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A bird sitting on a branch is never afraid of the branch breaking. Because her trust is not in the branch but in her own wings. (Unknown) 

This is a ornithological metaphor useful for our work too, but do not forget,  a metaphor is not like an equation, it is more imprecise, approximate and sometimes even vague. These flaws help the metaphor to "have a way of holding the most truth in the least space.” (Orson Scott Card) and to be "more real than the people walking in the street (Fernando Pessoa).

For us, this bird is the metaphor of Excess Heat - the spirit, essence, core of LENR

The first bird found, very much loved by a few and intensely hated by too many- is sitting cramped on a thin bone-dry branch of the tree of LENR Science-(paradoxically it is a "wet  branch" in a strict sense); the bird is small like a hummingbird, has partial muscular atrophy 
it cannot grow up but it has the ambition to sing the loudest. So many times it was visible, it is a certainty that this bird is a real creature. Being so small and weak, its domestication seems both impossible and useless.

Later, much greater healthier birds have appeared, they are still seeking good branches for sitting on- I am convinced these will become the New Age Turkeys. 

(it is difficult to keep a metaphor under control - I have written here many times about the 4 functions of a metaphor- expressive, explanatory, exegetic and exploratory- it is not wise to go to far with metaphors.)
Just these days we have a lot to do with a completely new kind of birds- the FIRE BIRDS living at very high temperatures..Things are very complicated but if we learn how to breed these incandescent and we treat with high quality flame retardants the branches on which they will sit- this will be a grand achievement.
To encourage yourself  for this action, you could listen to this dynamic Russian music:

My granddaughter Nora whom I am helping with her lessons at Romanian language has seen the Motto and has asked what it means. I have translated it for her and instantly she understood: 
"The bird has to learn to fly well, then she never will fall down!" So must we do too!
I think her interpretation is better than my awkward one.
So, fire birdies: "Learn, learn and again learn!" (Vladimir Ilich Lenin).


Yesterday's info is an attack against the LUGANO test. How to kill a Fire Bird. Very bad that the Testers are completely silent. The subject will be overdiscussed in the coming days

TPR2 – Calorimetry of Hot-Cat performed by means of IR camera

What MFMP thinks about this:
LENR Cities-la Prometeon riparte dopo la rottura con Andrea Rosssi:

Russian Team Creating LENR Fuel Pellets (Bob Greenyer):

Editorial: Saudi businesses must not neglect R&D
richness as amplifier
The paper is so interesting because the Saudis are so rich.


98% of the technology that produces LENR: how to produce an intense magnetic beam at the atomic scale, can already be found in papers spread throughout science.

What is not now known is how that extreme anapole magnetic field causes nuclear effects through changes in the weak and strong forces of the Standard Model.

This will require a reworking of the Supersymmetry theory that science is hoping will make the standard model work. There will be huge resistance to the magnetic theory of nuclear transformation. 


Have a sense of purpose in life? It may protect your heart

I like this, I have a purpose. Unfortunately,I also have hypertension.


  1. The 22Passi report on the GSVIT critique of Lugano calorimetry is hilarious. ROTFL. That report pretty much confirms what many had suspected, publicly and privately. The optical calorimetry had a huge error, one that was utterly and completely obvious, because photos of the reactor, operating, simply did not look like a device at 1400 C. That is, the Eyeball Optical Calorimetry said No. MFMP had identified the problem as well. And, then, the lack of calibration looms large. Calibration would have confirmed or rejected the optical results. Not done. Why? I've seen no good reasons. The best one so far is that the "dummy test" was with an open reactor, and the coils would have burned out if operated in air. Which is highly unlikely, but, if so, why not seal the dummy? (And this reason was not given in the report, just some idea that the coils might burn out in the calibration, if fed *the same amount of power* as in the test. If there was other heat in the test, the coils would then get hotter and be more likely to burn out, not less. (The idea of heating coils casting heat shadows is similarly crazy. The electrical power would *increase* their temperature, so they would always be brighter than their environment.)

    Because people want things to be the way they want, they see what they don't like as an "attack." GSVIT wrote a credible paper, on the face.

    I was motivated to look at other GSVIT reports. If this is some plot, it's being very well done. The only other report I saw was an analysis of Mizuno's work, again a critique. If these are "skeptics," they have revised their approach, and are now attempting some real scientific criticism. No ad hominems, no "wrong because impossible."

  2. There are two kinds of rich
    1) having lots of money
    2) having lots of income
    The Saudis have #1. When the well runs dry they die. Or more exactly the mass of people die and the few flee to their mansions in Switzerland, U.S., nice private islands, etc..

  3. If only Vladimir Ilich had learned more about human psychology.

  4. And last to the point of the title. Ryan is on vacation to Mexico. Hey it is cold in Minnesota. I image he could find someone to carry on but I image he wants to be there when/if it is demonstrated. Human psychology not conspiracy.