficult to get rid of it- but it is a condition of survival. The unique positive factor is that it is completely erroneous and false
LENR is different, it is an other scientific-technological issue.

On our turn (LENR community) to defend PdD seems to be a duty of honor just because the Founding Fathers have discovered Cold Fusion in this unhappy medium/place.

(Personal Note: 26 years is too much for retrieving your genuine, inherent identity? If I think objectively about a numerical coincidence- it was in 1963 when I have irreversibly decided to be a researcher and only 3 years later I have found the first subject- morphology and morphogenesis of suspension polyvinyl chloride- which became part of my thinking and life.)

Today again, our colleague Mitchell Swartz, who together with Peter Hagelstein  leads a yearly successful MIT Cold Fusion 101 course in his Anniversary message says:

"Dear Cold Fusioneers Colleagues:

 To those who misreport that cold fusion by PdD is "dead",
 let me paraphrase Mark Twain,
    "The report of death of PdD cold fusion was an exaggeration".
 That also holds for phonons and the lattice.

Even as we set up some new calorimetry with a 'next generation' dry cold fusion (LANR) PdD component tonight, it is the theories of solid state (volume) and electrophysics, and experimental data from volume studies and volume thermodynamics which will both make it possible, and maybe
even give up some phonon sitrep to our new spectroscopic diagnostic (if we are favored with some excess heat and, simultaneously, a wee bit more shining through).

 Happy Anniversary, and good luck with your own efforts this year!!
 Best regards,
   Mitchell Swartz"

Thank you Mitch! PdD research is not dead, it has to be continued however - I think it has to be distinguished and separated in many senses from the new forms of LENR/LENR+. I have also written a paper with a more-than-similar title  on my Blog:

It is about the chances of the most advanced PdD studies to:
- explain what happens and to show what has to be done to solve the existential problems of PdD;
- to suggest way toward scale up and intensification of the excess heat release
PdD is not dead-it is more unborn- and its disease is lack of actionable parameters.
so it cannot be "reinforced" or scaled-up and it has an essential , structural inability  to support high density excess power/excess energy releases. It seems there is a minimum temperature for practical LENR systems, and wet Pd D is limited to the boiling temperature of water because high pressure electrolysis is risky.

If we do not separate Pd D from NiH and other forms of modern LENR and mix them, then NIH will tend to  dominate to deliver truths for all the forms of LENr- as I have discussed very recently with our leader Edmund Storms- rejecting his nano-cracks- hydroton theory. originated in PdD and rather ignoring NiH. Fortunately Ed was not very angry with me, being aware of my inability to understand his many, ssytematic arguments presented in his book and all I can do is to agree- I am really not able to understand these. However putting an umbrella over the PdD and the other newer forms of LENR is PdDzing the entire field, the old paradigm is very dominant the new one is not explicit yet, it is a state of conceptual confusion.

Note. When I was writing this, a poisoned birthday present arrived, sent by the Swedish Radio:

LENR needs a new internal taxonomy, specific explanations and instructions of use for the kinds of processes that appear along the temperature scale from room temperature to white incandescence, for different forms activated hydrogen, transition metals and activators -as lithium- but there are many other.

My Birthday wishes to LENR are:

Fast, radical and smart Re-birth! 
Superior creative understanding!  
New realistic, pragmatic powerful, long term excess energy release!
Become what you're born to be: a fine bunch of New Energy Sources!


 Updates to Parkhomov long duration experiment via Bob Greenyer

1- Re-heat and settling time to 1200ÂșC, after the cool down and heater replacement, took just 3 hours which compares favourably to the first heat up time of 12 hours.
Lattice energy LLC: Ultrahigh local Electric fields- surprising analogies between LENR active sites and enzimatic biocatalysis.

Andrea Rossi's statement:
"The work of Dr Alexander Parkomov is getting all the more important."

LENR-Cities- has a really modern beautiful website!

Airbus Defence &Space filed a LENR patent for an autonomous reactor, in september 2013;

An outline for Future Progress (G Whit Thomp)

On Ego Out blog, Edwin Pell makes the following suggestions re Replications:

Ed Pell March 22, 2015 at 10:15 AM

Exciting time. Next steps first replication by another party and then
1) long duration test, 30 days, with this absurdly small amount of fuel
2) proportionality of heat to fuel mass
3) power production versus temperature

Then 100s of good experiments.
1) Ni to LiAlH4 ratio and cut off
2) Ni and H no Li, anything?
3) Ni and Li no H, anything?
4) pressure as a parameter
5) large fuel load and SLOW and careful exploration of temperature below the peak reaction
6) better insulation and higher COP values
7) 1KW production with high COP and long duration
8) RF and magnetic radiation measurements.
Ed Pell
Thanks, dear Edwin- I think later today we will receive news regarding real replications.


Purpose and Progress: Powerful Motivators
Perfectly true for LENR,now Progress has started despite huge obstacles of all kind.


  1. It is indeed a happy coincidence (for me at least) that the Pons and Fleischmann announcement happened in the day of my 15th birthday 26 years ago, capturing my mind since. I hope this year brings me as birthday gift the final wide acceptation and masification of "Cold Fusion"

  2. First of all, my dear Friend, allow me to wish you too very Happy Birthday!

    I hope we will watch and comment together the positive developments in the field. Happy Birthday, Camilo!


  3. First of all, my dear Friend, allow me to wish you too very Happy Birthday!

    I hope we will watch and comment together the positive developments in the field. Happy Birthday, Camilo!


  4. Thanks Peter! I hope the positive developments happen as soo as we all want.