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If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you. (Steven Wright)
Research is definitely better than skydiving, you have more opportunities not only a single one,to demonstrate that you are made for it. You fall down from the height of your expectations and all you need is a healthy dose of negativity and a well tempered and educated patience- all built on a deep rooted motivation. You try again and again, better.
You will see soon how LENR will be metamorphosed from a pariah Science into an elite Technology. 

This is, I believe the unique way of salvation. Recently, stimulated in great part by the series of high level and quality peer reviewed LENR papers from the special issue of Current Science ideas as a multimedia presentation that will convince scientists, VIPs, the Press, decision takers, open minded people that LENR is true and this true LENR fully deserves the funding it needs to be converted in something useful. Is this feasible? 

Yesterday Mats Lewan has announced us that the Swedish National  Radio that has attacked fiercely Rossi and the Lugano Tester professors was rewarded for this good deed.
This event has infuriated and shocked some of our friends as Alain Coetmeur but me too. Then I remembered that Sweden, now one of the most developed democracies
of the world, having even a decent inequality- OK, Sweden has known a very remarkable episode of witch hunting ,see this dreadful case:

It is  a problem of genetics, I am convinced that it will be possible to show that the investigator, Marcus  Hansson is a direct descendant of one of the authors of the Torsaker trials. The witch hunt gene is amazingly persistent.

Then this morning I found the writing presented at "OTHER"- it is about a the pain of exclusion. I know it well both from fascist and communist times; what the author does not emphasize is that if it does not kill you, it makes you stronger.  In many cases, exclusion is just a step toward killing- when it is about humans, it ends in genocide, in the case of Cold Fusion, LENR it is about sciencecide. The science of LENR has so many unsolved problems, unanswered questions, experimental uncertainties, oversized ambitions of nuclearity- total and pure ("only nuclear"),
inability to seize its internal diversity...etc. As science LENR is fighting an uphill war against exclusion. How much more vulnerable it is as Cousin HTSC!
Adam and Eve were expelled from the Paradise on the front door, barefoot; they will return through the back door, in a LENR driven car.


Rossi about the new Hot Cat book:
Andrea Rossi
March 4th, 2015 at 8:44 PM

No, Ing. Ventola is a skillful engineer, I never knew him personally and he did not work with us. I read in the preface of Vessela Nikolova that he is a professional expert in computer science. I ordered the book, of which I have been informed yesterday ( I never knew before about it), and after reading it I will be able to comment; in the meantime, from the introduction published in the blog you saw, I understand that Eng. Ventola has collected many papers related to the Hot Cat and made personal considerations. The guy is skillful and intelligent, nevertheless what he writes is totally independent from us.
This said, I like to renew my wishes of good luck to the Authors!
Warm Regards,

Citing from the American Reporter
"On a daily basis, I think a lot about the incremental progress that is being made in cold fusion - today mostly known as Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, or LENR - and similar pollution- and radiation-free ways to provide power to vast populations. Like little else, these technologies can truly change the world, making fossil fuels, natural gas and nuclear energy things of the past.",168/185.html

Luca Gamberale speaking at the Oxford Meeting of LENRG

In Italian, introduction to the issue

Michel Vanderberghe, LENRG CEO speaking at the Oxford Meeting of LENRG:

Allan Widom on Working for Clean Nuclear Power, LLC  speaking at the Oxford Meeting of LENRG:

See please all the speeches of this Meeting here:
Close Up of a Melted Parkhomov Reactor
If the Hot Cat Force can do so much harm- the alumina wall seems molten in places
then it can generate so much tamed excess heat too!


The pain of exclusion

The Pain of Exclusion
Author:Kipling D. Williams
Title:"The Pain of Exclusion"
Publisher:Scientific American Mind
Date:January/February 2011


  1. You are right, sciencecides share characteristics with genocides.

    One tactic is to remove the satus of normality, humanity, scientificity, to the victim.
    Normal and kind people lose their humanity, their rationality by support from authorities, relayed by mindguards, who terrorizes the potential dissenters...

    reading the Groupthink interpretation on Nakin,
    but also the story of Indonesia-1965 genocide (>3e+6 dead , according to the main general who organized the work), and LENR history after Baltimore , all look the same with consequence of different nature, but of similar structure.

    I remember of something tha could have gone so far in france, the "Epuration" which coul have gone as far as 1965, naking, Salem, Stanford prison experiment, Abu Graib...
    But for our local good, there was some authorities, who refused to support the methods of genocide, of deshumanization.

    this is why for me , the real criminals are the authorities who let the terror install, who did not punish the insults, the murders, the tortures, the frauds, the errors, who rather gave medals and prize to the mindguards and the dogs who follow the herd.

    Like what is happening on 1965 Indonesia genocide, I propose that we launch an IPT, and International People Tribunal, on cold fusion.
    The Nuremberg Tribunal of bad science.

    like any ICC tribunal the goal is not to punish anybody, or take revenge...
    The samourai does not waste his time to cut the grass.

    The goal is to prepare the next revolution, preventing the mindguards to feel safe. Since mindguard are mostly ambitious low talent who expect to be thanked for their work, making this job risky will make the career less attractive.

    Just have to deter the next generation of Huizenga, Coyaud and Sverige Radio. At the price of hanging few puppets.

    1. The swedish story gives good hint abou the probable history of cold fusion :

      "The witch-hunt in the country continued; after the Torsåker witch trial, it reached the capital, where it lasted until 1676 and ended with the execution of Malin Matsdotter in Stockholm, after which the authorities proved that the child witnesses were lying and it had been a mistake. "

      "In 1677, all the priests in the country were ordered to tell their congregations in the churches that the witches had now been expelled from the country forever to avoid further witch trials. "
      -> this episode is to be expected, because people will never accept that cold fusion was genuine... they will invent a mythic discovery done in 2016 to justify the past and anyway avoid reconsidering it.

      "In Torsåker, the boys who had pointed at the women at the church, the so-called "visgossarna" (the tale boys), were found with their throats cut."
      -> this is what I propose, with punition matching the crime... just removing all prize, glory, recognition, funding, articles, as they did to their victims.