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Eventually we all have to accept full and total responsibility for our actions, everything we have done, and have not done.   
(Hubert Selby Jr.Requiem for a Dream)

I accept responsibility for everything I have told about LENR/LENR+ and I am still fighting for my ideas (or errors) because I have not detected facts or ideas that can change my mind. I have alluded many times to this- I want now speak about  the researchers responsibility for his brainchildren- discoveries, projects, publications, words about science and technology, patent whatever he/she/they create- specifically
for LENR. Two main points;

a) the responsibility for your brainchild that has attacked as being bad, sloppy,, having no truth and no value- it is your duty to protect and defend it; to demonstrate that you are right.

b) the responsibility of your brainchild badness, its falsity, its opposition to progress, its powerful trend to generate supporters, fans, mental slave- you, the Author being the most vulnerable target, ready to be the prisoner of your own ideas. 

Can you give some examples from our Subject area for these statements? 


Free Energy- Rossi's generator "E-Cat" in the laboratory of A.G. Parkhomov:
Access to many Russian language videos! One series of 12.

Professor Hanington's Speaking of Science: Cold Fusion -- 26 Years Later

Interview with Hank Mills on implications of Parkhomov's work (Part 1):

If you want to read about Parkhomov in Norwegian language:

Andrea Rossi

I read your question that was: why have not the measurements of the Lugano test been made with calorimetry as Parkhomov did?
Answer: I did not choose how to make measurements during the Lugano test, nor I made such measurements. In the Report of the ITP it is clearly written the reason of the choice of the Professors. The important work of Parkhomov, who used a calorimetric system, has confirmed independently the results.
Warm Regards

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Mother of All Black Swans

Experiments and Methods in Cold Fusion - Contents
Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science- newest issue

Open Power Association Preliminary Report on Reactors With Tungsten Powder, COP of 2.26 Measured

Some new effects of LENR events on oil prices?


two days ago but I like it!

Alexander Parkhomov sees pressure drop upon initiation of the LENR reaction

Regarding the statement::

"“He (Alexander Parkhomov) reports similar pressure profile to the first MFMP fuelled []=Project Dog Bone=[] test ( although lower peak ) where we saw a rise and then the pressure going below atmospheric. "

The reason for the pressure drop upon the onset of the LENR reaction might well be due to the condensation of hydrogen and lithium gas into solid nanoparticles and further into relatively high density nanoparticle aggregations. This recrystallization of the alkali metals are required for the LENR reaction to take hold. This creation of nano solids involves the conversion of a hydrogen/lithium gas plasma into a dirty plasma with a lowered gas pressure.


We, in the LENR camp need metaphors- here is an excellent infographic about them:


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