Wednesday, March 25, 2015



People don't realize the window of opportunity closes faster than it opens. (Anmol Andore)

Alexander Parkhomov has created a window of opportunity for LENR+. Tomorrow we will know how wide open is the second window. But action must be fast, as I told we need at least 7 other good replications in order to attain certainty at the degree that  will be muzzling the skeptics of all kind.
The rest of this week is decisive: Parkhomov telling tomorrow how far is from his 64 days experiment, MFMP and Brian Ahern replicating. Lugano Testers still silent? 
Because I have so many dear French readers, let's sing: "Allons enfants de LENR!"


Cold Fusion Now's high level artistic Anniversary issue:
Excellent, congrats to Ruby Carat who created it.

A Danish paper:
Kold Fusion / LENR - en spændende tid forude
Cold Fusion exciting times ahead

Solar Hydrogen Trends Update:
Beyond any doubt, they claim sensational things

Barodinamika:  27.02. 2015 Bob Greenyear has visited the laboratory of Sergey Mihailovich Godin:
We have heard the story from Bob.

About Current Science special LENR section peer review process:

Rossi: During E-Cat Plant Test, Research Continues on Hot Cats and Systems of Producing Electricity:

The owner and creator of the fine and smart blog:
jd. Sweeney will be present at ICCF-19 and will send short messages re. his impressions of the presentations.Jim's latest blog paper is remarkable and a bit scarry: "Is proof of dark matter worth the Risk?"

AXIL DIXIT   after reading the content of the Chem. Rev. paper

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  1. We do not want to "muzzle" the skeptics. Nobody likes to be muzzled, and they will fight it. Rather, we want skeptics to actually look at evidence, and contribute to the field by providing cogent criticism. Not stupid, knee-jerk criticism. Nor do we need knee-jerk belief, that takes every report of LENR as gospel truth, at last! We are Saved! Free Energy! Redeemed! We need sober understanding, and cautious acceptance where possible. And that will take us all the way, all the way there is to go. Rossi doesn't need a claque of believers, it makes no difference. He'll do what he does regardless.