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Act enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic! (Dale Carnegie)

LENR problem solvers from all countries, unite!

Yes, it is an idea I like now and am enthusiastic for it. In technology there is a written and non-written rule: the useless is doing more harm than the harmful. Suppose the Hot Cats, Fire Birds are awakening and generating energy at a critical temperature
without any supplementary stimulation- then the heating resistors working in very stressing hellish conditions open new possibilities for Muphy to show us his destructive rules- the wires are pure trouble, they can burn, break, have shadows or lights that interfere with optical heat measurements.
Then we need Wireless Hot Cats, devices without wires attached to them directly.
. My idea to teach the Hot Cat to make scuba diving in molten tin was perhaps the first variant of Wireless Hot Cat but from the background LENR noise similar, possibly simpler and better ideas appear, induction heating, special furnaces and... wait!.
The first perfectly successful and repeatably Wireless Hot Cat  experiment will remain in the history of the field as its equivalent of the Michelson-Morley Experiment. However it will be a huge YES to excess heat.
A self-sustaining Hot Cat is a dream too bold for 2015.


An other recording of Bob Greenyer's presentation at Moscow, Feb.27, 2015

Robert Greenyear - further information about the Russian company Lock Therm LLC
This is the Russian team creating fuel (Ni  + LIAlH4- pellets) see also:
It seems to be a variant of Wireless Hot Cat- I think this story will continue.

Rossi on remote control of E-Cat plant:

Falsa intervista attribuita fraudolentemente a Francesco Celani
A fake interview attributed fraudulously to Franacesco Celani

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