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"Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.”  ( Truman Capote)
Research is a captivating activity, many unexpected things happen., Statistically 80% bad and 20% good, in 80% of the cases- or more, or less- it depends on the subject of research. We LENR-ist, but the supporters of LENR+ in the greatest extent- we had 
essential expectations from the collaboration of Alexander Parkhomov and Bob Greenyear from MFMP of Thursday-Friday when Bob has traveled to Moscow. An expriment showing  a clear excess heat would have been a huge step toward the LENR+ certainty- with its targets supposedly born at Lugano- 2000W excess power, 1.5MWatts hour excess energy in 32 days, generated by 1.1 grams of reaction mixture.
Unfortunately the demo failed- more precisely the reactor has fallen apart- kaput could not survive to the very high working temperature. More colleagues have predicted this- we knew about the problem from Parkhomov, MFMP had a Bang! experiment, we knew this is the weak point of the experiment. It is the failure of the device- a failure of the experiment would have been a healthy reactor staying valiantly at 1200 C and not generating a iota of excess power/energy.

NOTE 1 in my opinion there exists a 3R condition for the reactor
- Rigidity- for God's sake! no movable parts or parts made from dissimilar materials;
- Resistance- mechanical, perfectly homogeneous tubes, highest quality adhesive(s),
- Refractarity- very high temperature resistance; no low melting point compound present (better use colloidal silica than sodium silicate)
So many possibilities, a lot of improvements.
It was a tactical failure  in the frame of a great strategic victory. Of what I have understood from Bob it  is mutual respect between the partners, there are some really serious Russian teams and Parkhomov is a VERY credible scientist, with a great experience and thinking freely and independently. That means the results obtained by him are real so we can keep our optimism. 
The definition of a Pyrrhic victory according to Wikipedia is: "Someone who wins a Pyrrhic victory has been victorious in some way; however, the heavy toll negates any sense of achievement or profit." A much too expensive victory.
This action was obviously the contrary - a defeat/failure with so important beneficial side effects! In the coming days we will learn a lot of detail from our MFMP fighter.

We also have a sharper understanding of why Rossi say that preparing the reacorr belongs to the IP.

For me this failure is a generator optimism due to the context; I have no illusions about how the nemies of LENR or our depressives will react. Parkhomov will continue his research and MFMP too.

Parkhomov Demonstration Fails

Bob Greenyer Reports on Visit to Parkhomov in Moscow [Update: Parkhomov Reports Reactor Failed, No Excess Heat Found                                              
More Details of Russian e-cat Replication Available        

The direct source of information re the experiment:

Rossi, Lugano, Neutrons and Electromagnetics (Keith Thompson)

Discussing with Michel Vanderberghe, CEO of LENR CITIES (LENRG) I learned that
The organization is in fast and healthy development; the intermediary event on February the 27th has been rescheduled on April the 10th in order to integrate several important annoucements.

A new agenda of the April 10 meeting is in preparation and will be published shortly.
People who had registered for the intermediary event will receice a VIP invtation for the April event.
Core team and some special guests, about 30 people, got a working meeting in Milan the 27th of February,  including journalists.

I think it was an excellent idea to make kind of connection between LENRG's meeting with the industrialists and ICCF-19.


A new issue of Hideo Kozima's newsletter             
About excess energy results of M.McKubre (1993) and this paper by Hideo Kozima:

We need a lot of collaboration, deeper, friendlier and much smarter in LENR
Gerry Mc Govern: More collaboration equals more value: 

This came just in time, even the most Pyrrhic  failure should not make us too happy, says Tanmay Vora:
Too Much Celebration Around Failure?


  1. Peter,

    Anyone working on radically different and new concepts need to be a bit worried when nothing appears to go wrong. The best lessons are typically learned from mistakes/failures.

    And yes, some of the pro LENR+ 'high' excitement brigade are once again splattered face down in the sands of time (a very familiar place for some of them). But they have to learn that serious progress isn't a matter of riding cyclic highs and lows for emotional kicks.

    Worse still, talking about how they 'feel' in places like ECN is not good for them - we know that blogplace has become the primary home of the soul eating creatures waiting for moments like this (the Parkhomov failure) to grab and try to consume those who crash land there in their disappointment.


  2. I want to insist that the demonstration did not fail.


    It is often essential to carefully chose words so as to avoid misinterpretations.

  3. A second idea:

    Reduce the reactant amounts to 50% - instead of 1.10 grams total, place 0.55 grams total, in the hope that less heat generation will result in longer running experiments. = DIY CMNS/LENR