Wednesday, March 4, 2015



Rational discussion is useful only when there is a significant base of shared assumptions. (Noam Chomsky)

I see with enchantment that DIVERSITY of LENR was amply discussed- it seems so natural and real- soon it will be an assumption shared by more LENRists. It will be much easier to solve the real problems of separate domains than the intractable problems of an imaginary and non-existing whole- divide at impera! that is divide in parts and treat them separately.
From obvious reasons the active part of our community (active experimentally or LENR-philosophically) is concentrated on the hottest domain and there is much concern why the death rate of the reactors is so tragically high. I have already, 2 days ago tried to convince the front liners how the reactors must be built with increased rigidity, resistance and refractority. Today I remembered and other technical principle that can help: Around that critical temperature put all the brakes ad heat snail wise, to remain at zoology.

We have news but I recommend you warmly search for and study what MFMP writes about Parkhomov. After the pyrrhic defeat, there will be a triumph- let's hope a contagious one. Who wants a PhD in scipiology?


I like what Rossi thinks about work:
Andrea Rossi
March 3rd, 2015 at 6:26 PM

Pekka Janhunen:
Thank you. When I stay idle not working I feel guilty. I do not know why, but that is it. It has always been so. Probably my mother instilled this in me in my first years of life: everywhen she saw me doing nothing, sitting in an armchair, she used to say: ” Are you a parasite?”. This sank in my brain: in this period I work in the plant from 5.30 a.m. through midnight, but when I return in the motel to sleep I feel guilty to leave the plant. In any case, the work I made has been born also by the books I studied: this is why I am fond in particular of “Models of the Atomic Nucleus” of Norman Cook and its rigorous companion “Nuclear Models” of Greiner-Maruhn ( both published by Springer and available by Amazon). The first, I learnt by heart, the second I study every day and both gave me an enormous help. It has been a process of trial and error, but directed by a theoretical strategy, wrong or right as it may be. This is why I recommend to everybody, mainly young people, to study with rigor. If it is true what Edison said, that an invention is composed by 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration, it is also true that the brain weights less than 0.5% of a human body: this means that quantity is not proportional to importance.
Warm Regards,

 It is perhaps too surprising that Rossi is surprised by the Hot Cat book...
Andrea Rossi
March 3rd, 2015 at 4:04 PM

The book “Hot Cat 2.0″ has been a surprise for me: I heard about it this morning, after it has been signaled to me. I didn’t yet read it, I bought a copy this morning, so I am not able to answer, I do not know how the classification has been made.
I take the chance you give me to wish “good luck” to the Authors of the book!
Warm Regards,

Mats Lewan- investigative- anti-LENR journalism (radio) was rewarded:
Mats' answer:                               

Lithium Borohydride as a Hydrogen source (Zack Iszard):
In Hungarian a blog writes about Cold Fusion an other source of energy that can change completely the world style not up-to-dated

"Big Brain" Gene Allowed for Evolutionary Expansion of Human Neocortex
The newly identified gene is found in modern-day humans, Neandertals and Denisovans, but not in chimps

Read this one before starting LENR experiments!
In 100 Words: The Perfect Pot by Tanmay Vora                 


  1. The sweddish prize, make me FURIOUS

    I am waiting the day when they will be fired for that.

    It is a shame citizen pay taxes for such disinformation.
    Those people need their prize removed like we remove medals to traitors.
    In public.

    I hope the Swedish citizen will organize to make them fired, if not sued, when the size of their manipulation will be visible.

    Feather and tar need not be used physically.

    Feather&Tar could be the name of a project to clean media of the groupthink followers.

    It is one thing to see disinformation on public media, but seeing it prized is really the top cherry on the bullshit cake. This may explain why I lose my limited moderation.

    they fired Gibbs, blocked Mats, and prized those trolls... and people wonder why people believe in conspiracy theories and don't trust media...

    When state radio is not more informative than conspiracy group... what to do ?

