Thursday, March 26, 2015



"Yes duty ends ends where no more can be done, that's where it ends. (Stephan Zweig, Amok) 
(borrowed from David Kanigan's Live& Learn Blog)

 Our duty now is to eradicate uncertainty regarding LENR, just now specifically in its
HotCat variant. I am waiting information about a very important presentation of Alexander Parkhomov (it is 20.15 in Moscow now, the presentation has ended 2 hours ago- according to the schedule.
But it is still not on the official webpage.
Waiting to translate it; in meantime I am sending you the daily info- focused on this presentation, a great attractor and attraction.


Parkhomov Report Thread (AGP Speaks at Seminar in Moscow, Mar 26):

Parkhomov’s Catnip: The Incredible Fuel of the E-Cat (Hank Mills)

MFMP Testing Plans Outlined for Parkhomov Replication Efforts
Promising Results in New Parkhomov Experiment

Anatoly Lemysh: "The price of oil has killed "cold" fusion'?

Airbus Representatives to Attend LENR-Cities Event on April 10 in Milan — Another ‘Very Big Group’ interested in LENR Research


Great Quotes: We Are Made of Star Stuff, Carl Sagan

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