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Duhanov's two axioms:
2. WHAT ISN'T, ISN'T. (Kirill Duhanov)

Modern thinkers will start to explain you that there exists mixed cases and intermediary states of the two axioms- however as the author explains in his booklet: “Прости отговори на сложни въпроси”- i.e. “Simple answers to complex questions” (1983) actually in most real situations the axioms = rigid dogmas and have to be applied literally, they are not miscible or combinable.
Today we will try to apply these invaluable axioms to Replications in LENR-Land.. Modesty apart, I dare to state that I am an expert in Duhanov's Axioms therefore it is my duty of honor to show what the Axioms offer and advise to this issue.
I am now convinced that the First Axiom can and has to be applied to LENR weak excess heat and for LENR+ - strong excess heat but separately; "is" and "is"- the two variants are not congruent. Along the temperature scale, more "is" appear and just now the War goes to demonstrate the validity of the First Axiom for the incandescent Hot Cats or Fire birds amost interesting and amazingly productive species. Rossi has created it but too few data are known, the Lugano Testers have reported an "is" that it is os complex that many still think it is an"isn't" Or are paid to say so. Alexander Parkhomov has found a simple and bright method to show that it "is" but now he has to show that it "is" for longer time. As you already know, Sunday an US team (Brian Ahern, Jeff Driscoll and Andrew Anselmo) will start replication experiments- in the style of Parkhomov but with some ideas added, let's wish them succcess . For the first round- a great question LiAlD4 is a fuel as LiAlH4 or not? You well know my axiom not Duhanov's, 1 result is 0 result, not result.
Other results will come from other people (our blogger colleague Vessy- a former compatriot of Prof. Duhanov) knows a lot of them. Together, they all will replicate and in-part-replicate Parkhomov's method. By the way, Alexander has answered me that he will take in consideration my idea with heating the reactor in molten metal when he will have the possibility. 

A Duhanovian idea for the field of LENR: homogeneity is so hidden in heterogeneity that it actually is not more...

I remember a wise advise of this author: "solve the problems as they are, not as you would like them to be." Ready made for us, isn't it?

Today, the US Patent Office has decided to apply the Second Axiom to Andrea Rossi's patent application. In a patent, you have to tell what is in your device and how it is working. Such a description given as prey to everybody will not make the inventor happy.


Parkhomov replication:

Lugano team working on replication, CERN scientist looking at LENR

Prossimamente in prima visione: Hot replications - tubi bollenti! 
The same in Italian- I am convinced there are tens of good "silent replicators" this time- it is a decisive action- the first real possibility for an "is"

US Patent Office Issues Final Rejection of Rossi’s E-Cat Patent Application:

An Analog Approach to E-Cat Control (Axil Axil)
A very smart idea, thanks to Axil!

 Generator Filimonenko-Rossi for pdestrians

Василий Колташов: Кто владеет энергией – тот владеет миром
Vasiliyi Koltashov: "Who owns energy, owns the world"
Rossi's invention, geo-political implications, isn't this a bit premature? 


We Honestly Have No Fucking Idea What We’re Doing”, Admits Leading Quantum Physicist

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