    RRRR'. 8<

  2. This is just a continuation of same old, same old. Rossi is impossible because cold fusion rejected 25 years ago, nobody could reproduce, blah, blah. So lazy journalism continues? Should we hold demonstrations in the streets because lazy people are lazy?

    No, we should continue to bolster and educate about the science of LENR. Let people know about the Current Science issue. Let them know about the fact that cold fusion is very much alive in the scientific journals and the extreme skepticism has been completely dead for a long time. Let them know that reporting like that on Swedish radio is *at least* a decade out of date.

    (Pseudoskeptics will claim that the skeptical position is dead in the journals because nobody will bother to refute nonsense. That argument might have worked at one time, but those pesky journals just keep publishing that "nonsense," and Naturwissenschaften and Current Science are major journals, with a long history and reputation to preserve. That is all polemic, nonscientific argument that can confuse the ignorant. It is much easier to say "rejected long ago" than to actually look at evidence.

  3. The attack on Mats is a text book example of intentional propagada meant to mislead whomever it can. The most sacred premise of propaganda today is to make attacks on individuals as they are more easily injured than ideas. The use of lies and ridicule in such attacks is known be infuriating and irrational. It is impossible to defend against.

    Those being attacked are held to an utterly different standard.. if they respond in kind they are considered immoderate and thus become less to observors.

    This fight brought to Mats by Swedish public radio and it's cronies proves they are swine. As the saying goes if you get in a fight with a pig you both get covered in shit except that the pig loves that!

    1. Intentional is too much.
      It is selfish decision to defend a consensus in order to be respected by the community, the way mindguards terrorize the dissenters in every domain. #infoisnotterror

      My seemingly violent position, to attack those mindguards as violebntly as they attacked the reality, is not based on any revenge.
      My vision is that those mindguards are toxic, like fleas. I don't care that they are evil or just probably selfish, coward and limited.

      The fact is they are tools that participate the loop that keep groupthink working. The way groupthink works is by TERROR.

      For freedom of speech alone There is no difference between Kalashnikov attack in Paris and SR radio, or Taubes book, Or Huizenga statements, or Lewis jokes in Baltimore.
      I have no hate for the half brain who do the job, but they need to be removed from our way, with love if possible, without otherwise.

      Those mindguards imagined that they could ignore evidences because they were on the GOOD side.
      This is one key characteristics of Groupthink

      "*Illusions of invulnerability creating excessive optimism and encouraging risk taking.
      *Unquestioned belief in the morality of the group, causing members to ignore the consequences of their actions."

      technically this have to be correct
      1- by ruining the career of those who participate that clownery, or any equivalent detering act
      2- by proving the lack of morality of those mindguards, through showing lack of evidence, wrongness of conclusion, double standard relative to their own behaviors.

      for example those who criticized scentists being paid to go to Bologna, were sent to Italy themselves...
      double standards as usual.

      no hate, no pity, they need to be treated the way they treat others.

      we can wait, so we can show to the populace of cowards journalist what happen when you follow the crowd against the data.

      Terrorize the terrorists.

      if you want to know how far can go groupthink

      this is why it have to be stopped.

    2. From

      "Mindguards also affect groupthink. A mindguard is a member of the group who, in an attempt to preserve the central group idea, omits any information which may cause doubts to arise within the group. A mindguard assumes the responsibility of sheltering the other members of the group from any “controversial” information which may create a disruption in the overall group dynamic. If a mindguard receives any negative outside information, he does not relate it to the group. A mindguard also applies pressure to any dissenting members, ultimately forcing them into silence. To this end, the mindguard may employ a variety of different strategies to persuade the dissenter to change his opinion. One of these strategies would be to convince the dissenter that the group may disintegrate if all members are not in total agreement. The goal of a mindguard is to prevent any questions regarding the group’s decisions from becoming apparent to the other group members."

      the rest of the section is matching exactly what we observe, from ENEL fleeing the domain, to the dozen of business and academic actors joining LENR revolution in relative or absolute silence, and journalist not publishing anything despite being 100% informed.