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I am very sad for the death of Sasha Karabut- a creative researcher and really good colleague and friend. The greatest specialist in Glow Discharge LENR is not more with us...


Life is a series of reactions that aren't what you intend, to situations that aren't what they seem.
Robert Brault

The Motto is actually the daily quote of my blog associate Georgina who collaborates with the Author. I am trying to adapt the idea to LENR. It is so simple: 

LENR is a series of reactions we don't understand taking place in situations that are not what they seem. 
I already feel Ed Storms disapproval for this- the basic reactions are well known his much -encomprising, logically consistent theory (even I wouldn't dare to deny this!) says that the main reactions are well known because:

 "A single mechanism causes all the observed behavior with the nuclear products being determined only by the reacting element which include the isotopes  of hydrogen and impurity elements in the material."  and 

" The observed heat energy results from fusion involving all isotopes of hydrogen with D+D producing Helium-4. H=D producing tritium and H+H producing deuterium.

The topology - Nuclear Active Environment - nano-cracks of adequate size and structure and there formations called hydrotons appear nad do the nuclear "job".
The Theory applies to all variants of LENR from lukewarm PdD to the incandescent
Hot Cats, Pd and Ni (transitory metals) are differentiated mainly by their ability to form cracks, the world of hydrogen is ruled by isotopic democracy.
It is about an universal phenomenon that must follow universal rules.  

I agree that for finding meaning and sense it is highly desirable that this logically aesthetic mental construct should be true. It is a mono-theory and we see how the spiritual world is clearly dominated by the great monotheistic religions.
However LENR is a part of reality and is a part we want to put to work for us- so we are still far from he certainties and the Great Truth. I will not speak about my opinion today.

Alain Coetmeur was inspired by the Storms theory and is searching for an unifying principle- a base for an alternative mono-theory; a most interesting discussion has started:
Call for review of quantum scenario (based on Ed Storm theory)
I predict - we will learn interesting things but the thread will remain open ended

Bob Greenyer is more radical, Ed Storms - it seems - does not accept in any way the Piantelli theory and results:
Hypothesis to explain Lugano, MFMP "Bang"and Parkhomov observations  assuming Piantelli theory (standard model)

The stone guests at ICCF-19
I convitati di pietra dell’ICCF-19

This paper says/asks a very important thing- what will be the status of LENR+ specifically Andrea Rossi including his supporters from Bologna- at ICCF-19? Will they be the stone guest- i.e. a dangerous and threatening presence/absence at Padua?
For better understanding what a stone guest is , please look to this secne from Don Giovanni
The commendatore scene

USPTO vs Andrea Rossi: รจ davvero finita? 
Is it really over:

LENR could help end California Water Crisis

The greatest expectations of the coming hours go here: 

Brian Ahern to Start Parkhomov-Style Experiment Sunday [Update #1: Experiment today (Monday)- for me Tuesday
Brian is a great experimenter and I hope lucky too!

Rossi says interesting things:
Andrea Rossi
March 14th, 2015 at 5:28 PM

Patrick Ellul:

The upgraded ssm is not due only to the control system, even if it allows more synergies. Also the charge is changed after an intense study of the Lugano report analysis. If the fuel will last less, more, or uneffected has to be experienced. Good question, though.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
March 15th, 2015 at 7:41 AM

Hank Mills:

For the small units the situation is more difficult, because the control system does not have the same synergies. We are working on it, though.
Warm Regards,

AXIL DIXIT  about Randell Mills, not very enthusiastically

I have always thought that R. Mills has succumbed to a simplified imaginative misinterpretation of his experimental data. When it comes to understanding what is going on with electrons, imagination at these small dimensions is oftentimes used to construct a model of reality that is not correct. Because of the limitations of our senses we have no other alternative: our minds eye must suffice.

At nano dimensions, things that look like atoms are not really atoms, Free electrons confined in a small volume look and behave like electrons in orbit around atoms, but these electrons are really only artificial atoms with no nucleus what so ever.

The quantum dot is an example. A number of electrons confined in a quantum well look and behave like they were orbiting a nucleus, but inside that well there is only electrons. The compounds that produce quantum dots exert force on the collection of electrons to keep them confined that mimic the fores that the nucleus uses to confine electrons in their orbits.

Certain chemical compounds can readily form nano particles. The structure of these quantum particle aggregates and there reflective surfaces of their internal structures can both constrain electrons and light as well as form an irregular reflecting plane where light and electrons are bent alternatively by interference and amplification to form a circular path where interference exactly counteracts non linear amplification to force the electrons and light to follow a circular path inside a small volume of space. These electrons form vortexes and their orbits around the vortex are quantized. A energy is pumped into these electrons their orbits around the vortex shrink in size. The electrons that orbit around the vortex tend to take on the same energy and annular momentum and a soliton is thus formed.

This strange form of EMF is a boson and is not constrained by the Pauli exclusion principle. The annular momentum of this light and electron hybrid or SPP is an exact fraction of the wavelength of the SPP. As energy is pumped into this nano volume, the annular momentum of the SPP goes up in quantum steps. 2, 3, 4... When this vortex of pure EMF finally fails, it gives off its accumulated power as photons of black light in the extreme ultraviolet.

The intense ultraviolet light of sonoluminescence is formed in this way when nanoparticles of water form a vortex.

I believe that the experimental evidence of this quantum well type of mechanism is what R. Mills is misinterpreting as a hydrino. But the artificial atom so formed has no nucleus to produce the EMF annular momentum that Mills sees in his experiments.

The big difference between the hydrino and the SPP is that the SPP is accepted and studied by science. I also believe that this water based nano particle behavior is what Joe Papp used in his first 1966 version of the Papp engine.

From this misinterpretation of these goings on in subatomic reality, R, Mills has created his own world that exists only in his imagination.

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