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“My blog is a collection of answers people don’t want to hear to questions they didn’t ask.” (Sebastyne Young)

I have to define similarly what my blog is, the truth is that my answers are also not very popular and my vision of a strongly and irreversibly fractured and divided LENR field is very far from being accepted. My great expectations- a genuine LENR+ certainty and a different kind of process at the  proximity of the melting temperature of nickel- could be a remarkable progress toward the validity of the first Axiom of Duhanov for LENRPlus, the dynamic, intense variant.

The daily news give hints to a critical mass of Parkhomov replications while Andrea Rossi- keeping his "can be positive or negative" attitude alludes to pleasant COP linked surprises. No numbers yet, unfortunately.

A confession I feel guilty and a bore any time the logic of writing forces me to speak about the past. I don't want to be a historian but a futurologist- as much the Internet helps me- an interactive LENR futurologist.


Ludwik Kowalski's paper about Parkhomov: 

Daniele Passerini Hints at More Parkhomov Replication Successes

Rossi: Lugano Test a ‘Gold Mine’ Which Has Improved E-Cat Performance

Andrea Rossi
March 13th, 2015 at 7:51 PM

Frank Acland:
Yes, the charges have been modified studying very carefully the results of the analysis made by the Independent Third Party. For us that report has been a gold mine.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi

N. Karels:
The ssm of the 1MW E-Cat is very long. It has been a terrific surprise, due to evolution of the charge and to the control system. I am not permitted to publish numbers before the end of the test, but I must say that the final results can be positive, but also could be negative, so we retain the data until the test is finished. One thing is for sure: I do not stay here 16-18 hours per day to sharpen the points to the pencils. We also have a new kind of gauge, which is the bill of the electric provider to our Customer, wherein are written the MWh he consumes per month ( the electricity source that feeds the plant has been insulated from other loads): the Customer makes a ratio between the thermal MWh we deliver and the MWh he pays for to the electricity provider and has the real COP. This is a measuring system not very sophysticated, but brutally true: the Customer is positively surprised from the results, so far, after a troublesome initial period. We hope the situation goes on likewise.

1 MW E-Cat Plant Watch Thread [UPDATE #18: Rossi — Self Sustain Period ‘Terrific Surprise’, Customer ‘Postively Surprised’ with Energy Savings]

I have written about this paper a few days ago- it is an original theory paper, based on the author's model of the nuclei:
V.A. Shashlov
How can we increase the effectiveness of warm nuclear fusion?
В.А. Шашлов
Как повысить эффективность «теплого» ядерного синтеза?

It is proposed a mechanism for the warm nuclear fusion (actually Hot Cat) based on a maodel of nuclei of the atoms that are build from nucleons having the form of rectsnguls tetraheders. It is suggested to exchange lithium with beryllium predicting that thsi will lead to the increase of the effectiveness of work of the LENR generators.


1. It was described the mechanism of LENR processes using the model of nuclei of atoms composed from tettrahedral nucleons.    

2. It is shown the construction of the nuclei of berillium and it were given the evaluations of  electric and magnetic moments of the atom 9Be

3. It is proposed the method for increasing the effectiveness of LENR-generators via change of lithium with beryllium.

4- It is postulated the existence of a new material particle (Np+e) which may be formed by the penetration of the electron in the proton.

5- A hypothesis is made that the (Np+e) particle is one of the main components of the dark matter.

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