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"An author who is willing to take credit for a paper must also bear responsibility for its contents." 
On Being a Scientist: Responsible Conduct in Research (2nd edition, 1995)

A scientist has to be neutral in his search for the truth, but he cannot be neutral as to the use of that truth when found. If you know more than other people, you have more responsibility, rather than less.
(Baron CP Snow)

Yesterday it was about context, now it is about content, published or not.
I remember an extreme case we were on the point to start the production with our fast -original- polymerisation initiators made "in situ", everything was OK, the tests made at the customers- plastics industry were good, even unexpectedly good- the technical part was well prepared, the workers well instructed, everything tested. Fine! Than my wife, who was then the Head of the Plastics Testing and Processing workshop had an idea and have put our new PVC to the so-called Snow White test - pipe extrusion without any pigment, "natur" color (not standard because pipes are usually black or colored) Bad surprise, while the old product made with a slow initiator *batches of 22-14 hours were quite white, the fast (batches of 12-14 hours) had an undeniable nasty very weak pink shade. 
The situation was critical, the in-land customers will not remark it, but this polymer is exported everywhere, and if say the Japanese or the Argentinians like ivory pipes?
It was in 1974 I think, no PC, no Internet- restricted communication. But my collection of 6000 + papers and more than that patents. Good memory, inspiration and a lot of luck- in less that a weak, I found an additive (organic phosphite) that added in the autoclave just before start- in a very small quantity less than 5 parts per billion miraculously and never explained strictly causally. It was a tame problem not a wicked one. But feeling responsible and in danger, the Securitate was watching all the time then.

An other Snow White issue in those years- a professor from Bucharest, great expert in Crystallization, Laurentiu Filipescu and I have  discovered that surprisingly the pink-reddish color of soda ash is due to iron in an anionic form something never described in the literature till then and essential for the manufacturing of an impeccable product, therefore we have made efforts to publish it fast in a reputed journal. The paper is in Zhurnal Prikladnoi Khimii.

I will speak more about our responsibility- in the field of LENR. Wants somebody to contribute?


No refueling needed up to today for Rossi's 1 MW E-Cat plant:

Russia-1 TV News reports on Parkhomov:

  • BRIAN AHERN at LENR Forum speaks about
    Parkhomov replication

    "Three researchers are working in Acton MA Jeff Driscoll, Andrew Anselmo and Brian Ahern sealed two alumina tubes with Ni-255,
    Both tubes contained 1.0 grams of Ni-255. The second tube also had 0.1 grams of NaAlH2. This compound liquefies at a lower temperature than LiAlH4.
    The tubes are mounted side by side in a tube furnace with a 30mm ID. Thermocouples (K) mounted on the outside will give continuous reading similar to a DTA system. We will be able to detect phase changes by differentiating the TC output.
    We hope to run on Sunday.
    If we see something interesting If  we see something interesting, we will load a third tube with 0.1 grams of LiAlD4. That could result in a BANG!"

Using LiAlD4is  aformidably interesting initiative- does it work? For Piantelli NiH  the Defkalion process duterium was a reaction stopper.

Interest in LENR grows among some scientists                                                     
Vessela Nikolova writes here, i.a.:
First of all, I can confirm – having information from another first hand source in Sweden different from Mats Lewan – that the Swedish branch of Lugano testers continues to investigate the LENR phenomenon. (this is a problem of responsibility too)

After a long wait news about Randy Millos stuff: – BlackLight Interview with van Eijk Kroesen Rathke with Dr. Mills on 18-FEB-2015.English translation of an article that appeared in Natutech in 2005 that is relevant to today in that it discusses the proof of a new energy source by two otherwise inexplicable observations: (i) the format of a high-energy hydrogen plasma in the absence of any input electrical power or any known chemistry at the required energy level, and (ii) the emission of soft X-ray radiation at a voltage far less than that of the light energy and the inability of any known chemistry to release such high energy. BLP’s SunCell demonstrates the same characteristics as the experiments discussed in this article, but at millions of times the power density.


The attitude of Russian physics is refreshing. These early successful reactions to the LENR experiments are what the reactions of science should be. Here in the west, it is beyond our purview to understand the politics of Russian science, but from the little we can gather, Russian science is far less arrogant, far more human, and far more objective than their counterparts in the west. Their reaction to the latest LENR experimental successes is an example of their open minded attitude. I can’t help but harken back to the moribund, stagnate and self satisfied days that preceded the space race between Russia and America. On one fine fall day, there was a satellite orbiting above the heads of the Americans and the American people in their pride did not like that humiliation one bit.
Is a Sputnik moment of shocked awakening once more ahead for the leaders and the priests of western science as these cocky and swollen-headed western practitioners wallow in their supposed unassailable superiority?

Those early days or the space race that taught us that nationalistic competition and the humiliation of the prideful are the greatest spur to a turnaround in the attitude and the ignorance of the prideful. A robust Russian LENR program that is open, based on pure science, and highly productive is the best medicine that can cure the intransiant attitudes of western science.

Over the rocky checkered history of the ascent of man, there has been enclaves of human rationality that has endured through the dark ages of ignorance and barberism, We may be seeing this spark of human rationality reemerge and relit one again ringing true and clear down the halls of the Russian University People’s Friendship in Moscow.

Let us hope that this small and nascent spark of the best part of the human spirt spreads far and wide throughout Russia and into India, then into China, into Japan, throughout the far east and deep down into the eastern spine of the world. If the torch of human reason cannot be born first in the west, let us hope that the sunlight of human understanding rises to mark the dawning of a new day of progress and inspire the pursuit of truth in the east.


Part of our LENR history too:
Not Invented Here

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